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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, Is it possible to install Plastic SCM CLI on Windows Server 2019 without required user interaction? It is about the full task: I need compose the Docker image with Jenkins agent that runs on Windows Server, and is able to checkout code from Cloud Plastic SCM server. I started from jenkins/agent:jdk11-windowsservercore-ltsc2019. As I understand, I need cm.exe that is the CLI executable file. But I can't find any info how to add it to Dockerfile. Sincerely, Illya
  2. Hey all, Been building a fun little tool to keep our small dev team apprised of code review events in on our discord server. Currently it's able to identify newly created code reviews, changes in status and changes in assignee. The one remaining function I'd really like to add is the addition of code review comments, but I cannot find any way to access these outside the full PlasticSCM GUI. Pretty much all the other functionality works using cm find review where ... Nothing in the "cm find" documentation suggests that looking up review comments is possible, but I'm wondering if anyone
  3. Hi all, I would like to clarify if there is a way to view a shelve more informatively than can report the following command: cm find shelve on repository '"<repo>"' In other words I would like to find an analog of "View Shelve" feature in the GUI. Thanks in advance, Ashot
  4. In the CLI, is there a way to display what custom attributes are assigned to a branch object, and what their values are? I can use "cm find" to locate a particular branch, but there doesn't appear to be any output options on the command to list the attributes or values set on that branch. The --format option does not include attributes as possible output. The --xml option looks like it could handle attributes, but does not list them. Is there a way? Or should this be a feature request?
  5. Hi, At work I'm trying to write a batch script to cd to the correct directory automatically, and then run "cm checkin ." The distinct issue is that every time I call "cm checkin ." I get the following message: "The workspace <wkspace_path> metadata is corrupt. Please update the workspace." The problem persists after attempting to call "cm update ." (along with varied arguments such as "--forced"). However the GUI works fine. The repository itself is just shy of 30 GB in size, and is kept in c:\Program Files\<rest_of_path> if that information is relevant. Additionally, the
  6. Hello, I'm new to plastic scm. I've subscribed to the cloud edition and I've downloaded the cloud edition GUI. I was wondering how do I access the CLI for plastic CSM? I couldn't find any separate download for the CLI. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to run a simple .bat file (see code below) to move a file to a subfolder. Everything has already been previously checked in. When I use the CLI to do the move, everything seems to work out fine, but when I select the file in Gluon, you can see that the latest changeset is not bold (indicating that my checkin failed, I think) and that the comment I tried to add is not present. (See attached image.) Any idea what's going on? Thanks! Dave cd c:\project cm partial configure -/ +/ set dst=c:\project\destination cm partial checkout %dst% cm partial checkout %d
  8. Good Day! When I run cm find "changesets where branch like '/main/mybranch/defect 1234'" I get all the changesets back. When I run cm find "changesets where branch like '/main/mybranch/defect 123%'" I get no changesets back. I need to get a list of all changes sets in branches like X. I thought that if LIKE worked for a fully qualified branch it should work with a wildcard. Any ideas? Thanks!
  9. Support ticket 9009 for plastic support crew. Today we needed to get a new developer started, time is precious, time is wasting. Today was wasted. I purchased a new team license for 6 people (formerly 5, but this is a whole new license as the previous was from a previous account, previous employer, and via their paypal... new one via creditcard/stripe). Fine, good. got the token code. Our server is on a MacPro, so all admin is CLI (where's the GUI admin client?). It is possible I'm a crazy person, but I've not found any guides or actual documentation that is clear in how to comp
  10. Hello! I have a build script that works with same workspace. Before building it must switch the workspace to latest changeset of a specified branch. This is done with following code (Powershell) cm stb --workspace=$Workspace br:$Branch Unfortunately, if the workspace contains any changes (new files, edited files) this operation will fail. How can I discard all changes in the workspace or switch it to another changeset from any state? (I do not care about losing the changes, this workspace is for script usage only.)
  11. We have been using plastic for about a year, and are currently using version - Hawaii. We have about a half dozen repositories, and in each repository we create a branch off the main branch for each sprint, about 3 weeks, then merge back to the main branch at the end of the sprint. We have an automated nightly build that builds the code on the main branch. But I would like to add a build of the current sprint branch as well, since that's closer to where the work is going on, and so more likely to change from day to day. However, I cannot figure out how to use the CLI to switch t
  12. Good Day - I need to use the CLI to get a list of all files changed within a given branch. I know how to get the changesets and the revisions, but how do I get the actual file names? For example, I need to take /main/Defect 1234 and use the CLI to list out all the files which were changed or added therein. Thanks, Tom
  13. Good Day - Is there a way for me to lookup specific labels via the CLI? Currently, I can get the entire list back by using: cm find label on repository 'REP@IPADDRESS:PORT' I know that you can use the WHERE clause looking up other items, but I am unable to figure out how to do it with labels. I get an EOF error. Ideally, I would like to simply find that last label created that starts with 'X'. Something like: cm find label on repository 'REP@IPADDRESS:PORT' where label like 'X%' and uid = (SELECT MAX(uid) FROM ? WHERE label like 'X%') Please forgive the SQL syntax. I am just trying to sh
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