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Found 6 results

  1. Hi! I am trying to use jira and plasticscm. Plastic currently loads jira tasks, but I can't get any of the following fields to work as expected: - Custom field id (filled or not) - Fields mapping (using the documentation examples and trying both upper and lower case) - Status transitions I'm using a classic (company-managed) jira cloud scrum project and plastic client v11.0.16 on Windows 10. This is the log when I try to use the "Fields mapping" field: 2022-04-07 09:32:36... jiraextension - Unable to write JIRA field 'issue.Fields.Project.Name' into Plastic field 'Description': Property 'Project' not found on object [{ ... "project": { "self": "...", "id": "...", "key": "...", ... } }, 2022-04-07 09:32:36... jiraextension - Stack trace: en Codice.Client.IssueTracker.Jira.ObjectSolver.CheckNull(Object target, String exceptionMsg, Object[] args) en Codice.Client.IssueTracker.Jira.ObjectSolver.GetFieldValue(Object target, String property) en Codice.Client.IssueTracker.Jira.ObjectSolver.GetValue(Object target, String property) en Codice.Client.IssueTracker.Jira.PlasticTaskBuilder.MapTaskFields(RemoteIssue remoteIssue, PlasticTask task, List`1 fieldMappings) I do not get information in the logs about "Status transitions" or "Custom field id". Could someone tell me what's going on? Thanks!
  2. Hello, I'm starting using mergebot and I'm having some issues configuring Jira and Jenkins Plugs They disconnect themself every time 30 sec after lauching them. For Jira I'm using Jira Cloud so instead of the password I'm using the API Token and the mail of my Jira account And for Jenkins I'm using an account that i have created especially for Plastic Do you have any idea what am i'm doing wrong or how can i solve this ? BR, Joevin Ferret
  3. Jira next has a system with Epics Stories Tasks In that heiarchical order, and i'd like to setup branches in a similar manner when needed. But Epics and Stories do not show up in plastic SCM currently.
  4. Hello, i'm trying to get PlasticSCM works on Mac as it works for PC. We need Jira integration in our production pipeline and it works well on PC. I've seen that there's no configuration window on mac to setup plastic scm link with jira. So i followed the given tutorial at https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/extensions/plastic-scm-version-control-task-and-issue-tracking-guide#Jiraintegration By the way, there's a mistake in path of the client.conf configuration <Extensions> <Extension AssemblyFile="plasticscm_install_path/client/extensions/jira/jiraextension.dll" /> </Extensions> should be <Extensions> <Extension AssemblyFile="/Application/PlasticSCM.app/Contents/MonoBundle/extensions/jira/jiraextension.dll" /> </Extensions> my client.conf is adapted as following (just added the previous lines at the end) <?xml version="1.0"?> <ClientConfigData xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> <Language>fr</Language> <WorkspaceServer>myserverurlandport</WorkspaceServer> <WorkingMode>LDAPWorkingMode</WorkingMode> <SecurityConfig>securityconfig</SecurityConfig> <CurrentWorkspace>/Users/stephane/wkspaces/SampleRepo</CurrentWorkspace> <MergeTools> <MergeToolData> <FileType>enTextFile</FileType> <FileExtensions>*</FileExtensions> <Tools> <string>/usr/local/bin/macmergetool -b="@basefile" -bn="@basesymbolic" -bh="@basehash" -s="@sourcefile" -sn="@sourcesymbolic" -sh="@sourcehash" -d="@destinationfile" -dn="@destinationsymbolic" -dh="@destinationhash" -a -r="@output" -t="@filetype" -i="@comparationmethod" -e="@fileencoding" -m="@mergetype" -re="@resultencoding" --progress="@progress" --extrainfofile="@extrainfofile"</string> </Tools> </MergeToolData> </MergeTools> <DiffTools> <DiffToolData> <FileType>enTextFile</FileType> <FileExtensions>*</FileExtensions> <Tools> <string>/usr/local/bin/macmergetool -s="@sourcefile" -sn="@sourcesymbolic" -d="@destinationfile" -dn="@destinationsymbolic" -t="@filetype" -i="@comparationmethod" -e="@fileencoding"</string> </Tools> </DiffToolData> </DiffTools> <ShowPerformanceWarnings>yes</ShowPerformanceWarnings> <MergeWithPendingChanges>no</MergeWithPendingChanges> <StackTrace>no</StackTrace> <SetFilesAsReadOnly>no</SetFilesAsReadOnly> <SetRevisionFileDate>no</SetRevisionFileDate> <SupportSmbWorkspaces>no</SupportSmbWorkspaces> <PerformAddPlusCi>no</PerformAddPlusCi> <CheckFileContentForChanged>no</CheckFileContentForChanged> <CaseSensitiveFsOnMac>no</CaseSensitiveFsOnMac> <SameItemDifferentCaseError>no</SameItemDifferentCaseError> <CheckinQueuesSize>50</CheckinQueuesSize> <DownloadPoolSize>6</DownloadPoolSize> <LastRunningEdition>team_or_enterprise</LastRunningEdition> <Extensions> <Extension AssemblyFile="/Applications/PlasticSCM.app/Contents/MonoBundle/extensions/jira/jiraextension.dll" /> </Extensions> </ClientConfigData> and my jira.conf in ~/.Plastic4/issuetrackers/sll_serverurl_port/allrepos contains a jira.conf file with the following data WorkingMode=TaskOnBranch Name=Host;Value=ourjiraurl/;Type=Host;IsGlobal=True Name=User name;Value=myjiraemail;Type=User;IsGlobal=False Name=Password;Value=myjiratoken;Type=Password;IsGlobal=False Name=Branch prefix;Value=;Type=BranchPrefix;IsGlobal=True Name=Project Key;Value=MULTIPLE_PROJECTS;Type=Text;IsGlobal=True Name=Custom Field ID;Value=;Type=Text;IsGlobal=True Name=Use LDAP credentials if available;Value=False;Type=Boolean;IsGlobal=False Name=Use default proxy credentials;Value=False;Type=Boolean;IsGlobal=False Name=Issue query limit;Value=50;Type=Text;IsGlobal=False Name=Resolved issue states;Value=Done;Type=Text;IsGlobal=False Name=Issue types;Value=;Type=Text;IsGlobal=False Name=Fields mapping;Value=;Type=Text;IsGlobal=False Name=REST URL;Value=/rest/api/2/;Type=Text;IsGlobal=True Name=Task URL;Value=/browse/;Type=Text;IsGlobal=True Name=Status transitions;Value=[DONE]-Done;Type=Text;IsGlobal=True when trying to create a branch it calls the jiraextension but i get an exception Invalid URI the format of the URI could not be determined. the log file indicates the following 2021-02-17 11:16:10,212 stephane ERROR PlasticThread - Error when performing background operation: Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determined. 2021-02-17 11:16:10,214 stephane DEBUG PlasticThread - Stack trace: at System.Uri.CreateThis (System.String uri, System.Boolean dontEscape, System.UriKind uriKind) [0x0007b] in <ca617bcbee124d63852388fd7f3106e6>:0 at System.Uri..ctor (System.String uriString) [0x00014] in <ca617bcbee124d63852388fd7f3106e6>:0 at Codice.Client.IssueTracker.Jira.JiraRestClient.GetBaseRestUri () [0x00060] in <8ac37d92524a463887d6e42f943350d8>:0 at Codice.Client.IssueTracker.Jira.JiraRestClient.CreateAuthenticatedRequest (System.String partialUri, System.String method) [0x00001] in <8ac37d92524a463887d6e42f943350d8>:0 at Codice.Client.IssueTracker.Jira.JiraRestClient.TryRequest (System.String partialUri, System.String httpMethod, System.Object content, System.String& response) [0x0001c] in <8ac37d92524a463887d6e42f943350d8>:0 at Codice.Client.IssueTracker.Jira.JiraRestClient.TryGet[T] (System.String partialUri, T& result) [0x00008] in <8ac37d92524a463887d6e42f943350d8>:0 at Codice.Client.IssueTracker.Jira.JiraRestClient.DoGetTasks (System.String conditions) [0x00018] in <8ac37d92524a463887d6e42f943350d8>:0 at Codice.Client.IssueTracker.Jira.JiraRestClient.GetPendingTasks (System.String assignee) [0x00014] in <8ac37d92524a463887d6e42f943350d8>:0 at Codice.Client.IssueTracker.Jira.JiraHandler.GetPendingTasks (System.String assignee) [0x00001] in <8ac37d92524a463887d6e42f943350d8>:0 at Codice.Client.IssueTracker.Jira.JiraExtension.GetPendingTasks (System.String assignee) [0x00001] in <8ac37d92524a463887d6e42f943350d8>:0 at im.b (System.Boolean A_0) [0x0000b] in <b816f616cec244e082b4ba1c3a67eb57>:0 at im+a.b () [0x00001] in <b816f616cec244e082b4ba1c3a67eb57>:0 at Codice.Client.Common.Threading.PlasticThread.ThreadWork (System.Object state) [0x0000a] in <c486789c633545be9a72ad39a565b17f>:0 I tried to use the same config jira config file as my Plastic SCM client has with the same result even if it works well on my PC. Has somebody some suggestion ? Thanks by advance St├ęphane
  5. Gwanhir

    JIRA plug

    Hello, I'm starting with devops and try to get around it with the trunkbot. I successfully create my own notification plug to use our internal chat system and configured the CI (Jenkins) plug. But I'm stuck with the Jira plug configuration. We use Jira cloud and I can't make it work. I use the token API as specified in the documentation. For the user I tried with the email, name, user name, lowercase, uppercase, space between, no spaces. Nothing works. I have an idea on how to use all the powerful tools available but sadly as Jira won't work, it may not be possible. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks, Cyril.
  6. Hi, I'm currently setting up plastic and wanted to automate parts of the workflow between jira and plastic. I've looked into mergebot(trunkbot), and it looked like a perfect fit : when a jira task is put as validated/done, mergebot sees this and tries to merge the branch to /main. Except, trunkbot seems to only checks branches attributes, and not the jira state, even though the setup part of the bot seems to indicate that it should poll for jira status? Am I missing something with the setup, or wrongly setup something? Or does it need some extra steps to link all together?
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