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Found 15 results

  1. Hi! Is it possible to create a readonly partial xlink targeting a subfolder inside the same repo that contains this xlink? I'm aware that I could separate code into multiple repos, but my scenario is the following: * I have a few existing libraries (in subfolders) with years of history inside a single repo. * In the subfolder of the main application inside the same repo, I'd want to add xlinks to bin-folders with pre-built binaries from the above libraries (pointing out a specific branch/changeset for each such bin-folder). * I don't want to move the above libraries into separate
  2. Some partial xlinks were set up on a repo early on. We are now migrating to a new server. I have replicated the repo to the new server and shut down the old server. I am now unable to checkout the repo from the new server; as I receive the following error No directory is made nor are any files retrieved. This receives the same error when using the client gui How can I fix this issue. Is there a way of just changing the xlink to be relative?
  3. Our team has been using plastic for a while now, and as we begin to work on multiple projects, our common code shared between projects begins to fracture. To avoid this, we are experimenting with Xlinks. Setting up the actual Xlinks to be used in each project is simple enough, but the real trouble comes from the meta files generated by Unity once the linked files are brought in. We don't want these meta files to transfer between projects, nor can we just tell Plastic to ignore meta files on each project. I've tried telling the repo for our shared code to ignore .meta files, but the files
  4. Sorry for the non-descriptive topic, but I had a series of questions I wanted to ask and wasn't sure if I should post them all in separate threads, or gather them all up in a single one. We're currently evaluating using Plastic SCM as our new version control system for our game development projects. We're positive on the big whole, but are wondering about some details here and there, mostly in regard to the Unity plugin. 1. We notice that when you, in the Project view, choose to create a new item, it is automatically marked as add to source control, which is to be expected. However, sa
  5. I'm experiencing an error when attempting to check my changes in after a merge. It is quite difficult for me to describe the scenario, but let me try to give you at least some general information. In PlasticSCM client the following error message is displayed (see the attached picture). On the other hand, the server logs the following error at the same time: I experienced this error several times on different repositories. In all cases I was performing a checkin after merging a branch of a repository to its main branch. The checkin included both the current repository, and several
  6. In the process of grouping the common files of several projects into shared repos using Xlinks, I ran into the following problem: I created the child branch General001 in my project repo I moved 1 file from the General folder to the root folder I deleted the General folder I created a writeable Xlink in the General folder to the latest changeset on the main branch of the General repo I created a writeable Xlink in the Libraries folder to the latest changeset on the main branch of the Libraries repo I added 2 files to the General folder (now Xlinked to the General repo) I added 2 files to t
  7. Hi, I am using PlasticSCM.0 239.2 (windows 7) and I have a problem with moving a label in an xlinked repository. The configuration is as follows: - A workspace "Workspace_TestWorkspace" connected to a repository "testworkspace" on my local computer. - In the workspace there is a folder "TestWorkspace" (checked in). Within that folder is an xlinked folder "lib" referring to a repository "testworkspace_lib". (cm xlink -w lib / cs:8@testworkspace_lib@localhost:8087) The idea is that the project creates a library (dll) in the lib folder (repository) and that other projects can use this re
  8. Okay, I really need some help. We are trying to get plastic configured so that we can efficiently reuse dependencies across multiple projects. Everything we try seems to be flat out inefficient. But I hope we are doing it wrong. We tried putting everything into a single repository. This worked the best but ridiculous and unable to control permissions to each project. Everyone got everything and on the first time, you needed a 500MB download to get all projects etc. We then tried what we believe was best practice according to a sales rep, however... This leaves a lot to be desi
  9. What's the best way to organize projects with shared dependencies? Here's a sample scenario: Project1 and Project2 both have a dependency on Lib1 and Lib2 Lib1 also has a dependency on Lib2 I need to be able to have TeamCity check this out and build it, too. I have not been able to successfully create xlinks to solve this. Whenever I use xlinks, I always end up in a situation where it tells me there's a change for Project1.csproj, but when I attent to commit it, it tells me there is no change. If I attempt to update, then it tells me there is a change pending.
  10. Hi, I had setup a readonly xlink inside a workspace and ended up actually modifying a file exposed via this xlink. I think at some point I checked whether Plastic detected the change by pressing F5 in the items view and noticed that Plastic did in fact detect the change. Having realized the dead end I was going into I thought the natural way to undo this would simply mean undoing my changes on this file but the Windows client I use refuses after this dialogue: Me: Right mouse button : Undo changes Plastic: "You are going to undo 1 changes. This operation can't be undone. Conti
  11. As an example, let's suppose there is a repo named SharedLib and several other projects that xlink that repo: ProjectA, ProjectD and ProjectF. A programmer downloads the content of the ProjectD repo to a workspace and the SharedLib is downloaded as a part of it. Then some files of the SharedLib are modified and checked in together with ProjectD's files. At that point the ProjectD repo's xlink is automatically updated to point to the just-checked-in revision of the SharedLib. However, the programmer wants to keep all other projects that use the SharedLib compilable and up to date. So ho
  12. Good Day - We are just starting to use XLinks and I have a question on what's expected in the repository/workspace world. :-) Here is my scenario, all local (we use DVCS, but this is what I have locally): REP1 - This is my 'Project' REP2 - This is a subproject which I need Xlinked to REP1 REP1 C:\MyProject - I add an Xlink to this, linking the 'MySubProject' directory in REP2 C:\MyProject\MySubProject -- This is the Xlink to REP2 All works well as long as I have workspace for REP2. Since I never do any work in REP2, I was hoping to just have the REP2 repository on my
  13. Plastic Peeps, Lets say I have 3 websites that I maintain. Each website is in its own repository. All three of these websites use some common javascript code / controls. So, lets say I create a repository for common Javascript code. I want to be able to change/update code using any of the websites projects (from within visual studio) and link this common javascript to each of my projects. So, when I work with Website1 and make javascript changes/fixes to bugs, Website2 and Website3 will benefit from those changes that I make. This should work regardless of which Website I am currently workin
  14. Plastic Men, When attempting to edit a writable xlink in the Edit XLink window, I click the Select target Xlink, it displays a message box saying that I have to select a repository from the list before selecting a changeset inside it. However, when editing the Xlink (after creating it), the Xlink target repository dropdown is already selected and grey'ed out (disabled). I've also noticed this issue when creating a new xlink... the default target repository was the first item displayed in the dropdown on form load, but when attempting to click the "select target changeset", it messaged me the
  15. Is it possible to switch between branches while using xlinks? So, far my attempts at doing so, have failed multiple times miserably ending in errors in the plastic UI. So, here we go: 1) Create 2 repositories: Project1 and Library1. 2) Create 2 workspaces (at c:\plasticworkspaces): Project1 and Library1 3) Create a new text file at Project1 named "project1.txt" and enter any text "First revision, CS1", and then check the file in 4) Create a new folder called "Controls" in the Library1 workspace and create a new text file inside the Controls folder called "controls.txt", and enter any tex
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