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Found 3 results

  1. In order to maintain state in Plastic I'm attempting to use multiple attributes; It's easy enough to apply multiple attributes to a single branch, but I can't seem to get a find command to work. Unless I'm missing something there is no obvious way to get a cm find where clause to feature more than one attribute/attrvalue combination. In my case I have a branch with the following two attributes and values: Status = 'Deprecated' TestFlag = 'TRUE' This is only thing that seems reasonable to try, but does not work (not surprised really because there is only a single, unqualified "attrval
  2. We are currently trying to create a before-checkin trigger so that all checkins are required to be linked to an issue with our issue tracking system, VersionOne. Since this linking is just an attribute, our thought was to check to see if an attribute for VersionOne had been added to the changeset but we are not seeing anything in the available data to enforce that. The documentation for triggers also seems a little out of date. Any suggestions or thoughts would be extremely helpful
  3. Is there a way to create a template of attributes that would automatically get applied to every branch that is created? Seems like this would be a great benefit to users working with the "branch per bug" pattern. We have a standard set of attributes we like to use, but right now it seems like we have to create them individually through the GUI client, or run a script for each and every branch that is created.
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