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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, Is it possible to add an "Attributes" column on the "Branches" screen? See attached screenshot.
  2. In the CLI, is there a way to display what custom attributes are assigned to a branch object, and what their values are? I can use "cm find" to locate a particular branch, but there doesn't appear to be any output options on the command to list the attributes or values set on that branch. The --format option does not include attributes as possible output. The --xml option looks like it could handle attributes, but does not list them. Is there a way? Or should this be a feature request?
  3. In order to filter out branches that have been merged and/or abandoned (like test branches), I was looking into attributes as they seemed like the easiest way to have a blanket identifier for this kind of flag. I am able to easily add a "find branches where attribute='Closed' " to find the closed branches, but how can I do the inverse of this? I would like to have a filter that shows everything with an attribute != 'Closed". I know I could add an attribute to everything, mark it as "1" and set "0" as the "hide" options, but that requires every branch to be updated and modified. Only
  4. As the title of the post says; is it possible to add attributes to individual files? I am having trouble finding clear documentation / examples of this. Right now it looks like I can only do this to repos, branches, or folders within a branch? It sounds like the nomenclature of 'object' doesn't include files? If not, this would be a hugely helpful feature.
  5. cm removeattributerealization --help says: ... A previously attribute set in an object will be removed by using this command. The attribute realization in the object is removed, but not the attribute. ... What is an attribute realization? The word "realization" only appears in the help for removeattributerealization How do I know? I created a script to create a cm man page of sorts: #!/bin/sh # create a Plastic "man page" cmVersion="`cm version`" echo "" echo "Plastic cm version $cmVersion man page" cmdListFile="/tmp/cmCmdList" cm showcommands --all |
  6. Currently using: - Mendoza (was present in .457 as well) AD integrated security - server (.450) configured for AD integrated security. Win 7 x64 Have found a couple of issues with the client GUI tool. 1) Received a "Tcp transport error. The authentication or decryption has failed.: <plastic server: 8088> in the Branch explorer, I selected a branch that has attribute values associated with it. I then selected the 'Properties' tab. Followed by selecting a different branch that did not have attributes values associated with it. Then clicking on Attributes ta
  7. Hello, Doing some experiments... I would like to use the attributes on all our repos. Per what I could understand, the attribute is created per repo and not global. As we have a large amount of repos (~50), this is a bit problematic. Is there a global attribute which can be used by all repos? If not, how can I create the same attribute for all? Thanks, Ed.
  8. See screenshot: http://www.screencast.com/t/83n2iUlci2pN It says i should be able to type in a new attribute, but i cannot. i checked permissions and i have the applyattr permission.
  9. Plastic Men, I recently was experimenting with attributes and created one called "Branch Status" and gave it a value. I created a conditional format rule in the Branch Explorer and it appeared to work as it highlighted the branch with the attribute applied to it. I just deleted the attribute this morning and had to do a restart. I've been attempting to open Plastic.exe but it keeps crashing on me... I even installed the latest version it it also is crashing. Here is the debug info: Codice.CM.Common.CmException was unhandled Message=The specified attribute realization can't be found.
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