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Found 1 result

  1. Some of us can generate large amounts of data changes in a day. When the changes should be checked in it takes so long to upload them that someone else is likely to have made a checkin and the upload is dropped. This results in a manual merge step, even if no conflict exists, and then the whole thing repeats since the data has to be uploaded again. This isn't working well. I see a couple of potential solutions from the client's perspective. Upload will complete regardless of other checkins but it will stay in a temporary head until merged with the checkin branch. Checkin will succeed if there's no manual merging needed. This only helps a bit but is perhaps easier to solve. A workaround (that we wouldn't prefer) could be to submit in a branch since that will always succeed and merge. However, then we get the problem that we can't lock files across branches so we will get merge problems with our binary files instead. I'm not sure how to attack this problem with Plastic now. Is there something existing today that will solve this situation or will there be something in upcoming releases that will solve it?
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