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Found 6 results

  1. Hey there. I currently have a job configured on Jenkins to poll a single branch for changes, then of course checkout the changes and run the job as you'd expect. However I want the job to run on every branch that has changes, not just a specific one. How can I achieve this? Much thanks.
  2. Hello There! I have a problem and need help to solve. So We have this branch where it is created by a Client and the other created by the Server, the Encryption password is match in all branches except for this branch which is created by Client. even thoght the server admin inserted the password into this Branch correctly, it's still denied to decrypt the data from this branch which is made by Client. How to solve this? Best Regard, Joen
  3. I created my repository a few hours ago and I'm trying to sync it from local to cloud for the first time (I'm using distributed version control). When I first tried to push the outgoing changes, the Sync failed because I had to first pull the incoming changes. So I successfully did that, and then I tried pushing again. This time, however, the branch replication failed because "The source branch has two heads", and I should "Merge from cs:af2f3159... [name continues] to br:/main to unify the heads". The problem is that I can't seem to find this "cs:af2f3159" etc. head anywhere to merge it with br:/main. I already tried to merge changesets both from the Changesets screen and from the Branch Explorer, but I'm always told that "The merge search has finished; merge destination already contains source changes", with no conflicts to solve or changes to apply. This is how my my Branch Explorer looks like: Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Hello, in our setup we manually push selected branches from our premise server to the cloud. But we want to pull all branches from the cloud to our server. The processes run automatically via a timed batch script. My pull command looks like: cm pull "/main/dev@repo@org@cloud" repo@server:8087 I tried to use wildcards (*, %) like cm pull "/main/dev/*@repo@org@cloud" repo@server:8087 -------------------^ but nothing worked. Is there some way to pull the (child) branches recursively? I put "child" in parentheses, because we are fine with pulling all branches from the cloud (we just don't want to push everything there). The more complicated way I can think about would be: getting a list of all cloud branches and then pulling each branch separately. That would be weird and uncomfortable and I think there must be another way (GUI "sync" can do this, is there a log of commands called from the gui?). Thank you all
  5. Hello everyone! :) How can i set up exclusive checkouts for each branch of my project? Cause now i have a checkout for whole workspace :(
  6. Hi, we are looking for a way to list all changesets of a certain branch that have not been integrated into another branch. Our szenario is a beta deployment branch. There are a lot of changes directly made on that branch that are meant to be integrated into /main again. Other changes should not be integrated (workarounds etc.). We created a branch from /main that is used for this integration. The changes that have to be integrated are cherry picked from the beta deployment branch. We want to have a list of all changesets that are not merged in any way (merge or cp) from the beta deployment into the integration branch. I looked into the cm find examples on your homepage. I can detect branches that are not completely merged in terms of having changesets after the last regular merge. This does not fit in our scenario. Best regards Jan
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