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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, We have an issue with the account management. We added and enabled new accounts, disabled unused ones. But the old accounts will automatically reactivate and then our new ones cannot be used because the total number of activated accounts is greater than what our license allows. When using cm li we can see all the users and they are all activated (too much for our license) Authentication mode: Plastic own user and password database Plastic Version: Is there a way to fix this? Thanks, Best
  2. - Edmonton in relation to Associate Jira Project with Plastic Workspace for branch creation/browser I've found that when I create a branch with the above version, that the commit comment no longer gets put in the custom field configured. on the Jira server, I have a jira-config.properties containing the following: jira.websudo.is.disabled=true plastic.diffchangeset.url=http://Plastic01/plastic/$repository$/ViewChanges?changeset=$changeset$ plastic.formatdata=\r\n+{4} on {0}+\r\n*CS:* [{1}|{5}]\r\n*Project:* {2}::{3}\r\n*Branch:* {6}\r\n\{{panel:title=Checkin Comments|borderStyle=solid|borderColor=#000000|titleBGColor=#FFFF80|bgColor=#FFFFCE}}{7}{{panel}}\r\n----\r\n If I commit on this branch from my build machine with an older version of Plastic ( - Maastricht) - I get the comments While with the same configuration data with 671 (and the same branch) - I get no commit comments. Build-651 shows a working config for 651 Dev_671 shows the same config on 671 that doesn't post commit comments to the custom field. Tried checking and unchecking the Use LDAP credentials if available - nothing seems to make it work. --Probably going to have to roll back to the previous version until there is a fix
  3. Hello, my problem is that I have a modified file on my workspace (ModelSchemasController.cs) and on pending changes is shown as "Changed". But when I try to checkin the change there's an error saying "The item /Karira.ECM.WebAPI/Controllers/ModelSchemasController.cs is not changed in current workspace". I have tried clicking on Undo changes, on Apply local change, deleting the file and adding it again, leaving the file as it was before the change, deleting the .suo of visual studio, restarting visual studio, doing all this things from visual studio plugin and from Plastic GUI but nothing works. Can you help me? I need to checkin the file, but I don't know what else I can do. Thanks!
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