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Found 19 results

  1. Hello, Unfortunately, I need help. Each time I install Plastic in Unity I have so many problems. I use Collaborate in my project and I wish to take it out and pass to plastic. HOW DO I INSTALL PLASTIC IN UNITY 2020LTS AND MAKE A WORKSPACE PROPERLY? 🙃 SPOILER: I use Collaborate that was removed manually because the migration tools usually do not work. I lose control of Plastic making the installation. I install it using the package manager. Actually, I'm using Unity 2020LTS. Plastic was not working, it added the "Library" folder and it didn't give the option to ignore it. I just deleted the Version Control package using the package manager. I don't know what to do. I try to create a new workspace using Plastic SCM editor but it tells me that my path is being used.
  2. Hello, Before check-in, I type in the input field. But if I press Shift O, instead of typing "O" it switches to Visual Studio. Alan
  3. Hello, I have recently set up Plastic for my Unity project and it has worked fine for a few days, but suddenly Unity started hanging whenever I try to open it. When I open the PlasticSCM client it gives me the following error: Error converting value "invalid-invalid" to type 'PlasticGui.WebApi.Responses.SsoProvider+KnownType'. Path 'Providers[2].Type', line 1, position 147. followed by an 'auth token expired' error message. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Hello, I am trying to checkin some changes. When doing so, I get a "Selector can't locate a revision for the item", and the checkin fails. What is causing this issue? What can I do to solve it?
  5. We've been having a problem with locked assets being overwritten because the project settings to prevent it are stored in EditorUserSettings (a file that Unity says should be ignored in version control) instead of inside the VersionControlSettings file that is stored in version control. Unity 2020.3.0
  6. Lately, we are experimenting some issues with the code reviews. We make the code reviews for entire branches and when there are multiple change requests we try to fix each one in a single check-in. This one a review with 3 change requests will have three different changesets after the one where the review was done. We've been working this way for months, and all worked fine. But, in recent versions of the client, after the first check-in closing a change request, double-clicking on the next pending change only opens the file where the comment was done. Double-clicking again navigates to the zone where the comment was done but the circle indicating the line where the comment was done does not appear and the right pane does not show the full review comment either. Clicking on the "Revision with comments", "Last in branch" or "Diff with head" does not seem to fix it either. We have tested this in the following client versions: Our server version is:
  7. Hello, We recently switched to plastic scm from git. We named our organization somename_Ist. One of our artists(he is the second person switching to plastic atm.) couldn't connect to repo. It keep giving error of "connection timedout, you can increase timeout limit from client configuration file if this happened during push/pull process" error. This wasn't the exact message of course but I forgot it (shame on me). Anyway I suspected there is already a process connected to one of the ports which plastic trying to use. We diagnosed, reinstalled everything etc, we couldn't solve the issue. After an hour of trying, we excidentally found the soloution. we removed 'I' from somename_Ist (our organization name) and put 'i' instead. (In initial configuration window of plastic scm(the window comes after logging in and selecting I wanna use Gluon)) And issue resolved. We were able to see our repo list under our organization. Wanted to report this to you Cheers.
  8. Hi, I'm not sure it's by design but when I rename a repository that already has a workspace in it, the workspace's repository does not get updated. This leads to error messages when viewing items. Furtunately when renaming it back all works again. But it gives the impression it that its not possible to rename a repository without deleting and recreating all workspaces. wvd_vegt
  9. One of my coworkers encountered a strange error when attempting to update a workspace. The error stated that a completely unrealated repository couldn't be found. What had transpired was that my coworker had accidentally created a repository on the cloud named "xxxx xxxx" while attempting to access a repository named "xxxx-xxxx". The name was identical with only the '-' swapped for a space. Realizing his mistake, he then deleted the repository he had created. Then when working in another workspace connected to neither of these repositories, this error started popping up when Updating Workspace. Somehow, recreating repository "xxxx xxxx" got plastic to stop complaining. This occurs on plastic vers. It's a wierd bug with a wierd fix. I've attached the logs if you want to look into it. error.zip
  10. Hello, We have an issue with the account management. We added and enabled new accounts, disabled unused ones. But the old accounts will automatically reactivate and then our new ones cannot be used because the total number of activated accounts is greater than what our license allows. When using cm li we can see all the users and they are all activated (too much for our license) Authentication mode: Plastic own user and password database Plastic Version: Is there a way to fix this? Thanks, Best
  11. When a file is added to the repository, I can't seem to add comments to the file, only view the file. The pane below says "To add a new comment, ..." and gives directions but they don't seem to work. Is this a bug in the code review system or did I miss something?
  12. I really like the design of PlasticSCM but there are a lot of sharp corners for new users like me! Here's a new one: I created a local repository I replicate/pulled the remote repository (as you can see from the screenshot the history is still very simple) I made a few checkins. I tried to switch the workspace to an earlier changeset. Got an error message along the lines of (failed: Owner is null) Now when I try to switch back to the latest changeset, I get this huge error message. The revInfo.Owner is null before the cache And it refuses to switch to the latest changeset. Worked around it by deleting local repository and redoing the whole setup process but that's a pain.
  13. Visual Studio 2015 makes more extensive use of #pragma to disable Roslyn analyzer warnings in sections of code. Diagnostic identifier strings are used in the #pragma statement. In previous versions of VS these would typically (always?) be numeric, but with VS2015 they may contain non-numeric characters too. Semantic Merge reports an "Invalid number" warning when parsing a file containing this kind of suppression.
  14. When running gtkplastic and connecting to a server it fails to accept the SSL certificate. It asks me to accept the certificate twice (I press Yes): Then it shows this error message: When I try running clconfigureclient on the command line I get no chance to accept the certificate and get errors too: When I run as sudo the same error is shown: But when I run 'sudo gtkplastic' I can accept the certificate and it actually works. The issue is likely due to insufficient privilege but the error message does not tell me that, also I do not understand why running 'sudo clconfigureclient' does not work if it is a privilege issue. Please fix this issue or at least provide a proper error message.
  15. When performing a merge, the display should show the result of the merge in before you actually check in the changes. However, the display is showing that the new change set created from the merge will be before the last change set on the branch into which you are merging. This is shown in the attached image. (NOTE: The pixelly nonsense where the branch name should be is NOT a part of the bug. The screen shot is from work where I have a NDA, so I blurred the text to be on the safe side.)
  16. Twice since I started my project has changeset been unknowingly set to "0" while in the middle of working. Recently this caused me to lose all of my local changes. When I go to checkin, my changeset appears to be set to zero in my branch explorer, but no files on my computer support this. All files are up to date locally. When I go to checkin it only shows the local files to checkin that are different than my last changeset (22), not the changest 0 that is claims to be on. The first time this happened I merged to a new branch, then synced to the most recent change and then merged my branch in. The most recent time this happen I automerged (everything looked like it should work, I got no errors or requests for conflicts). This merge chose to overwrite ALL my local changes with the old changes and every line of code I wrote is now gone forever. I can't believe this happened and don't understand why an automerge would EVER overwrite local lines of code without warnings? How can I make sure this never happens again? Why is it setting my changeset to 0?
  17. Guest

    Changes Not Checked In

    Hi, I installed and integrated the Unity plugin successfully, but there is one little problem. When I commit changes via Plastic IDE (Both Gluon and basic Plastic SCM) materials and prefabs are sometimes not commited and what is more concerning, they are reverted to previous commit. If I commit the changes via Unity plugin everything works. I'm not sure if it is problem with configuration or if it is a bug in Plastic (hence the tags). I followed the youtube tutorial from the official plastic channel, so all the configuration should be okay (only thing that I'm not sure if is right is the Serialization method, in the video it is left to "Mixed", but maybe it should be "Force Text").
  18. Heya, Apologies for the urgency but we are in an extreme amount of trouble. One of our machines started reporting this error whenever we try to switch to a changeset. We have no idea how to restore it to working operations (tried new workspace), and our deadline is literally in 5 days. Please help asap. Best regards, Damir H.
  19. Sam

    Blank page bug !

    Hi every body, We currently have a big problem in our plastic system in our company (used for almost 2 years). On my PC (windows GUI) I gradually began to have some errors when clicking on "Items" or "Branch Explorer" on opened Workspaces. When this error occurs, the main panel remains blank, but i'm still able to open a tab by clicking on "Pending changes" or "Branches" for instance. The error is not present on all of my Workpaces, sometimes it's only on "Branch Explorer" , sometimes on both "Items" and "Branch Explorer", but, day by day, new workspaces are concerned ... The error message is "the input string format is incorrect". The error also appends when I launch plastic on a problematic repository. Here's a screenshot (in french) I tried to delete concerned workspace and recreate a new one from the initial repository, sometimes one of the to "risky" menus ("Items" or "Branch Explorer") is fixed, sometimes not. The problem began about 10 days ago, it is very strange and the error is not explicit at all for us, we do need plastic team help ! ;-) Other info and mysterious facts : - Server and all computers have been updated to, but that did not solve the problem. - All other computer in our company are MACs, the problem is not present on Mac. - This morning I closed all but one workspace ... bad idea, my plastic prompts the error while it starts, and now, nothing happends anymore when I click on "Workspaces" or "Repositories", nothing, no error, the main panel remains blank ... so I can't open new workspaces, we'are totally stuck ! I am ready to bring all needed info to solve the problem, but please understand that it's really urgent for us. We use plastic in all of our project, and our company loses a lot of time when the processes are broken. Thanks a lot for your help.
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