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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, I already did several check-in, but suddenly when i open the branch explorer, it shows "No data found. The Server did not return any data for the specified date filter", in the Change-sets tab also empty. when i opened the pending changes tab, and clicked the refresh button, there is no pending changes item displayed... How could this happened?, and what is the solution ?? FYI, I use Gotham Version. my backend is mysql. Thanks..
  2. When I try to checkin files, I keep getting the error: "the specified data could not be decrypted" I was able to fix the problem once by checking in my changed files one at a time (but that doesn't always work) and once by restarting my computer. Not sure if the second one works all the time, but even if it does, that is time consuming and avoids the actual problem. Any idea what may be happening?
  3. Hi, I have noticed that when you sync repositories, the changeset numbers no not necessarily match up on the different servers. At first this was just an annoyance due to using Plastic for 3 years (without replication) prior to this point and getting very used to using CS numbers to discuss work in the depot and also as the main descriptor in automation tools. However I now have a use case which is a little more than annoying. First of all, to discuss the setup in case that has any bearing on it. Our central repository is in the Plastic Cloud. Our distributed team do a mix of connect
  4. I know you can view the changeset history of a file, but is there a way to view the history of changes for a given changeset? For example, in git you can view the history of a commit and see all the files added, removed, modified, or merged for that commit. If this is not possible, I would definitely love to see this feature added. I guess it could be like an "update report" but instead of just showing the last update, you can view individual reports for each changeset. Thanks, Brad
  5. Hey there, I've been using plastic scm client from a windows pc for the longest time and the experience has been quite nice. I've recently migrated to mac, and the UI aren't quite identical. Specially, in the Changesets tab, is there any way to see on which changeset am I currently active? On a windows pc, active changeset used be in in bolded text.
  6. Hi, I'm trying to run a simple .bat file (see code below) to move a file to a subfolder. Everything has already been previously checked in. When I use the CLI to do the move, everything seems to work out fine, but when I select the file in Gluon, you can see that the latest changeset is not bold (indicating that my checkin failed, I think) and that the comment I tried to add is not present. (See attached image.) Any idea what's going on? Thanks! Dave cd c:\project cm partial configure -/ +/ set dst=c:\project\destination cm partial checkout %dst% cm partial checkout %d
  7. Hello PSCM team, I recently wanted to apply a shelf to my workspace but I got the following error "Revision 879144" not found in rep 4. I guess that it refers to a particular changeset that I deleted before. I was thinking that once a shelf is created, this latter was independent of any changeset. So my question is there a way to restore the deleted changeset, in PSCM or via the database management. I am using PSCM v and the repository db is managed by PostGreSQL. Thanks in adavance for your support. Hlx
  8. Open the create/edit xlink window, Specify a target repository, Open the window for selecting target changeset, Click "Advanced" to define a custom query, Clear the query text box so it is blank, Click execute. If you follow these steps, the target changeset window will display changesets of the current repository instead of those from the repository you are xlinking.
  9. I want to write a utility that uses 'cm ann' command, which does the following: Display output of the annotate command. Let the user choose a line. Get the parent changeset of that line. Continue to 1 with the file's revision from the parent changeset. My question is: How should I specify the revision for the 'ann' command? I tried the following: Taking the {rev} field from the annotate output: cm ann MyFile#br:/master#26935 This results with: Incorrect object specification MyFile#br:/master#26935 Sometimes I get: Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Using the c
  10. I'm having a lot of trouble with Plastic SCM - Florence. Basically my internet connection is really bad right now and connection losses are frequent. As a side effect of that it seems like Plastic often hangs forever while updating, switching, or merging. At some point during the operation Plastic just stops making progress and there is no traffic on my network interface anymore. The busy wheel spins and there's a message saying "Please wait...". I left it like this for many hours. Plastic doesn't ever recover and the only option to continue working is to kill the process. Unfor
  11. I had the following scenario: from /main create child branch /main/child now I missed the "switch to this branch" that I intended to do, and fixed a bug while still on /main and checked it in. So my problem was how to "migrate" this changeset into the /main/child branch. so at first I though - "o.k., I will merge from /main to /main/child and then remove the change set from /main and thats it" but it turns out that I could not remove the changeset from /main because of the merge link. I tried some other thing which all failed for similar reasons. eventually I just listed the changed fi
  12. Is there a way to open a specific view in Plastic SCM from outside? Something like command line parameter for plastic.exe? What I want is to click on a button in our custom issue tracking system and Plastic SCM should open with a Changesets view active, showing me only the changesets, which belong to a specific issue. In case I use branch-per-task pattern, it will show me all changesets of that branch.
  13. When comparing two changesets, there is a list of affected items. Why there is only a copy option in a context menu of each item? Options such as open a copy of that file in an external editor or diff with external tool would be very useful. The internal diff tool is not enough sometimes. Definitely you can make it better, but there would be always some file types, where external tool is needed. See also this: http://www.plasticsc...ndpost__p__6835
  14. Highlighting (e.g. in bold) the current loaded revision in an item history, and similarly the current changeset in changesets view and the current branch in branches view, would be really really useful! I think it appears here in forum couple of times already. It shouldn't be so hard to implement, is it? Vote for it here: http://plasticscm.us...hangeset-branch
  15. If I move or rename a file, Plastic adds a row in a History view of the file. It contains a correct changeset number, an owner and a creation date. However a Branch and Comment columns are strange. The Comment field is blank (it contains only a dot or maybe a comma) and the Branch field contains this: Moved from ... fo "..." (there are source and destination paths instead of ellipses). I am not able to see the branch and the checkin comment. Why is that? The second issue I face to is that I cannot export view data from History view. Every time I select an output file, I get this error message
  16. Hi there, We've noticed a bug when using the "Only display relevant changesets" feature in Plastic. If you or someone else has created an empty branch with no check-ins. An error appears. To replicate: Get a colleague to create a new branch and then do not check anything in (empty branch) Make sure you can view the branch in your branch explorer Then go into the display options and enable the option to only display relevant changesets. You get an error that states "An error occurred processing your request" Get your colleague to check in something to this branch and the error will go awa
  17. Is there a way to easily compare the content of my workspace with a changeset? I know that I can compare two changesets, but my workspace need not to contain an exact copy of any changeset. I can have not-checked-in changes and cloaked items, which remain in older revisions. Only thing I can do is to browse a repository at a changeset and manually compare a version of each file with a version of the same file in my workspace. But it is far from usable. A Pending changes view can show changes, but it doesn't handle reverted items as reverted and it doesn’t show cloaked items, so those can be
  18. There are times where I want to refer to a specific changeset I have on some branch, (usually from some check in comment). I used to just write "whatever something CS:180 etc.", but I just today realized that those numbers are different on each server so If a coworker will look at this comment it will not make sense based on the CS numbers he sees. I wanted to know if you have a better way to do this ? If not then maybe there should be some syntax (maybe CS:number) that when it is detected when saving a comment it is not stored as is but as "CSGUID:guid" and when CSGUID:guid is detected w
  19. We are experiencing a strange problem with SCM 4 (we have the latest release as of today installed). Afer switching workspace to the main branch on one of our repos and performing a subsequent update, the 'house' icon is not at the end of the branch as expected. See the attached screenshot. Can anyone help please, we're very new to Plastic! Andy.
  20. After some initial troubles getting our plastic 3...(32) repositories to plastic 4 (see other thread) my final fast-export + fast-import scripts are working fine. I get correctly processed messages on all repositories and everything seems fine when showing branch explorer, branches, changesets and items. However when I checkin a new changeset is created with changeset id 1, instead of (lastid+1). If I look in my rep database, in the table changeset I see iobjid ichangesetid fidbranch fidrootrevision iparentid scomplete 5 0 3 4 -1 T 111 1 3 63 0
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