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Found 11 results

  1. I have been attempting to check in files using Plastic SCM and have been faced with many errors. The first error I ran into is the first image, which I resolved by adding a "<FIPSCompliant>true</FIPSCompliant>" line to the server.conf file and the client.conf file in Plastic's program data. After this, I ran into the error in the second image, which I have not yet been able to resolve. I have tried relogging, checking credentials, updating Plastic, creating a new repository, changing some firewall permissions for Plastic, and trying different files to checkin, but nothing has worked. Any advice?
  2. Been having trouble today with Plastic SCM in general. One of our Unity Collab projects got upgraded to Plastic even though we had already created a Plastic repo for the project. This has caused us to reset up our workspaces, but now we are getting the following error any time we try Checkin a change: We've waited over an hour now and nothing has changed. Would love some help on this. Thanks!
  3. Hello, Before check-in, I type in the input field. But if I press Shift O, instead of typing "O" it switches to Visual Studio. Alan
  4. Some of us can generate large amounts of data changes in a day. When the changes should be checked in it takes so long to upload them that someone else is likely to have made a checkin and the upload is dropped. This results in a manual merge step, even if no conflict exists, and then the whole thing repeats since the data has to be uploaded again. This isn't working well. I see a couple of potential solutions from the client's perspective. Upload will complete regardless of other checkins but it will stay in a temporary head until merged with the checkin branch. Checkin will succeed if there's no manual merging needed. This only helps a bit but is perhaps easier to solve. A workaround (that we wouldn't prefer) could be to submit in a branch since that will always succeed and merge. However, then we get the problem that we can't lock files across branches so we will get merge problems with our binary files instead. I'm not sure how to attack this problem with Plastic now. Is there something existing today that will solve this situation or will there be something in upcoming releases that will solve it?
  5. So i'm started use plastic afew months, I never get any problem, but since yesterday I can't make chekin in my changes, when I try, I recieve an error message who started apear suddently. Also, I'm the owner of organization and repository, how I can't have permission? what's going on?
  6. So I didn't have an issue pushing to our Plastic server until recently, but any time I try to Checkin I get that error. "There has been an unexpected error 'Incorrect hash length: 16.' For more information check the server log." I've scoured the net for any information on it and haven't been able to find anything. Was wondering if other more knowledgeable folks had seen this? I've tried: restarting the server and my machine uninstalling entirely and reinstalling the same version uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version deleting the workspace and pulling it down again Thanks in advance, I don't know enough about all this to be able to parse what is happening to know what steps to try next.
  7. When I try to checkin files, I keep getting the error: "the specified data could not be decrypted" I was able to fix the problem once by checking in my changed files one at a time (but that doesn't always work) and once by restarting my computer. Not sure if the second one works all the time, but even if it does, that is time consuming and avoids the actual problem. Any idea what may be happening?
  8. I merged from main branch to task branch, did multiple changes and then tried to merge back to main branch. However if I try to Checkin, I get following error: "Cannot perform the checkin operation. All merge changes must be checked in together to ensure that the merge traceability is correctly stored. Please repeat the operation including all merge changes." If I try to Undo changes, I get following error: "Cannot perform the undo operation. All merge changes must be undone together. Please repeat the operation including all or none of its changes." Currently, I am unable to checkin, undo or even switch branch. All files affected by the merge process are selected to be merged. No files have pending changes. What have I done incorrectly or what should I do to be able to checkin the merge, or revert and do things correctly? Thanks
  9. Hi there. I've seen quite a few reports of this similar message on the forum: "Checkin operation cannot be started because there is a merge in progress. Finish it before checkin the changes. In progress merge. Merge from cset xxx." But I still don't know what to do about it, and my colleagues bang their heads into the same problem. We can't check in but who knows how to do this merge? Sometimes while we can't do it in Visual Studio it works in the client app, but sometimes that doesn't work either. The only cast-iron solution seems to be to undo everything losing all changes, then update workspace and try again. There's a real logical problem to this since there doesn't seem to be any option to merge these changes. It seems in v3 the merge happened immediately but now it's being deferred and then breaking the checkin. Is there some real foolproof guide to how this should be working now? I can't even work out what it is that's going on, what the problem is, how to guarantee to solve it. Our designer to use Plastic too and he really doesn't know what he's doing, but at least v3 seemed logical and simple. None of us know what to do to solve this problem in v4. I've attached a screenshot. This is from our designer. He's not even aware of any merge. He just tried to make a small change to the existing workspace, but presumably his workspace was out of date when he came to check in. (It's difficult to persuade him to start a new branch to make one tiny change, and to be honest that seems like overkill to me too, otherwise we're going to end up with hundreds of branches filling up the branch list and getting in the way. Until there's a way to archive completed branches it's not something I want to do anyway.) The question is, how do you "finish" a merge? There doesn't seem to be any button or option to do that. Thanks.
  10. We're evaluating Plastic using the regular client (not gluon) and there's one aspect about it that seems to work against our normal workflow (as opposed to Perforce which we're used to). At any one time I'll have 10 files checked out. I will undo about 5, check in 2, and keep the other 3 untouched. The ones I want untouched, I might have checked out for weeks (or months) through multiple checkins, and eventually check in or sometimes undo. In Plastic this workflow is problematic. I can't just check in the 2/10 files and merge them into the main branch on their own. It either wants me to put them on a separate branch and then merge to the main branch, or do a messy merge with main where it tries to merge all my pending changes - not just the 2 I want to check in. I know it probably works this way in Gluon (haven't tried it), but I want to know if there's a way to do it in the regular client. I don't think source control should dictate our company's workflow, so I hope there's something I'm missing.
  11. Hi folks, ever I try to checkin items by using the client or by using the context menu of a folder I get the message 'Item 52524 could not be found in the tree. The new tree cannot be built.' (see attached screenshot). I already upgraded from version 6.x to the actual one but nothing changed. Therefore I'd really pleased if somebody have an idea what the problem is. Asking greetings Reiner
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