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Found 21 results

  1. Hi there. I've seen quite a few reports of this similar message on the forum: "Checkin operation cannot be started because there is a merge in progress. Finish it before checkin the changes. In progress merge. Merge from cset xxx." But I still don't know what to do about it, and my colleagues bang their heads into the same problem. We can't check in but who knows how to do this merge? Sometimes while we can't do it in Visual Studio it works in the client app, but sometimes that doesn't work either. The only cast-iron solution seems to be to undo everything losing all changes, then update workspace and try again. There's a real logical problem to this since there doesn't seem to be any option to merge these changes. It seems in v3 the merge happened immediately but now it's being deferred and then breaking the checkin. Is there some real foolproof guide to how this should be working now? I can't even work out what it is that's going on, what the problem is, how to guarantee to solve it. Our designer to use Plastic too and he really doesn't know what he's doing, but at least v3 seemed logical and simple. None of us know what to do to solve this problem in v4. I've attached a screenshot. This is from our designer. He's not even aware of any merge. He just tried to make a small change to the existing workspace, but presumably his workspace was out of date when he came to check in. (It's difficult to persuade him to start a new branch to make one tiny change, and to be honest that seems like overkill to me too, otherwise we're going to end up with hundreds of branches filling up the branch list and getting in the way. Until there's a way to archive completed branches it's not something I want to do anyway.) The question is, how do you "finish" a merge? There doesn't seem to be any button or option to do that. Thanks.
  2. rblock

    The new tree cannot be built

    Hi folks, ever I try to checkin items by using the client or by using the context menu of a folder I get the message 'Item 52524 could not be found in the tree. The new tree cannot be built.' (see attached screenshot). I already upgraded from version 6.x to the actual one but nothing changed. Therefore I'd really pleased if somebody have an idea what the problem is. Asking greetings Reiner
  3. Hi i cannot checking after moving / cleaning up folderers. Also I don't want to update my WS, since there are pending changes , which need to be checked in first. I don't want to make things worse. What options are there? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I'm having some issues with the restful api add method. It always returns the status code 500. Here is some sample code ( in python ) to add a file as a pending change to a workspace: API_URL = 'http://localhost:9090/api/v1' workspace = "testWorkspace" path = "Assets/Shaders/NewSurfaceShader.shader" url = '%s/wkspaces/%s/content/%s' % ( API_URL , workspace , path ) paramsDict = { 'addPrivateParents' : True , 'checkoutParent' : True , 'recurse' : False } params = str( json.dumps( inParamsDict ) ) response = requests.post( url = url.strip() , data = params ) The url that is formed looks like this: http://localhost:9090/api/v1/wkspaces/testWorkspace/content/Assets/Shaders/NewSurfaceShader.shader The params dict is formatted as json like so: {"recurse": false, "checkoutParent": true, "addPrivateParents": true} I tried without passing the parameters, I have tried with just a directory instead of a file. I have also tried a PUT method, which does not fail, but the response of "affectedPaths" is an empty list. What could be going wrong here?
  5. pg.preeth

    checkin from any path

    Hi, I have a trouble checkin files to the repository through command line (cm) Lets say If my workspace is in D:\workspace and there is a file called asset.art file in it if I am in a c:\temp folder currently and running the command c:\temp>cm co d:\workspace\asset.art The files is checked out correctly (if though I am in any folder or any drive). But if I try to checkin from the c:\temp folder, c:\temp>cm partial ci d:\workspace\asset.art -c "Test Checkin" it says "This is not the workspace" Any solution or I need to checkin from the workspace only? Thanks, Preeth
  6. Hi there. I have recently updated Plastic SCM client to the version. Whenever I check any changes in, I get the following error after the operation is done: Unable to log checkin data into issue tracker: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request. I configured Plastic SCM to bind to Atlassian JIRA. This error happens olny when I check in to branches that are associated with JIRA issues. All checkins, however, are completed correctly, so the error seems not to influence them. We use Plastic SCM server in our company, because this is the latest available version we can use with the free lincense. Do you think this could be caused by an incompatible Plastic SCM server or is it something else? I will be grateful if you advise me. Thank you.
  7. Our Mac user is experiencing following behavior with checkin in a new changeset. If there are no new changeset of other users he has no problem checkin in his changes, if there are new changeset then the pending changes view starts checkin in, it refreshes but nothing was checked in all the files remain in the pending changes view. We have a working solution but it's a bit hard in comparison with our windows users: Shelve the changes and move your workspace to the latest changeset and then apply your shelve and then the checkin will be a succes. Is this a know bug?
  8. Hello, I'm trying to use the "before checkin" trigger to validate the checkin source is a merge and not direct checkin to the main branch. I'm trying to read the "PLASTIC_PENDING_MERGE_LINKS" (see reference : https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/triggers/plastic-scm-version-control-triggers-guide.shtml#Checkin) My problem is that the env. variable "PLASTIC_PENDING_MERGE_LINKS" returns empty value when the trigger is fired. I've noticed that when I do merge operation, new files are created in my workspace : (1) plastic.merges, (2) plastic.mergeschanges. The problem is that I use server trigger, while these files are on the client side. BTY, I'm using version Q: 1) Can you help me figure out how to read the pending merge link information? 2) Is there an option to read client workspace information from the server side? 3) Is there a better solution in newer PlasticSCM releases? Thanks, Ofir.
  9. This is the first time we've run into this issue. We have a new repository + workspace with a fresh set of files, several of which we recently changed. We can see all the changes, diffs confirm those changes, but when we go to check-in, we get a message stating some of the files being checked in have not changed? We're using the GUI for this, but tried the command line as well with the same results any ideas?
  10. Our artist ran into some problems when reorganizing files for our Unity project. She had moved several folders around and in several places taken the files out of folders and merged them into one new folder. Plastic detected many incorrect moves as seen in this screenshot where it says that the CFX2_Sparks_Rain.prefab was moved to CFX2_Sparks_Star.prefab and then 3 lines down shows that CFX2_Sparks_Star.prefab was moved to CFX2_Sparks_Rain.prefab when in reality neither of these files were moved in this manner. I tried to uncheck all the moves that were not 100% similarity and then I get a dependency error. Somehow moving a file from one directory to another registered a bunch of other files as dependencies which makes no sense to me. Eventually we had to revert back to an older commit and have the artist make small changes, checking in as she went. What is going on here, is this a bug that we could report? I have the original commit and a copy of the repo when it was in this state if that would help.
  11. I'm experiencing an error when attempting to check my changes in after a merge. It is quite difficult for me to describe the scenario, but let me try to give you at least some general information. In PlasticSCM client the following error message is displayed (see the attached picture). On the other hand, the server logs the following error at the same time: I experienced this error several times on different repositories. In all cases I was performing a checkin after merging a branch of a repository to its main branch. The checkin included both the current repository, and several other ones that were xlinked to it. When I was performing the checkin, it was interrupted several times by additional merge operations (a merge window appeared after I attempted to check my changes in). The consecutive merge windows referred to xlinked repositories and they usually informed about some move operations (a folder rename, eg. CAPIFax --> Fax as the log says). I always resolved the conflicts by preserving the destination branch changes (keeping the new name). After finishing all extra merges and attempting to check completely merged changes in, the above mentioned error would always appear. Details: The repository I was performing the checkin on (after a merge) had several writable xlinks to other repositories. I made some changes in those xlinked repositories in the branch I was merging from (e.g. added some files), Other people made changes in the same repositories I had xlinked (e.g. they renamed some folders in them). Sorry for a chaotic description, but it is quite difficult for me to explain all details of the scenario. Do you need some more information?
  12. I was wondering how to protect a repo's main branch from accidental check-ins. Before I start a new task, sometimes I forget to create a child branch for it, which later causes accidental check-ins into the main branch. It may have bad consequences when somebody starts working with such 'dirty' changeset unaware. Trying to find a way to protect programmers from this kind of mistake, I tested what happens when I deny my user the ci permission on the main branch. I noticed that when I tried to check my local changes in, I wasn't allowed to do that (just as I expected). But I was hoping to be able to provide a different user's credentials at that point to continue. But instead, only a message box was displayed to me, telling that I have no permissions to continue. So I gave up with no more ideas... How to protect the user from accidental check-ins into the main branch? Do you have a solution for that? What do you think about adding a possibility to provide different credentials at any moment you try to do something you have no permissions to do? Regards, Mariusz.
  13. On Windows 7, in the checkin comments box, using either the Visual Studio 2012 Plastic SCM plugin or the Plastic SCM client, if I press the key combination Ctrl+Backspace, my computer freezes. If I press ctrl-alt-delete, I can regain control of my machine but then Windows tells me Visual Studio has stopped working or Plastic SCM client has stopped working, depending on where I pressed the key combination. I'm running PlasticSCM Any fix available?
  14. There is no context menu available for changed files in the 'Checking pending changes' window. However, when you go to the 'Pending changes' tab in PlasticSCM's main window, its content is very similar, but here the context menu is available. The thing is that the menu there enables you to view changes using the diff tool you prefer (the one set in application preferences). Unfortunately, in the window mentioned in the topic there is no such menu at all and you can view changes only using the diff tool embedded inside that window. Most of us in our company are used to WinMerge and we would like to continue using it with PlasticSCM. I know the 'Pending changes' view enables you to do that, but you rarely use it when managing source code changes directly from Visual Studio (which displays the discussed window).
  15. EdDev

    Lock a branch.

    Hello, With more experience of using the tool, comes new "must have" list. I wonder if there is a way to LOCK a branch so no one can perform a merge or checkin except the one who took the lock. This lock should prevent anyone else from attempting a merge on the branch (it should stop at the pre-merge, not continue until the checkin). I already know that if someone is about to checkin a change while someone else already checkedin something in the middle, the client will ask to perform a merge again. With merging I would prefer to know about it before any work is done for merging and make sure that if one took the lock, no one will come in the middle and disturb him. I guess one trivial way to do this is to change permissions for that branch, temporary. But that will require admin privileges. Thanks, Ed.
  16. Hello, After reviewing the triggers documentation I could not answer this hot to: I will like to issue a pre-checkin validation on "release" branches (only) by triggering the CI to build the project and run the Unit Tests. There seems to be no environment variable that specifies the repo and branch in question. I will like to perform this using Jenkins. Thanks, Ed.
  17. We have found a small but stupid bug: if a checkin comment contains underscore, it is split in two in a Checkin comments drop down menu.
  18. PlasticMen, We have found this problem in both v and v4.1.10.372. Here are the steps: 1. Current workspace is [branch A] and has pending changes 2. Create a child branch [branch B] off of [Main] At this point everything appears to be correct. 3. Checkin workspace changes 'to a different branch' 4. Select an existing branch [branch B] [branch B] now displays as a child of [branch A] instead of [Main] I have a screencast of the branch explorer, but it may contain confidential information. I can send it to a codice software email address for review. In the meantime, I will also forward this to Pablo.
  19. I often cloak the app.config files on my development machines, because the file is slightly different between machines (usually db connection strings). But whenever I try to do a check-in, plastic detects the file as being changed and includes it in the check-in list, but then throws an error indicating "There are no changes in the active workspace [workspace path]". Is this the expected behavior?
  20. CodingGorilla

    Problems checking in after Merge [urgent]

    So I'm trying to merge one branch into another branch, this is what I see in the UI: http://screencast.com/t/fOa2jwchhD When I attempt to check this in, I get: http://screencast.com/t/IFSjtWkbAN Ugh, I'm stuck on this one. I have a lot of changes here I can't check in, and it's the end of the day here, so I need to check in before I go home for the weekend. =(
  21. Howdy, I'm trying to script Plastic into an existing system.. I need to be able to recursively check in a whole directory so to achieve this i've been trying to: cm ci -R /path/to/dir/in/workspace However i get an error about the -R option.. Unexpected option -r The weird thing is, thats a lowercase r it's compaining about?? Isnt it case sensitive? and if so whats making it lowercase? Thanks