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Found 9 results

  1. Hey, I created a new repository on the cloud server and linked it to my local workspace directly for a Unreal Engine 4 project, currently my team has two members, i set up the project on two PCs, Pushing and Pulling of changes is working flawlessly, but if i or my team mate check out any file, that does not reflect on the UE4 UI or in Gluon/Plastic SCM. Am i missing some settings ?
  2. Hi! I'm new to PlasticSCM and am setting up a new repository on the cloud service. I'm a developer using the PlasticSCM client proper, which is working fine... but when I set up Gluon for our artist, I'm getting weird errors. Several hundred files appear to be locked and checked out to the artist. The Check In option isn't available. And when we try Check Out, there's an error message saying "These items are exclusively checked out by [artist name]." Is there anyway to reset the checkouts on these files? Thanks, Brian
  3. Hello everyone! :) How can i set up exclusive checkouts for each branch of my project? Cause now i have a checkout for whole workspace :(
  4. I use Atlassian Bamboo as CI service together with PlasticSCM (tested plugin 5.6.2 and 5.10.1) When I configure a source code checkout task to checkout to a sub directory the directory is created but the source code remains in the working directory. When I use another source ode repo (like git) the option works well. Therefore I think there is a bug in the bamboo-plasticscm-plugin plastic version: Bamboo: 6.3.0 (running on Ubuntu) plugin: 5.10.1 (tested with 5.6.2 as well)
  5. hi there, okay, so I get how version control works, But the team and I have been running into some oddities when it comes to working on the same asset on the same branch. Basically the question is this: Let's say i'm working on an animation asset (something with curves) or player settings. To change them, i need to 'check out' the asset. But that never stops my co-workers, who are all working remotely, from editing the same file simultaneously. The end result is when we come back to the cloud to sync, we've screwed up and have made incompatible changes that can't be merged. Is
  6. Hi I am having problems with updating the workspace for the first time. Submit all the files to repository from one client machine. Another client machine update the file first time to work in their computer The problem is that first time updating the workspace from another computer makes all the files checkout automatically and had to submit all the files again and other clients needs to update the workspace again. Is that behaviors correct. In my opinoin, it shouldn't auto-checkout when the workspace is updating for the first time. Is there anyway to retrieve the files from
  7. Everywhere I can find that references lock.config says to put it "in the server folder". Which folder is that? Is it (in Windows) the Program Files/PlasticSCM5/server folder? I tried putting lock.config there, restarting the service, then checking out a file, but after that "cm listlocks" shows nothing, and doing "cm fileinfo <file> --format={IsLocked}" returns False. Also, do these Exclusive Checkout files show up as locked within Unity (ie, with the lock icon)?
  8. Hi, We are updating our Plastic server from 3 to 5. Everything works fine and im happy with the product but there is one option I can't find. We are using Powerbuilder as developpement tool so our object are exported in text file to be use by Plastic. Unfortunately some object are just to painful to use the merge tool and read all the changes to resolve the conflict. To avoid those situation as much as possible, we were using the "all checkouts" tab in Plastic3 to see wich objects was under modification by someone else and see if our modifications would be hard to merge together.
  9. I was doing a lot of refactoring on a very large solution this evening; I was moving files in and out of different projects. Here's basically what would happen: Let's assume I have 3 files: File AFile BFile C And 3 Projects: Project AProject BProject C If I moved 'File A' in from Project A into Project C (I'm using Resharper to refactor/move files), then File B would be modified to reflect the fact that File A was moved to a new namespace. This results in, as expected File B being checked out via (I would assume) the VS Add-in for Plastic. Now, I refactor 'File B' and move it into Proj
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