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Found 5 results

  1. How can I export diffs for each file that's changed in a branch (or between changesets) via the CLI? I don't mind whether the export goes to a file or stdout. The documentation for cm diff seems to suggest using --download will write the diff ("differences content") to the specified path... but all I get when using this is the latest versions of the files. I don't want a patch, although I could possibly make a patch work if it has full context for each file. Currently I'm resorting to trying to export each file's current and previous version with getfile and then generating the diff from those with gnu diff - but I'm struggling to use getfile to retrieve the previous version (I'm not able to easily determine the previous version). I'm currently using client (had to revert to this version following an issue with the latest 10.x client). EDIT: It would be trivial if cm diff --download worked, but there must be bug with this currently as the command currently only downloads the files as they appear at the changeset specified second. For example: cm diff 123 124 --download=c:\tmp\ will download the files as they are at changeset 124. For branches: cm diff br:/main/someBranch simply downloads the files as they appear on the branch /main/someBranch.
  2. Hey listen! I just wanted to point you to this cool extension to your terminal: https://ohmyposh.dev/docs/plastic It's still in an early stage. And there are some minor issues: - Some file states are not recognized correctly - The Plastic SCM icon is not (yet) part of NerdFonts. You can help me request this icon by up-voting this issue This is how your terminal can look with this plastic segment. There are many themes for Oh My Posh. PS: You can suggest or contribute more segments to Oh My Posh on GitHub. Just as I did when adding this one Have fun with it!
  3. Hello, Is it possible to install Plastic SCM CLI on Windows Server 2019 without required user interaction? It is about the full task: I need compose the Docker image with Jenkins agent that runs on Windows Server, and is able to checkout code from Cloud Plastic SCM server. I started from jenkins/agent:jdk11-windowsservercore-ltsc2019. As I understand, I need cm.exe that is the CLI executable file. But I can't find any info how to add it to Dockerfile. Sincerely, Illya
  4. Hey all, Been building a fun little tool to keep our small dev team apprised of code review events in on our discord server. Currently it's able to identify newly created code reviews, changes in status and changes in assignee. The one remaining function I'd really like to add is the addition of code review comments, but I cannot find any way to access these outside the full PlasticSCM GUI. Pretty much all the other functionality works using cm find review where ... Nothing in the "cm find" documentation suggests that looking up review comments is possible, but I'm wondering if anyone here has any ideas or knows anything that I don't. Also, this is on Plastic Cloud, so server-side triggers are not currently an option as far as I know.
  5. Hi all, I would like to clarify if there is a way to view a shelve more informatively than can report the following command: cm find shelve on repository '"<repo>"' In other words I would like to find an analog of "View Shelve" feature in the GUI. Thanks in advance, Ashot
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