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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, So I had the following issue just pop up. I believe that this might have been triggered by a lack of disk space when doing a push or adding something maybe? All I know is that plastic was working for me this morning. I could push/pull and do everything. Now every time I start plastic I get that error. The actual image is attached but it's similar to the title. I have no clue where to move from here. I tried fully uninstalling Plastic and re-downloading it and I still have that issue so I'm a bit lost. Do you all know what could be up with this? Thanks in advance, Adrian
  2. I posted this topic in the user voice system, but wanted to add some details. http://plasticscm.uservoice.com/forums/15467-general/suggestions/3847356-integrate-the-repository-configuration-plastic-co Having your client configured for only a SINGLE plastic server is really a pain - especially since I have 2 active servers I wan't to pull work from. And, each has it's own bug tracking link/setup, which has to be reconfigured every time I want to switch from one to the other. I'd like to be able to configure multiple servers each with their own preferences and be able to switch between them from the Plastic GUI. - as shown in the attached image. I don't think any of the older tools (CVS, SVN, VSS, etc) restrict the user to a single server, or require re-configuration to connect to a different one.
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