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Found 2 results

  1. For the past few months, the Plastic SCM client keeps asking me to log in most of the times I open it, at least once a day, despite me having already logged in and verified my information a long time ago. When this happens, it brings me to the getting started screen, I click the X, then I open Plastic again and everything is fine. The weird thing is this happens even if I enter invalid data to both the email and password fields to speed things up. This has been very frustrating and I'm looking for a reason this happens and a way to fix it. Thank you very much in advance!
  2. Hi. When I started using Plastic few weeks ago, I was pleased to see my usage on the cloud server was less that the assets on my hard drive but this has shifted the other way since. I understand plastic also stores previous versions of my files: if I save often update a 1GB psd file for example, it's fair that it uses more than 1GB on the cloud. That said, I know I don't need to keep previous versions of files like lighmaps data and was wondering if there are some optimizations I could use so I don't end up using 3x my local data on the cloud. Is that possible? Thanks
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