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Found 15 results

  1. Might be a dumb questions. Does the user limit of 3 people refer to a user in the sense of accessing your account. Say if I had another email that I used to manage my account or a different PC? Or does the the word user refer to someone accessing a repo on your server? I am asking because I'm working on a game project in unity with 3 others and we are thinking of moving from git to Plastic. Cheers -Kyan
  2. Shortly before our last milestone delivery, we basically screwed up our project and committed it multiple times to the main branch. Normally, we would have used a task-branch and then would have simply abandoned it, but in this case, due to last-minute stress, our developers thought they could all fix it on main, so we ended up with this: Everything marked in red should be discarded (the entire changesets only contain follow-up on an earlier mistake). Due to panic-mode, we branched-off the earlier changeset where everything was still working and continued with a few working changes on the Milestone 02 branch. This milestone branch I would like to merge to main but without the changesets marked in red. I would also like to include the changeset on main right after the split into the other branch. What is the cleanest way of fixing this? I know about subtractive merge for a single changeset, but wouldn't I have to do it 6 times to remove all the red changesets here?
  3. Hi. When I started using Plastic few weeks ago, I was pleased to see my usage on the cloud server was less that the assets on my hard drive but this has shifted the other way since. I understand plastic also stores previous versions of my files: if I save often update a 1GB psd file for example, it's fair that it uses more than 1GB on the cloud. That said, I know I don't need to keep previous versions of files like lighmaps data and was wondering if there are some optimizations I could use so I don't end up using 3x my local data on the cloud. Is that possible? Thanks
  4. So I have a Unity project that I have been working on for some months now. Prior to my switch to Plastic, my teammate and I were using Unity Collab to work on the project together. After switching to Plastic, I made a few changes and checked them into the local repo. Before syncing to cloud, Plastic told me that I should pull incoming changes, which were the 37 changesets we had made using Collab. Pulling caused no changes to my project, as I already had those changes on my computer. After pulling, I have been attempting to sync the most recent changes to the cloud, however I get the following error: "The source branch has two heads. Merge from cs:51fea8e5-3a76-4bbf-b648-070ad2e89a13 to br:/main to unify the heads". I understand why it is giving me this issue, however I am not sure what to do. Under branch explorer, there is only a single branch. When i look at changesets, It goes 1, 2, then jumps to 40, which is the most recent change. I have no clue to where to locate cs:51fea8e5-3a76-4bbf-b648-070ad2e89a13 in order to perform the merge. I have tried merging all of the visible changes sets and all of the bubbles shown in the branch explorer, however it always tells me the the files are already there and there is nothing to merge. I have some similar posts to my situation, however I have not been able to solve my issue by looking through them. I am still very new to working with Plastic, and I would really appreciate some help to get my project back on track.
  5. Hello, We are a small team game development on Unity and we are actually migrating from Collab to PlasticSCM. We are using Gitlab for issue tracking and Discord as our communication tool. It seems complicated to integrate PlasticSCM Cloud Edition in our workflow. There is not webhook for Discord neither Plastic Gitlab integration. Do we have to develop our own tools to link everything to PlasticSCM ? What's the good way to do it ? Is it even possible to do it with the Cloud Edition..? Best, Matthis Le Texier
  6. This is confusing. When I try to add a cloud repository's work space to my plastic SCM cloud application, this error occurs. See in the first uploaded image. Wonder if this is a sign of bad connection or something. Also tried to add a connection profile in the preferences, but failed with a message saying invalid credentials, I think that happen because the server actually use NameWorkingMode(or SSOWorkingMode in client.conf)? See in the second uploaded image. Anyways, this is frustrating. Hope someone can help me with this. Also, default ssl server created by Unity Hub is accessible.
  7. In 'Pending changes', under 'Added and private items' I have 50 files listed with the status 'Private', which whenever one is left-clicked on, prompts a error: The files cannot be checked in, as the same error is prompted. However, right clicking on one of the files and choosing Open > Open in Windows Explorer works as expected, and shows the location of the file. Additionally, I did not add the files locally, they were pulled (so shouldn't be showing up at all). Any idea what might be causing the error? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Info: OS: Windows 10 Plastic: Cloud Edition:
  8. So I'm looking at getting my art team off of Unity Collab and onto Plastic Gluon for managing and sharing our art assets, and as part of my quick guide doc that I'm putting together, I mentioned that we should remove any folders that we're no longer working with, in order to reduce the size of our repo in the cloud and thus reduce the cost of our plastic membership. Then i realized that because you can un-delete files, that the revisions before the deletion must still be stored in the cloud, so deleting them does nothing for cloud repo size. for non-cloud edition plastic, I've seen the recommendation to use the archive command, but there doesn't seem to be an alternative for Cloud Edition. is there any way to remove files from version control in the cloud in order to reduce our cloud usage for a particular repository? Thank you!
  9. Hi there, Yesterday I made a new organisation for plastic cloud edition, and made a repository for an initial commit. The setup went mostly smoothly, until I had prepared the initial commit and tried to push it to the cloud. I was asked to fill in my credentials again, and the sync failed with "Error: Unknown user: ... Please check your current credentials. Remember that user names are case-sensitive!" Under preferences, my account checked out OK on the 'general' tab. I had a connection profile already setup for this cloud organisation, the server was found correctly but my username + login would be refused, citing "Invalid credentials, username or password are not valid." I double checked my password and account for caps, even reset my password once. The issue keeps persisting, but very rarely the login suddenly works and I can perform one or two actions before getting asked to log in again. What's weird is that I can see changesets on my cloud repository just fine, but if I open the branch explorer to look at those same changesets, it fails and the login prompt reappears. I'm at a loss! My last attempt before posting this was a complete re-install. Which worked, once, before asking for my login again. I'm hoping someone can help me out, would be appreciated! P.S. I also tried having a coworker connect to the server on a separate machine (fresh install) with his own account that I added to the organisation, and the same issue appeared.
  10. So incoming changes worked when I installed the non cloud edition (same as download link provided in page below actually) http://blog.plasticscm.com/2019/10/incoming-changes.html But I ran up with that issue (last message : So I downloaded cloud edition, from my licenses page (, but then the incoming changes doesn't appear (even when changing client.conf file). There's a note on your page regarding the need to 'upgrading the server' but at that point I'm not sure if I had done it or not, I'm not a command line guy so I didn't do anything on that side if it's what's implied. Thanks for your help
  11. Hey guys, I've been setting up Plastic Cloud Edition, but have been unable to get Code Reviews to work on our Mac machines. Upon contacting support, I was told that these users could use the WebUI, but I've been unable to find anything about how to do so. Thus, my question: How do I access the WebUI for a Cloud only repository? I might need more info once I get that far, but I do not know that yet. Kind Regards, Ivan
  12. Heya! I'm currently researching how to do Build Automation with Plastic Cloud edition. I've started out trying to integrate it with Jenkins to build a unity game. I'm using the plugin you provided for Jenkins. For simplicity's sake I'm simply testing on my Windows desktop machine. The first issue I encountered was that it seems to look in the wrong place for the client config. It was looking in "C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\plastic4\client.conf" while my config is in the default generated location in AppData. By copying my client config to the path it was looking in I was able to bypass this. The next issue I encountered was when I attempted to download from the cloud via Jenkins. We use an encrypted cloud, so it got stuck in an infinite loop asking for the encryption key. Is there any way to use your plugin while also providing an encryption key? Currently I've switched to testing with a local repository - and it works fine, but it would be nice to use the repo which is 100% up to date. While on the topic of Cloud & Integration, is there any way to setup hooks/polling so I can setup some responsive build automation? I've attached the Jenkins execution logs from both my failed runs. Thanks in advance! error-config.txt error-encryption.txt
  13. For the past few months, the Plastic SCM client keeps asking me to log in most of the times I open it, at least once a day, despite me having already logged in and verified my information a long time ago. When this happens, it brings me to the getting started screen, I click the X, then I open Plastic again and everything is fine. The weird thing is this happens even if I enter invalid data to both the email and password fields to speed things up. This has been very frustrating and I'm looking for a reason this happens and a way to fix it. Thank you very much in advance!
  14. One of my coworkers encountered a strange error when attempting to update a workspace. The error stated that a completely unrealated repository couldn't be found. What had transpired was that my coworker had accidentally created a repository on the cloud named "xxxx xxxx" while attempting to access a repository named "xxxx-xxxx". The name was identical with only the '-' swapped for a space. Realizing his mistake, he then deleted the repository he had created. Then when working in another workspace connected to neither of these repositories, this error started popping up when Updating Workspace. Somehow, recreating repository "xxxx xxxx" got plastic to stop complaining. This occurs on plastic vers. It's a wierd bug with a wierd fix. I've attached the logs if you want to look into it. error.zip
  15. I am using Plastic Cloud and have recently moved from connecting directly to the cloud to a local replication. There are times when I am working when I don't have internet (I commute a good portion some days and usually catch up on work) or when my internet connection is spotty. It's something I have wanted to do for a while but help off on due to reliance on exclusive locks. However, I decided to investigate if there was a solution to this and came across this blog post and how the lock.conf file can be placed beside the server executable to redirect lock requests and checks to another server. I've created the lock.conf file but am unsure how to point it to our cloud. I have tried rep:[out_repo] lockserver:[our_org]@cloud:8084 but it does not work as I'm not sure if the server will automatically expand the @cloud shortcut. I've also tried port 8086 as it was mentioned in the Cloud guide. Though the guide mentions lock.conf being hot-reloaded, I restarted the service just in case to make sure that wasn't the issue as well. What would be the appropriate way to setup my local lock.conf to use plastic cloud as the lockserver? Is this not currently possible? If not I will likely move back to a centralized system (which had no issues other than needing that pesky internet connection). I'm aware the locks won't work if I am working without an internet connection but as I am usually connected and really just want the distribution for the odd time I'm not, I'm okay with this. Bonus question: if I am redirecting my locks to a different server, do I still need to list all the patterns in my local server? I have them in the file currently but wasn't sure if it was necessary. Andrew
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