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Found 25 results

  1. Hi, I'm new to PlasticSCM Cloud Edition (coming from Perforce). Our goal is to setup a distributed version control system where the admin is "allowed" to create a local network server that replicates data to and from the cloud. Users should be able to sync with the local network repo instead of the cloud. They should also be able to sync their own local repo directly with the cloud. We want to avoid the situation where we setup a build machine, get the /main and have it all downloaded from the cloud. Our latest project was ~40 gb in size, so doing so each time and for each file sent by one of the 8 team members is a bit overkill, most of the time. For these cases, we would prefer to have a replication in our studio to connect to and benefit from the speed of our local network. Is this doable? I've been searching and trying for two days now without success (Clients are Windows, LAN server is Ubuntu 12.04). I always end up with errors such as: The client authentification mode (LDAPWorkingMode) doesn't match the server authentification (UPWorkingMode). The same error as above, but inversed when trying to connect to the cloud with a client setup as UPWorkingMode (all regardless of the Profiles I have setup). Explicit transaction expected, but found no transaction. FATAL Daemon - Access to path /home/parabole/FB_1236665269.dll" is denied. Also, it seems like Proxy require an Enterprise account. Is there another way to reduce the amount of data we have to load from the cloud? Cheers!
  2. mjirby

    Cloud Server Side Triggers

    Hello, I was wondering if there was anyway to install a server side trigger with Plastic Cloud. We have implemented checkin notification emails, but it is kind of worthless unless we can install the trigger on the server. Since we do not have SSH access to the cloud server how do you go about getting a trigger installed? Thanks.
  3. JoRangers

    Cloud Sync View and Encryption

    Hi, I have read some of the documentations and watch some tutorials. After some days of test, I have 2 questions : First, I don't understand the use of the sync view for plastic SCM Cloud edition. Here is how I work with my dev team : 1) We create a repo on the cloud server 2) Then we create directly a workspace from the new repo on our pc (from the Cloud Tab) 3) During development, we only use checkin (in Pending Changes) to push changes and update workspace (in Workspace Explorer) Currently, we don't have an issue with this workflow. All the data are correctly shared across PCs (files, changesets) So I guess my data are on the cloud. Is it correct ? But what about the sync view, I have some changes (outgoing & incomming) to do. Why do I see these changes ? I thought one use of the sync view is to sync my local workspace with the repo on Cloud. But the checkin button seems already to do it. Have I done something wrong ? or is it normal ? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My second question is about the Cloud server encryption For the first checkin or update on a repo on the cloud. I need to create and confirm a password for the encryption. But I don't understand why the others devs need to create and confirm a password for the same repo at their first connection with the cloud. I though they are only able to enter a password and not create it because I have already done on my pc. Is the encryption password for the repo only local and isn't share on the cloud ? Thank you for the help !
  4. Frank Starker


    How come you cannot shelf changes in PlasticSCM Cloud when using Direct Check-In?
  5. bcrickcwru

    Can't unlock files on Cloud

    Hi! I'm new to PlasticSCM and am setting up a new repository on the cloud service. I'm a developer using the PlasticSCM client proper, which is working fine... but when I set up Gluon for our artist, I'm getting weird errors. Several hundred files appear to be locked and checked out to the artist. The Check In option isn't available. And when we try Check Out, there's an error message saying "These items are exclusively checked out by [artist name]." Is there anyway to reset the checkouts on these files? Thanks, Brian
  6. Hi! We are making games and would like to have Github repos in sync and inside our Plastic Cloud repo: Example: -our_repo // on Plastic Cloud --Assets ---Addons ----Postprocessing // that is synchronized with Unity Technologies repo on github Looking at the documentation and dozens of forums and blog posts, I'm still unable to get it working: Using Sync With Git on a branch throws an error; The changeset (...) could not be imported (...) An implicit transaction is not supported to write the metadata (...) Creating an xlink using a GitHub server doesn't work; the server spec is not correct I feel like a noob, but is there any straightforward way to do this? We would really love to have opensource projects hosted on github in sync with our project. Cheers,
  7. Hi, Recently we have started using PlasticSCM with Unity and we are running into a usability issue with our Scene files. I am wondering whether we are doing something wrong is whether this is the way it is supposed to work. We are using the Cloud edition and everybody is using the gluon approach (i.e. submitting directly to the main repository in the cloud). I have set up the server to lock .unity files to prevent people from working on the same scene files. This is technically working but in practice it isn't particularly great. Let me describe a scenario to illustrate that: Let's say developer A has started making changes in our Scene. As a result the scene file is automatically checked out and everything is looking good. Now developer B also starts editing the same Scene on his/her machine. At this point, when they try to save the changes, the changes are actually stored in the .unity file but it won't be checked out (as it was already checked out by developer A) and Unity will only show the .meta file in the version control window (I didn't set these to locked yet). Now, only when developer B is ready to submit their changes will they notice that their file doesn't show up (or if they are not paying attention they might even mistake the .meta file for the .unity file and think they have submitted). If they go to the Gluon interface they can now see that the file is in he list of changes (as it has been changed) but they can't submit as it isn't checked out. But finding out then is too late as they will lose all the work they have done (as we can't merge they files which is why we set them to locked in the first place). So the system that checks out the scene files automatically when you edit them but still silently allows you to edit them without checking them out if they are already checked out causes a lot of confusion and frustration. I would expect that it would be impossible to edit a file that is not checked out (like it works for settings files). My question now is: Is this expected behaviour? Are we doing something wrong?
  8. Hi there, So I downloaded Plastic to work with Unity and i really like it, but we're having some problems with cloud sync. 1. There's no way to check on the cloud what's actually up there. Example: I've pushed 4 change sets, but he only sees 3. There's no way to go to the cloud and verify that my push was successful, i have to use the plastic software, which simply says "up to date" 2. Very often the upload simply gets stuck. The progress bar will be stuck at any range of numbers from 0%-99% and never move again, regardless of how much time goes by. There's no other way to see whats going on 3. Very often checking the sync to cloud tab, and opening the remote host, it simply says "Loading..." and never refreshes, and i am unable to do anything at that point because i obviously cannot update until its done loading, but it never finishes. What if anything can i do about all this?
  9. jice_nolaroads

    Right management and default group

    we have a strange behavior with right management in our plastic cloud. when we add a member in our interface new member is automatically added to developers group. it's confusing and it's not the expected behaviour. is it possible to have no group by default at all when we add a member ? keeping mandatory to also add member manually by ourself ? or must we make a work around ?
  10. Krejwen

    Bug in xlink on mac

    Hi, I am using Plastic with Unity in macOS. At this moment we are using a few repo for project (main and additional packages). To the main project I connected by Xlink (in command line) another repo. However, I found two bugs: 1) I added a new label (1.0.1) to commit and push it to the cloud but Xlink doesn't see it. The previous label (1.0.0) is visible by Xlink - it was created by another person on Windows 2) The label 1.0.1 is connected with commit with "Object name 6". I connected it by changes number but some of the changes was not visible. However, when I connected to "Object name 7" (cm xlink -e NodeEditor / 7@RGNodeEditor@servername@cloud) which doesn't exist in the repository everything start working...
  11. Hello, I'm new to plasticscm and I'm trying to setup RepliKate on my ubuntu server but I'm having trouble with the command getting stuck waiting for my cloud credentials and I couldn't find how to work around this problem. Here is what I've done so far: 1. Compiled RepliKate,copied the files to /opt/plasticscm5/replikate and set proper permissions: 2.Executed RepliKate using plastic's copy of mono: 3. The command gets stuck there and if i try running the last printed line, i get the following: I'm assuming the same prompt happens during RepliKate execution but I cant find how to fix this. Any suggestions? Thanks =)
  12. hi there, okay, so I get how version control works, But the team and I have been running into some oddities when it comes to working on the same asset on the same branch. Basically the question is this: Let's say i'm working on an animation asset (something with curves) or player settings. To change them, i need to 'check out' the asset. But that never stops my co-workers, who are all working remotely, from editing the same file simultaneously. The end result is when we come back to the cloud to sync, we've screwed up and have made incompatible changes that can't be merged. Is that how it goes for people using the cloud version of your software? Or are we doing something wrong?
  13. BrendanLobuglio

    Never Prompted for Encryption Password

    As part of my onboarding for a new job, I'm cloning our project repo from a Plastic SCM Cloud server. I have created an account, and registered with the organization just fine. However, when I attempt to pull the main branch, I was never prompted to provide the encryption password for the organization; accordingly, the pull fails with a "Data cannot be decrypted, please ensure your encryption key password is correct" error message. Forgive me if I'm missing something obvious here, but where can I enter or change the password? If it's at all relevant, when I created the default organization for my PlasticSCM account, I did not check the box to encrypt information for that organization. Frustratingly, your interface at http://cloud.plasticscm.com/organizations/edit does not have the ability to change this setting. I wouldn't expect this to matter, given that it's my membership in the company organization that gives me access to the repo, but I felt it worth mentioning all the same. Let me know how I can best remedy this situation!
  14. Title kind of says it all. We're trying to insert a submodule into our Plastic Cloud repository, but all the documentation seems to indicate that we need to be running our own Plastic SCM server. So far, our solution is to create the folder for the submodule, ignore it, and keep it updated with our other git clients (we use plastic for one very large project we had no hand in creating, and bitbucket for everything else)
  15. Hey guys, I'm looking for a way for changesets to automatically sync to the cloud in plasticSCM cloud edition. As in, I don't want to have to go to the sync to cloud button, tap the sync view, and push/pull everytime. Is there a way to set up a timer or something so it periodically checks the cloud server for changes and pushes up if there are no conflicts? thanks.
  16. I am getting the following error trying to pull m,y repository back from the cloud after a reinstall of Windows and the plastic client: The sync process was unable to replicate the following branch: Branch: /main Operation: Pull Source repository: HidSharp@worldwizards@cloud Destination repository: HidSharp@local Error description: Padding is invalid and cannot be removed.
  17. I had to reinstall my Windows and all my applications. After reinstall the Plastic SCM is giving me this error no matter what I try: User unknown jeffpk@worldwizards.net. We just upgraded Cloud security. Now you need a valid plasticscm.com user. If you already have one, just enter the credentials. If the problem persist, restart your Plastic client. Sorry for the inconveniences..
  18. v2k

    OSX Cloud Client

    I'm trying to configure a new cloud client on OSX. I've downloaded and installed the cloud package. When I try to sync the project, it sits at 0 bytes as the encryption is not working. I have a plasticd.lic file. I copied it into: /Applications/PlasticSCMServer.app/Contents/MonoBundle I tried to follow this guide: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/administration/plastic-scm-version-control-administrator-guide.shtml#Serverconfiguration But the first step points to a path/file that does not exist: /Applications/PlasticSCMServer.app/Contents/Applications/clconfigureserver.app/Contents/MacOS/clconfigureserver that folder doesn't exist, nor does the clconfigureserver file anywhere. How do I setup my client so I can pull the project?
  19. Now that I have a larger team working concurrently on Cloud Edition, a very common issue for my developers is this error message, which appears to be the result of the local server failing to launch or quitting. Restarting the computer usually fixes it but it's obviously not a great solution. I looked around for a server executable to reboot, but can't find any that works. What do we have to relaunch?
  20. Hello, As per the plastic cloud pricing plans, a 5GB storage space is included when a user signs up for a plan. I have the following questions: (a) How do i know how much cloud storage space is currently being used out of the total available space? (b) Once a repository of size (e.g. 1GB) is pushed to the cloud, and it's locally deleted afterwards from the plastic cloud GUI, is there a way to delete the repo from the cloud as well, since that 1GB will be being utilized by the cloud which is a total waste of 1GB memory space out of the total space available. (c) Plastic cloud edition dashboard shows "usage" for the upload/download. What is the significance of such statistics? How would it be useful and does it have any impact on the storage space available on the plastic cloud? Thank you for the answers. Regards
  21. Hello. Help! Thanks.
  22. jstarrdewar

    Error when pulling remote branch

    I'm trying to pull from Plastic cloud to a local server. I get this error every time: I also tried exporting a replication package, but it fails immediately on step 3, with no error message (it just goes to status: canceled). And I'm experiencing that behavior on two machines. I assume there is some basic configuration issue?
  23. Hello developers, I wonder what is the best way to migrate from the last version of Plastic SCM server into the Cloud? As far as I understand, at least users in the Cloud will be different. Well, it is not a big problem but how to save all history - changesets branches, and so on? Even with fake users? UPDATE: I found some solution in FAQ "How do I upload my data to Plastic Cloud?": https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/cloud/plastic-scm-version-control-cloud-guide.shtml#FAQ Will try it.
  24. d0mokun

    Unable to create new workspace

    Hello everyone, I'm having a bit of a bother with Plastic when it comes to creating a new local workspace. I have created a cloud repo with no issues whatsoever. When I try to create a new local workspace, Plastic tells me that the 'workspace already' exists.. but for my existing workspace and not the new one. Plastic happily creates a new local folder and the same issue occurs if I choose an already existing local source folder. I've only got a single pre-existing workspace also linked to a cloud repo. The new one has nothing to do with the existing one. Perhaps someone could advise me as to a solution? Thanks Dan.
  25. chaunceygardner

    Mac + PC setup

    I'm trying to get Plastic set up to work between my Mac, PC and Plastic Cloud and have an initial question - Should I be running local servers on both computers, and then using the sync replication to push/pull changes each make, or just have both comps connect directly to the plastic cloud server?