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Found 2 results

  1. Hey all, Been building a fun little tool to keep our small dev team apprised of code review events in on our discord server. Currently it's able to identify newly created code reviews, changes in status and changes in assignee. The one remaining function I'd really like to add is the addition of code review comments, but I cannot find any way to access these outside the full PlasticSCM GUI. Pretty much all the other functionality works using cm find review where ... Nothing in the "cm find" documentation suggests that looking up review comments is possible, but I'm wondering if anyone
  2. I'm struggling to get a list via the command line of all the files that exist in the repository at a given changeset point. In other words, if I created a workspace from a changeset, can cm give me a list of all the files it would download? I guess this is also similar to "browse repository for this changeset" - but on the command line instead of GUI. This is part of a python tool that will submit build jobs to the automated build system, and in the UI to create the job I want to let the user specify a changeset / repository combination and then see a list of files that matches a filter.
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