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Found 12 results

  1. Hello! We have a server to serve connection and current we push any changesets we have from one server to another for replication. But we have a problem where if a chageset is pushed and then deleted in original server, any other pushes to that branch would error out because that would crate a conflict. Is there any way to push a deletion action between servers? I was looking in this guide but didn't find any info. Thank you
  2. Hello, I am trying to create a branch trigger, that before a merge it checks the branch vs our blacklisted branch list and doesn't allow it if the branch is not supposed to be merged to/from. It works locally though a script path, but I was wondering if it is possible to create a URI trough our local network server computer, run that script on the network comp and then return the value.
  3. As part of our automated build process, we want to undo all changes and delete all added files (ignored and hidden) before building so that we're starting from a completely clean changeset. We've experimented with various cm.exe options, but haven't found any combination that does what we're trying to do. As a workaround, we typically delete the entire directory (with rmdir /s /q) and check it back out, but occasionally the directory doesn't delete successfully; one of the background processes such as an antivirus or plasticscmshellextensionproxy.exe probably has lock on it. What's
  4. Hi there, I want to only 'cm partial update' on part of a larger workspace (to isolate projects, and save on server space), but I've noticed that my Xlinks are not updating to their latest changeset unless I run a complete 'cm update' on the whole workspace. I'm sure there is some reason for the difference in behaviour, but am I able to achieve the same thing with cm partial and some flags (that I cannot find/work out) or am I attempting the impossible? Cheers!
  5. Hi Everyone, In my company, we are on a process to slowly migrate from ClearCase to Plastic SCM. They have devised a lot of methods to work with ClearCase over the years, and I am currently trying to "migrate" a specific procedure from CC to Plastic. What we do in CC: 1- We have a common view, let's call it common_view. It has its config spec set to retrieve the correct version of some files using a specific label. 2- Every user has a bat file on their startup configuration (we are using windows) 3- This batch file: Starts common_view from CC server using
  6. In order to maintain state in Plastic I'm attempting to use multiple attributes; It's easy enough to apply multiple attributes to a single branch, but I can't seem to get a find command to work. Unless I'm missing something there is no obvious way to get a cm find where clause to feature more than one attribute/attrvalue combination. In my case I have a branch with the following two attributes and values: Status = 'Deprecated' TestFlag = 'TRUE' This is only thing that seems reasonable to try, but does not work (not surprised really because there is only a single, unqualified "attrval
  7. In the CLI, is there a way to display what custom attributes are assigned to a branch object, and what their values are? I can use "cm find" to locate a particular branch, but there doesn't appear to be any output options on the command to list the attributes or values set on that branch. The --format option does not include attributes as possible output. The --xml option looks like it could handle attributes, but does not list them. Is there a way? Or should this be a feature request?
  8. Questions about the command line program "cm" - Can labels be removed from an change set? - Is there a way to get a list of files in a repository under a directory? - Is a server path always the same as the path to the object from the root of the workspace? - Can I change the comment on a changeset with cm?
  9. # Works :: cm getfile 'C:\build\scripts\Script\SqlScript_1.sql' # Works :: cm getfile 'C:\build\Scripts\Script\SqlScript_1.sql' # Broken :: cm getfile 'serverpath:/scripts/Script/SqlScript_1.sql#br:/main/ATO 1' # Broken :: cm getfile 'serverpath:/Scripts/Script/SQLScript_1.sql#br:/main/ATO 1' # Works :: cm getfile 'serverpath:/scripts/Script/SQLScript_1.sql#br:/main/ATO 1' PlasticSCM- In a Windows system using "cm getfile serverpath:/path/to/the.file" work only if the path is precisely that case. On a windows system both folder and file names are not case-sensitive, but this is not
  10. Per the release notes for the new --filter command should allow me to specify a specific repository for triggers to fire on See http://www.plasticscm.com/download/releasenotes.aspx (I couldn't paste it, and the link java thing froze the page) 1. Create a testing repository called TestRepo (TestRepo1.jpg) 2. Setup a trigger which will simply fail for use in exploratory testing (TestRepo2.jpg) @echo off echo %PLASTIC_USER% : %PLASTIC_REPOSITORY_NAME% exit 1 3. Attempt to create a label: Success (TestRepo3.jpg) 4. Remove trigger and recreate without the --filter option (Te
  11. We have checked out an repository and ran some tests in in. This action marks some files as changed. When trying to update the workspace via commandline, it always fails: C:\.jenkins\workspace\PRJ\rep>cm update --override . Searching for changed items in the workspace... The workspace cannot be updated since there are pending changes. Please review the pending changes and retry the operation again. So far, reasonable. But when adding some options to ignore this and to force update, the error still persists: C:\.jenkins\workspace\PRJ\rep>cm update --override --ignorechanges --forced
  12. Hello, I want to check default branch (e.g. /main , /master or, branch /master-2012) How to find the default branch with command liine inteface (cm) or how to change the default branch (/master *)? Thank you.
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