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Found 10 results

  1. Hello. Is there an option to create / perform code a code review on Plastic on Linux as there is on Windows?
  2. rodgeralley

    WebUI Code Review Issues

    When using the new WebUI, the code review doesn't have a word wrap feature, nor does it have a horizontal scroll bar. If it goes off the screen, the only way to be able to see it all is to expand the browser window across multiple monitors, or shrink the zoom significantly. Also, it appears that when our users insert comments - only the comments on the first files are remembered. Anything after gets lost. Is there anywhere in the config files that I can make a change to fix this?
  3. When a file is added to the repository, I can't seem to add comments to the file, only view the file. The pane below says "To add a new comment, ..." and gives directions but they don't seem to work. Is this a bug in the code review system or did I miss something?
  4. Xorcist

    Code Review Confusion

    We currently use plastic in a distributed setup with local servers (pulling/pushing from each other), with a master server to manage continuous integration. We wanted to try and use the code review feature of plastic, thinking it worked similar to a pull request in git, but this does not seem to be the case. If a developer has completed his work, and creates a code review for it. I have no idea the work is done because that review does not show up in my plastic client. Can someone explain how code reviews can or should be used in a distributed environment. Right now, when a dev is done, he/she just contacts me and says can you go pull branch whatever, and review it for me. Which is not optimal for management or tracking.
  5. Hi! We have just noticed that it is impossible to add comments to a code review that only has added files. You can reproduce it easily: Create a branch, check in a new file to the branch, create a CR for the branch, open the CR and you won't be able to comment. Modify another, but existing file in the same branch and check it in, open the same CR (where you will have now an added and a changed file), you will notice that commenting is now possible. Could you please fix that? We noticed it in, but I'm sure the bug was introduced earlier. Thanks!
  6. I can't find the code review features in the linux client. Is there anything to do to enable it or is it missing ? If it's missing, where can I get a list of the missing features present in the Windows client but not on Linux or Mac ? Thanks, Fabien
  7. Hi there! :-) I've just talked to my colleague that performs code reviews for us. He has recently updated Plastic SCM to the release that has the new diff GUI ( - Kansas). It seems that there are a few things he misses very much in the code reviews window. Let me start from the most important one. In older Plastic SCM releases it was possible to move to the next/previous file using keyboar shortcuts. This feature was removed, and the only available shortcuts are those for navigation through changes in the diff pane. While verifying changes, he could previously navigate through changes without using mouse at all. He had keyboard focus on the diff pane, and just used two key combinations: move to next change, move to next file. This way his work was much more effective. Now, on the other hand, he has to use his mouse to move between files, and after then he always has to click back the diff pane, because its shortcuts work only when the pane has focus. We would be grateful if you could restore keyboard shortcuts for moving between files. Please also consider making them available no matter which control in the code review window has keyboard focus. For the time being, he decided to switch back to the older Plastic SCM release, because he can do his job more effectively there, as far as code reviews are concerned. Let me also mention several minor problems that also appeared in the new release: 1. There used to be a splitter between the narrow text box with branch name at the top of the window and the list of changed files. By moving it upwards you could slightly expand the list of files to the top (a little more was visible thanks to that). The splitter has been removed even though it was rather useful :-). 2. When you grab the splitter between the file diff pane and the comment list, and you move it upwards, there is a black horizontal line that indicates the point to which the comments pane will be expanded. However, when you move it downwards, the line is not visible, so you have an impression you can'r resize the pane or you just don't see exactly to which point it will go. I would consider switching on tracking here, so that when you move any splitter, the sections it controls resize on the fly (and not only after you release mouse button). 3. For some reason when you move your mouse cursor over the vertical splitter in between the left and right diff panes, it becomes a hand and does not change back when you move across other controls in that window. Funny that it does not always happen and I don't know exactly how to reproduce it :-). We would be grateful if you could improve these. And one more thing - this one wasn't available in previous releases. Would you consider making the code review window remember positions of all splitters in it? Thank you very much!
  8. We have been using the Plastic inbuilt code review system for months. This system is very basic and has not many features, however we have improved it in some ways by integrating it with our other tools using attributes, triggers and other utilities. Though, there are still a few things which can help us to use it more effectively. Here are our suggestions: The ordering of comments in code review is not very practical and it doesn't encourage discussion. Some solutions (including a really simple one – just change the sorting algorithm) are already added as a UserVoice suggestion and it has a lot of votes already. The properties of the code review (Status, Assignee and Title) are not editable from the code review window which is awkward. The only way how to change these from GUI is from context menu from the review list open Properties. There is a second UX issue that the Properties item is not at the end of the menu as everywhere else. There is Delete unfortunately at that position. Add a comment to a whole file (not just to a line of the file) – especially useful for binary files or deleted files where it is not possible to add a comment now. (see this UserVoice suggestion) Add a comment to a whole review target – a changeset or a branch. For general comments or suggestions like "You should write the source of these binary files into the checkin comment." (see this UserVoice suggestion) Filtering changesets by branch name and reviews by review title should allow wildcards (see my UserVoice suggestion): find changesets where branch like '%release%' find reviews where title like '%fail%' Add triggers on add/modify/delete an attribute on an object (changeset, branch). (see my UserVoice suggestion). A window Comments and an editing dialog of a code review comment (which has Comments title too) are modal, which is inconvenient. Sometimes, code reviewer wants to check something in Plastic GUI during editing a comment, but it is not possible; it blocks the whole Plastic GUI. Link from code review ("Show this changeset/branch in a Branch Explorer"). It is not possible to copy author name, changeset number or date in the code review window which is a pity, especially in combination with a lack of the link (see former suggestion). Go to the commented line on first double click (see my UserVoice suggestion) – this is quite annoying now. An option in changeset/branch context menu to show a related code review (or a list of related code reviews if there are more of them, however in our case, we limit (with a before-mkreview trigger) the number of code reviews to one per target anyway). Indenting in an added file in any diff including the one in code review window is set to 8 spaces per tab and there is no option to change it. We want to choose 4 spaces per tab as we can choose for changed files already. A possibility to automatically fill-in the title of a code review according to a branch name or a changeset comment (shortened). We are using this workflow:A programmer write and check-in some code. A reviewer inspect the changes and may add some suggestions as code review comments. The programmer may react on the suggestions with new comments and may check-in some fixes. Now, the reviewer should be able to see easily his/her old comments, the programmers' replies and the new changes together, without a need for searching for these. There is some functionality which bring a link to follow-up changes in a branch code review now, however it is limited to files which have some comments. It would be better to see the whole changeset together. What about adding a possibility to use something like an Explore changesets on a branch view. It would be great if I can select multiple (consecutive) changesets to see all their changes together, and also with their code review comments with a possibility to add new ones. A character & in a code review comment is changed to an underscore under the next character. We would prefer to override this functionality. UserVoice suggestion Minor issue: Review state Discarded is populated as Discarted in mkreview and editreview triggers See my general UserVoice suggestion. Edit: I've added several UserVoice links.
  9. pab233

    Trigger to create Code Review

    Hi All, Newbie here so please forgive me if this question has been asked before or I am just missing something simple. Anyway, I have 2 questions : 1. Are triggers associated with individual repositories or the server as a whole? The reason I ask is that I have several repositories but currently want a trigger to only affect one of them. 2. I want to create a code review whenever a change set is checked in. Can anyone tell me what I need to do trigger-wise to make this happen. Thank you
  10. Hi guys, i've got another idea. It's kind of simple but effective. Could you add a number behind the code review menu item which shows the user how many code reviews are assigned to him? Maybe it could even flash up a bit when there are new reviews. Kind regards, BB