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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, Is it possible to run cm merge in a way so any conflict that cannot be solved automatically will cause error (non 0 return value)? I'm trying to create automatic merging script. It tries merge-to and if it fails, it would switch to the target branch and perform merge in the workspace using cm merge. Everything works fine for most cases, but if there is a conflict that cannot be solved automatically, it will open merge tool window, waiting for user input. Because my intent is to run this on our build server, I really need some way to run this in a noninteractive way and reject any merge that have conflict like this. The exact command I'm running is: cm merge br:<SourceBranch> --merge -c <comment> Thanks.
  2. Michael Buchoff

    Fully cleaning a changeset

    As part of our automated build process, we want to undo all changes and delete all added files (ignored and hidden) before building so that we're starting from a completely clean changeset. We've experimented with various cm.exe options, but haven't found any combination that does what we're trying to do. As a workaround, we typically delete the entire directory (with rmdir /s /q) and check it back out, but occasionally the directory doesn't delete successfully; one of the background processes such as an antivirus or plasticscmshellextensionproxy.exe probably has lock on it. What's the preferred way to completely clean a changeset? Thanks in advance.
  3. MisterHux

    something like Posh-Git

    Is there anything like Posh-Git for the plastic command line?
  4. As the title says, is it possible to login a particular user through command line? I know you can launch the Client configuration dialog with: "plastic --configure" , but because of an integration I am writing, I need to be able to auto-login a user. Can you pass the configure executable parameters? Thanks! - Aleks
  5. Hi Is it possible to take lines of code via command line (cm.exe) Regards Greg
  6. Hi, At work I'm trying to write a batch script to cd to the correct directory automatically, and then run "cm checkin ." The distinct issue is that every time I call "cm checkin ." I get the following message: "The workspace <wkspace_path> metadata is corrupt. Please update the workspace." The problem persists after attempting to call "cm update ." (along with varied arguments such as "--forced"). However the GUI works fine. The repository itself is just shy of 30 GB in size, and is kept in c:\Program Files\<rest_of_path> if that information is relevant. Additionally, the plastic wktree file is approximately 12 MB in size (again, if relevant). Guidance would be massively appreciated. Thank you!
  7. pg.preeth

    Find workspace path in Command Line

    Hi, Is there a way to find the repository path in the command line? For example, if my repository is in D:\repo can I find the path from c: drive? Regards, Preeth
  8. I'm struggling to get a list via the command line of all the files that exist in the repository at a given changeset point. In other words, if I created a workspace from a changeset, can cm give me a list of all the files it would download? I guess this is also similar to "browse repository for this changeset" - but on the command line instead of GUI. This is part of a python tool that will submit build jobs to the automated build system, and in the UI to create the job I want to let the user specify a changeset / repository combination and then see a list of files that matches a filter. All the connection to Plastic is done via shell commands that use cm and cm find. A few wrinkles that are tripping me up: I need to be able to get this info without having the workspace on the machine the user is on. Often these jobs are submitted by remote machines that won't have any version of the repository downloaded in a workspace. I need to get the whole tree, ideally in one command that lists all the files recursively. I've been unsuccessful with cm ls and cm cat so far, but maybe I'm not using them right. It needs to be cross platform (Windows + Mac at least, Linux would be nice as well). Anyone have experience with this sort of thing?
  9. I am playing with a before-checkin trigger a bit now. What I need is to find out if the changes contains a merge link (or merge links) and if so, what are the names of the source and destination branch(es). I need this for implementing a better checkin comment checking – we want to have stricter rules for a comment of an integration changeset (merge from a feature branch to a release branch). Is there a way to find out these information from before-checkin trigger (or before-checkinclient at least) using some cm command(s) or maybe with some custom SQL queries to an underlying database? I suppose that the destination branch could be retrieved from the standard input of the trigger. However, the documentation of the trigger is probably outdated. It says that the format of revision specification of every change (received as a standard input of the trigger) is this: item_path #br: branch # rev_no ;rev_id@ rep:rep_name@repserver:server and this suppose to be an example (which BTW doesn't seem to fit to the format perfectly): /code/clean.bat#br:/main#CO;revid:12936@rep:default@repserver:DARKTOWER:8084;wk:trigger_test@DARKTOWER However, this is what I get: CH "/" DIR#br:/main;changeset:118@rep:sandbox@repserver:PLASTIC-SERVER:8087 Which is something completely different from the documentation. It seems to have this format: change_type path item_type#br:destination_branch;changeset:changeset_number@rep:rep_name@repserver:server:port where changeset_number is probably changeset ID of a changeset with the parent revision of that item. In before-checkinclient trigger only change_type absolute_path item_type is given. The documentation says that the content of the changes can be retrieved with cm cat and even changed with cm shelve, but only thing I can get from this is the parent revision of the item, not the actual new revision.
  10. I want to write a utility that uses 'cm ann' command, which does the following: Display output of the annotate command. Let the user choose a line. Get the parent changeset of that line. Continue to 1 with the file's revision from the parent changeset. My question is: How should I specify the revision for the 'ann' command? I tried the following: Taking the {rev} field from the annotate output: cm ann MyFile#br:/master#26935 This results with: Incorrect object specification MyFile#br:/master#26935 Sometimes I get: Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Using the cs number from the {rev} field: cm ann MyFile#cs:26935 The result is: MyFile#cs:26935 does not exist. Using the cs number from the {rev} field on the 'cat' command: cm cat MyFile#cs:26935 This works! The file is listed on the console. Using annotate from the GUI on that file's version works too. I'm using version Thanks, Ronen Mashal
  11. Is there a complete list of command line arguments / options for the diff and merge tool, and a list of the dedicated allowed values? I am especially looking for the valid entries for the name of the language for syntax highlighting. Thank you.
  12. JakubH

    Command line update --override

    We have a workspace with a locally changed item. We want to update the workspace and overwrite (discard) the change. There is a command in a command line interface, which should be able to do that: cm update --override It was working until one or two weeks ago. Now, it says: C:\>cm upd --override C:\Test Searching for changed items in the workspace... The workspace cannot be updated since there are pending changes. Please review the pending changes and retry the operation again. It seems that the override parameter stops working, and we cannot find out why.
  13. I have a workspace defined on a network drive and the gui reflects pending changes. But when I cd to the workspace location and do a cm findchanged I get nothing. cm status shows the same information that is reflected in the GUI cm version I use the GUI most of the time but want to script an automatic checkin on this network drive contents. Thanks.
  14. Hello, When I create a new file (or change an existing one), Plastic doesn't seem to detect the changes. I also get some odd xmodmap errors/warnings. I'm not sure if I've always gotten these errors/warnings before - normally this was running from a build script that wasn't outputting the stdout/stderr until now. I'm on version for the client on OS X and I don't see where I can find the server version. Another thing I've tried is shutting down XQuartz/Plastic before running these commands. The output remains the same. secretfrog-build:taiga atlantisremixed$ touch newfile secretfrog-build:taiga atlantisremixed$ cm fc xmodmap: unable to open display '' xmodmap: unable to open display '' xmodmap: unable to open display '' xmodmap: unable to open display '' secretfrog-build:taiga atlantisremixed$ cm status xmodmap: unable to open display '' xmodmap: unable to open display '' xmodmap: unable to open display '' xmodmap: unable to open display '' cs:1097@rep:taiga@repserver:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:yyyy secretfrog-build:taiga atlantisremixed$
  15. The command line help from CLIMPORTER.EXE for VSS says the VSS parameters are: Valid options: --usr : Visual SourceSafe user to connect to that system. --pss : Password. --database : Visual SourceSafe database path. This doc is incorrect. The password argument should be "-pass". I spent 2 hours trying to figure out what I was doing wrong on this, with CLIMPORTER doing nothing but spitting the full usage statement back out to me. Very frustrating! Greg