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Found 6 results

  1. How can i get my active workspace on my Plastic SCM interface in command line
  2. Good Day! I am trying to use the commandline to: Find branches by attributes (I have this working). Find Code Reviews by the reviewed object. For example, if I find a branch that is ready for integration (step 1 above), I want to be able to find any code reviews on that branch. So far, I can cm find reviews where status=1 on repository 'X', but I need to also find it by the reviewed object. I have not been able to figure out the column name for 'reviewed object'. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  3. We have checked out an repository and ran some tests in in. This action marks some files as changed. When trying to update the workspace via commandline, it always fails: C:\.jenkins\workspace\PRJ\rep>cm update --override . Searching for changed items in the workspace... The workspace cannot be updated since there are pending changes. Please review the pending changes and retry the operation again. So far, reasonable. But when adding some options to ignore this and to force update, the error still persists: C:\.jenkins\workspace\PRJ\rep>cm update --override --ignorechanges --forced --parallel --dontmerge . Searching for changed items in the workspace... The workspace cannot be updated since there are pending changes. Please review the pending changes and retry the operation again. even with --ignorechanges and / or --forced I expected to ignore these changes. Running C:\.jenkins\workspace\PRJ\rep>cm unc -R . before won't help either ;( The status output is: C:\.jenkins\workspace\PRJ\rep>cm status --all cs:291@rep:WOI@repserver:ssl://myserver.local:8088 Modified items (CH = changed, CO = checkout, CP = copied (new), RP = replaced) CH MyDir\some.asset ---- Update 1: used server version or even latest on linux from debian packages client version: and or even latest unfortunatly, cm clist returns nothing << inconsistent to what status and update tells me ;/ ---- Update 2: C:\.jenkins\workspace\PRJ\rep>cm unc MyDir\some.asset Cannot perform a partial update when the workspace is out of date. revert command seems not to support stickies like #cs:HEAD, nor does it work with the complete directory ".". Revert to the same cs number won't work because it is the current one ... c'mon!!!!!!!!! No fun!
  4. Good Day - I need to use the CLI to get a list of all files changed within a given branch. I know how to get the changesets and the revisions, but how do I get the actual file names? For example, I need to take /main/Defect 1234 and use the CLI to list out all the files which were changed or added therein. Thanks, Tom
  5. Hi, I'm trying to move an old vss project to a plasticscm repo call Projects. I use the following script that I generated from vss data so the revisions are kept (hence the two checkins) : cm mkwk "004 Log Eta" "C:\workspaces\projects\004 Log Eta" "--selector=C:\workspaces\projects\004 Log Eta\selector.txt" pause cm add "C:\workspaces\projects\004 Log Eta" cm add "C:\workspaces\projects\004 Log Eta\LOG_ETA.PAS" cm add "C:\workspaces\projects\004 Log Eta" cm add "C:\workspaces\projects\004 Log Eta\NOTES.TXT" cm add "C:\workspaces\projects\004 Log Eta" cm add "C:\workspaces\projects\004 Log Eta\VERSION.TXT" cm add "C:\workspaces\projects\004 Log Eta\MISC" cm add "C:\workspaces\projects\004 Log Eta\MISC\GRAFTABL.COM" cm add "C:\workspaces\projects\004 Log Eta\TPU55" cm add "C:\workspaces\projects\004 Log Eta\TPU55\CSR_01.PAS" cm add "C:\workspaces\projects\004 Log Eta\TPU55\OBJ_01.PAS" cm add "C:\workspaces\projects\004 Log Eta\TPU55\ROUTINES.PAS" cm checkin "C:\workspaces\projects\004 Log Eta" cm add "C:\workspaces\projects\004 Log Eta" cm add "C:\workspaces\projects\004 Log Eta\LOG_ETA.EXE" cm add "C:\workspaces\projects\004 Log Eta" cm add "C:\workspaces\projects\004 Log Eta\LOG_ETA.MAP" cm checkin "C:\workspaces\projects\004 Log Eta" and a selector.txt containing: repository "Projects" path "/" br "/main" co "/main" I already found that I had to add the subdirectories also or items in them would not be added. Sofar so good. BUT the script fails if i do not mark the workspace as Active at the spot of the pause statement. If i don't i get merge messages with a totally different workspace not even near to this one on my HD. However I could not find a cm command to mark a workspace as active or assign the workspace to a particular repository. regards wvd_vegt
  6. Howdy, I'm trying to script Plastic into an existing system.. I need to be able to recursively check in a whole directory so to achieve this i've been trying to: cm ci -R /path/to/dir/in/workspace However i get an error about the -R option.. Unexpected option -r The weird thing is, thats a lowercase r it's compaining about?? Isnt it case sensitive? and if so whats making it lowercase? Thanks
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