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Found 5 results

  1. I'm looking for a way to change the comment attached to a checkin via triggers. Here's the use-case of what I want to do: We use an online image review site called ProofHQ where clients can leave comments on our work as we go. These comments are essentially to-do items like "make this car less red", etc. When they go to check in files to Plastic, rather than have them rewrite or copy / paste all the done items (which we know nobody will do when they are busy, so we get checkin comments like "updates" ), I'd like to allow them to just put in the ProofHQ serial number in the changes
  2. Hi, I'm trying to run a simple .bat file (see code below) to move a file to a subfolder. Everything has already been previously checked in. When I use the CLI to do the move, everything seems to work out fine, but when I select the file in Gluon, you can see that the latest changeset is not bold (indicating that my checkin failed, I think) and that the comment I tried to add is not present. (See attached image.) Any idea what's going on? Thanks! Dave cd c:\project cm partial configure -/ +/ set dst=c:\project\destination cm partial checkout %dst% cm partial checkout %d
  3. I see the comment field (in the object table) has a length limit of 1,000. I think this is fairly limiting for the types of revision comments I require of our team. Certainly not exceeded regularly, but on occasion. I decided to test it out and pasted a large piece of text into the comment field in the Properties pane for an existing changeset. it allowed me to paste in the full text (around 12K characters). Upon pressing "Save", I got an error shown in the image below about truncation of the comment text. Suggest that you: 1. Do not allow the user to enter more than the max allowed chara
  4. We have found a small but stupid bug: if a checkin comment contains underscore, it is split in two in a Checkin comments drop down menu.
  5. If I move or rename a file, Plastic adds a row in a History view of the file. It contains a correct changeset number, an owner and a creation date. However a Branch and Comment columns are strange. The Comment field is blank (it contains only a dot or maybe a comma) and the Branch field contains this: Moved from ... fo "..." (there are source and destination paths instead of ellipses). I am not able to see the branch and the checkin comment. Why is that? The second issue I face to is that I cannot export view data from History view. Every time I select an output file, I get this error message
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