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Found 8 results

  1. I have created a serveralias.conf that works when installed in my plastic4 user directory per https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/administration/plastic-scm-version-control-administrator-guide.shtml#Chapter13:Supportalternativeconnectionstothesameserver However, now I am trying to create a global configuration so that all users get this by default. I created a repo, plastic-global-config, such that I have the following file plastic-global-config/allrepos/serveralias.conf *This does not work* After restarting my plastic client, it seems that the global serveralias.conf has no effect. Thanks in advance.
  2. Since Gluon defaults to have no files/folders added to your workspace, and seeing as there's probably a reason why someone is adding a workspace (i.e. to get files/folders), why not put you right into the configuration screen? This has stumbled a few people who didn't know why they weren't pulling any files and it's annoying to resolve it remotely since you have to go step-by-step verifying everything they've done.
  3. Hi there, how can I configure SemanticMerge with Git? thanks
  4. Guest

    Changes Not Checked In

    Hi, I installed and integrated the Unity plugin successfully, but there is one little problem. When I commit changes via Plastic IDE (Both Gluon and basic Plastic SCM) materials and prefabs are sometimes not commited and what is more concerning, they are reverted to previous commit. If I commit the changes via Unity plugin everything works. I'm not sure if it is problem with configuration or if it is a bug in Plastic (hence the tags). I followed the youtube tutorial from the official plastic channel, so all the configuration should be okay (only thing that I'm not sure if is right is the Serialization method, in the video it is left to "Mixed", but maybe it should be "Force Text").
  5. SO, since apt-get still doesnt work in Ubuntu 16 I downloaded the zip instead. I mostly got it working but there are stil a few issues: (1) Some of the tools seem to be looking for the "themes" directory in my home rather then the server folder. Is the some environet variable I have to set like a JAVA_HOME? (2) Server doesnt seem to be running and Im not sure how to start it. There is no sample init.d that I could find in the server download and install.
  6. I'm trying to start my Plastic Server. When I start it by typing "sudo plasticsd start", I get the message: Starting the Plastic SCM server: OK But there is no running instance and if I type "sudo plasticsd status", I get the message: Warning: /tmp/plasticd5.exe.lock lock file exists but process is not running. The Plastic SCM server is NOT started I already tried the solution from this post, but that wasn't the problem. Can anybody help?
  7. Yesterday I tried to open Plastic to push my changes and I was greeted with an error message. I uninstalled plastic and then reinstalled it, but nothing has changed.
  8. I configured SemanticMerge in mercurial.ini as per https://users.semanticmerge.com/documentation/how-to-configure/semanticmerge-configuration-guide.shtml#HowtoconfigurewithMercurial, resulting in: [extensions] rebase = mq = purge = extdiff = [extdiff] cmd.semanticdiff = C:\Users\My.Name\AppData\Local\semanticmerge\semanticmergetool.exe opts.semanticdiff = $parent $child cmd.kdiff3 = kdiff3.exe opts.kdiff3 = $parent $child [merge-tools] semantic.executable = C:\Users\My.Name\AppData\Local\semanticmerge\semanticmergetool.exe semantic.premerge=False semantic.binary=False semantic.args=-b=$base -s=$local -d=$other -r=$output -l=csharp -edt="kdiff3.exe ""#sourcefile"" ""#destinationfile""" -emt="kdiff3.exe ""#basefile"" ""#sourcefile"" ""#destinationfile"" --L1 ""#basesymbolic"" --L2 ""#sourcesymbolic"" --L3 ""#destinationsymbolic"" -o ""#output""" semantic.gui=True semantic.checkconflicts=True kdiff3.executable = kdiff3.exe kdiff3.args = $base $local $other -o $output kdiff3.gui=True [merge-patterns] **.cs = semantic **.** = kdiff3 [diff-patterns] **.cs = semanticdiff **.** = kdiff3 [tortoisehg] vdiff = semanticdiff [ui] username = My.Name merge = semantic When I do a "Visual Diff" of two revisions from the TortoiseHG workbench: "semanticdiff" is selected as tool (as expected) The button to launch a "directory diff" is grayed out (<- This is what bothers me ) If I double-click a (.cs) file in the list, SemanticMerge launches and shows the diff This is also true if there are only .cs files in the diff If I do the same with two revisions that differ only in one (.cs) file, SemanticMerge launches immediately. How can I make the "directory diff" work?
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