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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, When using Plastic SCM GUI, a item removed locally (a deleted file) appears in the "Pending Changes" section and this change can be checkin. I cannot figure out how to to replicate this using the REST API, i.e I would like to checkin a file deletion. I tried setting the `paths` parameter to the path of the deleted file or of the directory where the deleted file was located. url = __api_url + f"/wkspaces/myworkspace/checkin" params = { "paths": [ "wkpath/to/file" # also tried "wkpath/to/file_dir" ], "comment": "Deleting a file", "recurse": True, } res = requests.post( url, headers={ "Content-type": "application/json", "Accept": "application/json", }, data=json.dumps(params), ) print(res.json()) # will print: {'totalSize': 0, 'transferredSize': 0, 'status': 'Checkin operation starting...'} And the response returned by a GET at "api/v1/wkspaces/myworkspace/checkin" is: {"status":"Failed", "message":"There are no changes in the workspace c:\\Users\\Baptiste\\wkspaces\\myworkspace"} What am I missing? How do you submit a file deletion when using the REST API? Thank you!
  2. We have a file that gets automatically generated but of which we also need to track the changes (this is a specific case where the changes in the generated file are actually interesting). Usually, the file simply gets overwritten during recreation. But we found out that over time, this keeps stuff in the file that shouldn't be there. So we deleted and recreated it. Unfortunately, Plastic seems to try to be smart about this, recognizes that the file was deleted and recreated, and puts it into both, "Deleted items" and "Added and private items". Very unfortunately, the result is that we lose the history, which is the whole point of using version control for this file in first place. I have tried using cm mv to make Plastic understand that hey, I want continuity of this file but it complains that I can't move a file to itself, which I can agree with. So how can I make Plastic detect the actual changes in the file instead of deleting / recreating it and wiping the history? Btw, this is a text file and marked as such.
  3. I'm familiar with other SCM but just learning how to use Plastic - specifically the Gluon frontend. During our tests we engineered a situation where a file had been checked-out and changed by A and then deleted by B. As expected this leads to a conflict in Gluon when A attempts to check-in the changed file. What are the options allowed by Gluon to solve this conflict? We are able to lose the local changes and have the file remain deleted but is it possible to override the deletion with the local content changes and if so how?
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