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Found 8 results

  1. I previously managed to get Vim added as a merge tool but now for some reason it is shown as not valid. I have used as many variations of the following exes and arguments and none of them work: "c:\Program Files (x86)\Vim\vim82\gvim.exe" -c "wincmd J" -c "windo set wrap" "@output" "@destinationfile" "@basefile" "@sourcefile" "c:\Program Files (x86)\Vim\vim82\vim.exe" -d -c "wincmd J" -c "windo set wrap" "@output" "@destinationfile" "@basefile" "@sourcefile" "c:\Program Files (x86)\Vim\vim82\vimdiff.exe" "@destinationfile" "@basefile" Could you help? Could you add some more helpful error messages when external tools are "not found"? Could you show me the format required to get Vim as a merge tool?
  2. How can I export diffs for each file that's changed in a branch (or between changesets) via the CLI? I don't mind whether the export goes to a file or stdout. The documentation for cm diff seems to suggest using --download will write the diff ("differences content") to the specified path... but all I get when using this is the latest versions of the files. I don't want a patch, although I could possibly make a patch work if it has full context for each file. Currently I'm resorting to trying to export each file's current and previous version with getfile and then generating the diff from those with gnu diff - but I'm struggling to use getfile to retrieve the previous version (I'm not able to easily determine the previous version). I'm currently using client (had to revert to this version following an issue with the latest 10.x client). EDIT: It would be trivial if cm diff --download worked, but there must be bug with this currently as the command currently only downloads the files as they appear at the changeset specified second. For example: cm diff 123 124 --download=c:\tmp\ will download the files as they are at changeset 124. For branches: cm diff br:/main/someBranch simply downloads the files as they appear on the branch /main/someBranch.
  3. An option to "collapse/fold unchanged code fragments", similar to the option on Rider IDE's diff view, would improve A LOT the readability and quick searching of differences inside Plastic's diff view. Currently, this is the only reason I still use the "Plastic SCM Rider integration" (which slows down Rider IDE), instead of fully working on my diffs via PlasticX's diff view.
  4. Release version : OS: Windows/MacOS/Linux : Windows 10 Steps to reproduce : Open a Unity project, create a new material. Go to PlasticX's Pending Changes view and select the material (.mat) file. Real result : PlasticX tries to read the material file as a .MAT image, which breaks material diffing. PlasticX displays the error message shown in the attached screenshot ("improper image header (...) @ error/mat.c/ReadMATImage/ 1491") Expected result : PlasticX should correctly read and diff the material as a text file. This is the current behavior on legacy Plastic GUI.
  5. Hello, I have a branch. In one of the changesets I renamed a directory. Inside that directory there were files. Now I want to create a full diff of said branch, but I cannot make it so that it includes the files inside the changed directories. cm diff br:$BRANCH_FULL_NAME --repositorypaths --moved --format="M {srccmpath} revid: {revid} parentrevid: {parentrevid} baserevid: {baserevid}" M "/resources/tests/jednostkowe/Doubles/Globals/Model" revid: 2008419 parentrevid: 2001744 baserevid: -1 M "/resources/tests/jednostkowe/lib/ObiRepoTable.php" revid: 2008385 parentrevid: 1628720 baserevid: -1 It is crucial to have a full list of for the sake of code review generation, as it have to match everything generated in a patch file, and the patch file includes the files from inside the directory that had its name changed, as shown in the picture below. As you can see, the highlighted path of a file is the first file from the directory seen in the picture above. cm patch br:$BRANCH_FULL_NAME > patch.diff
  6. Hello, I'm quite new to plastic scm and I'm not sure if I have simply overlooked the possibility to diff a changeset against the local workspace files. (Like the git "Compare with working tree" option in tortoisegit) I've found the option to diff 2 revisions/changeset but I did not find any possibility to diff a revision/changeset against the local files in the graphical windows client. Is this really missing? Its quite cumbersome to get only specific changes (e.g. a few lines from specific file) from a changeset in another branch (or an older commit) with this possibility missing. Right now I have to make a local copy of the file I want to check against a local file via "Save revision as..." and do a manual diff. Thanks & Regards Frederic
  7. It's very handy for us to be able to send links to each other at my work which lead to a particular diff. Based on some old blog posts I tried to implement this the best I could but was having issues using the syntax indicated. (see this post: http://www.plasticscm.net/index.php?/topic/2491-jira-interactive-link-to-changeset/?hl=%2Bjira+%2Bplastic) To launch a diff use the following URLs (On Windows) Branch Diff: plastic://showbranch=br:<BranchPath>@<RepoName>@<Server:Port> Changeset Diff: plastic://showchangeset=cs:<Cset Number>@br:<Branch Path>@<RepoName>@<Server:Port> I'm just posting this to help someone else out who may be trying to do the same thing.
  8. Hi, How can I create a diff file using command line tool ('cm')? cm diff command only show that the name of the file. > cm diff cs:277 cs:279 > C "/home/abhiravk/workspace/plastic/fandu/ignore.conf" Moreover '--all' option doesn't work with 'diff' command; maybe it is applied by default. > cm diff cs:277 cs:279 --all > diff: Unexpected option --all Regards, Abhirav Kushwaha
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