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Found 17 results

  1. It's very handy for us to be able to send links to each other at my work which lead to a particular diff. Based on some old blog posts I tried to implement this the best I could but was having issues using the syntax indicated. (see this post: http://www.plasticscm.net/index.php?/topic/2491-jira-interactive-link-to-changeset/?hl=%2Bjira+%2Bplastic) To launch a diff use the following URLs (On Windows) Branch Diff: plastic://showbranch=br:<BranchPath>@<RepoName>@<Server:Port> Changeset Diff: plastic://showchangeset=cs:<Cset Number>@br:<Branch Path>@<RepoName>@<Server:Port> I'm just posting this to help someone else out who may be trying to do the same thing.
  2. Hi, How can I create a diff file using command line tool ('cm')? cm diff command only show that the name of the file. > cm diff cs:277 cs:279 > C "/home/abhiravk/workspace/plastic/fandu/ignore.conf" Moreover '--all' option doesn't work with 'diff' command; maybe it is applied by default. > cm diff cs:277 cs:279 --all > diff: Unexpected option --all Regards, Abhirav Kushwaha
  3. ScottODDGames

    Plastic hangs when diffing large csv file

    In our project we have a large csv file that contains 572 rows with 13 columns for each row, currently sitting at about 7500 cells. This file is saved in UTF16 format as a tabbed separated document (despite the csv extension). I recently merged from a branch in which there were changes in both the source and the destination. Plastic automatically processed the conflicts, since then however I have been unable to diff the file in any subsequent changesets. The file itself only had three lines altered. I've reverted to a version since before the merge (as the automatic merge, while successful, seemed to corrupt the document). The file is now "fixed" after a revert but it is still unable to have a semantic diff performed on it. EDIT: I am using the latest version of Plastic ( on Windows 10 if that makes any difference. 2017-09-27 12-14-38.mp4
  4. There are two minor bugs in the diff viewer (pending changes): 1. When you navigate through changes using the previous/next difference buttons, in specific conditions one section is omitted. 2. The text box to the right does not accept tabs (pressing the tab key makes no effect). The second point is obvious, so let me concentrate on the first one only: 1. Make changes in at least three secions of a file in your workspace, so that the diff viewer in pending changes indicates all of them independently. 2. Jump to any of the changed secions using the 'next difference' button. 3. Press the arrows >> in between the two text boxes so that the piece of text from the left text box is restored to the right text box. 4. Now jump to the next changed secion using the 'next difference' button again. At this point you will notice that one changed section was omitted, e.g. if you restored the first section in point 3, you will jump to the third section instead of the second one. PS. I'm using the - Johannesburg version now, and I would like to tell you that you made a great job changing the diff view. It is awesome now, really!
  5. Hello, I'm not able to get the embedded diff to work correctly on macplastic for any files (mainly .cs files.) The diff text shown is not getting drawn correctly. Screenshot link (also attached to post): http://imgur.com/ypgvE7Q
  6. Hi there! :-) I've just talked to my colleague that performs code reviews for us. He has recently updated Plastic SCM to the release that has the new diff GUI ( - Kansas). It seems that there are a few things he misses very much in the code reviews window. Let me start from the most important one. In older Plastic SCM releases it was possible to move to the next/previous file using keyboar shortcuts. This feature was removed, and the only available shortcuts are those for navigation through changes in the diff pane. While verifying changes, he could previously navigate through changes without using mouse at all. He had keyboard focus on the diff pane, and just used two key combinations: move to next change, move to next file. This way his work was much more effective. Now, on the other hand, he has to use his mouse to move between files, and after then he always has to click back the diff pane, because its shortcuts work only when the pane has focus. We would be grateful if you could restore keyboard shortcuts for moving between files. Please also consider making them available no matter which control in the code review window has keyboard focus. For the time being, he decided to switch back to the older Plastic SCM release, because he can do his job more effectively there, as far as code reviews are concerned. Let me also mention several minor problems that also appeared in the new release: 1. There used to be a splitter between the narrow text box with branch name at the top of the window and the list of changed files. By moving it upwards you could slightly expand the list of files to the top (a little more was visible thanks to that). The splitter has been removed even though it was rather useful :-). 2. When you grab the splitter between the file diff pane and the comment list, and you move it upwards, there is a black horizontal line that indicates the point to which the comments pane will be expanded. However, when you move it downwards, the line is not visible, so you have an impression you can'r resize the pane or you just don't see exactly to which point it will go. I would consider switching on tracking here, so that when you move any splitter, the sections it controls resize on the fly (and not only after you release mouse button). 3. For some reason when you move your mouse cursor over the vertical splitter in between the left and right diff panes, it becomes a hand and does not change back when you move across other controls in that window. Funny that it does not always happen and I don't know exactly how to reproduce it :-). We would be grateful if you could improve these. And one more thing - this one wasn't available in previous releases. Would you consider making the code review window remember positions of all splitters in it? Thank you very much!
  7. I've installed Plastic SCM - Johannesburg including Visual Studio integration. When I click the 'Checkin' menu item in project context menu, it displays pending changes. However, when I click the 'Show diffs' button in it, and then select a changed file, I get an error message saying "An error occurred processing your request." The diff section at the bottom shows a progress indicator and a text saying "Calculate differences. Please wait...". Nothing happens. Let me mention that this is the first time I'm testing Visual Studio integration and I don't know whether it worked properly in previous Plastic SCM versions.
  8. This is the first time we've run into this issue. We have a new repository + workspace with a fresh set of files, several of which we recently changed. We can see all the changes, diffs confirm those changes, but when we go to check-in, we get a message stating some of the files being checked in have not changed? We're using the GUI for this, but tried the command line as well with the same results any ideas?
  9. Hello PlasticSCM community, One of the functionalities I very much appreciate in other VCS programs is the ability to prepare an index before committing. Git has this by default, and one can add individual hunks to the index via git add -p and Mercurial has this through the built-in "Record Extension": $ git add --patch # or -p, but I use --patch for illustrative purposes ... [Add this hunk? y/n/q] n ... [Add this hunk? y/n/q] y I'm still learning PlasticSCM, but I don't see anything that is obviously this functionality in the Linux/GTK GUI. How can I add individual hunks to what I actually commit? Thanks, Kevin
  10. Is there (or could there be) a way to refresh the Differences window so that it will reload the files and re-run the diff? This was a nice feature in p4merge when looking over changes before a check-in and making a few minor changes to the file in VS and resaving it. Currently it seems like the only way to do this is to close the diff and reopen it which looses the scroll position.
  11. There is no context menu available for changed files in the 'Checking pending changes' window. However, when you go to the 'Pending changes' tab in PlasticSCM's main window, its content is very similar, but here the context menu is available. The thing is that the menu there enables you to view changes using the diff tool you prefer (the one set in application preferences). Unfortunately, in the window mentioned in the topic there is no such menu at all and you can view changes only using the diff tool embedded inside that window. Most of us in our company are used to WinMerge and we would like to continue using it with PlasticSCM. I know the 'Pending changes' view enables you to do that, but you rarely use it when managing source code changes directly from Visual Studio (which displays the discussed window).
  12. Hi! Well, something went really wrong in my installation. When I try to diff a file in the "Pending Checkins", this error message is displayed: I'm using the the version (I tried with the .435 build and rolled back to try to solve, didn't worked ) Where can I get the client's log messages? Can this error be related with SemanticMerge?! I already removed the SM configuration from Plastic client but the error message continues. (It started after the SM's configuration) Thanks in advance!
  13. JakubH

    Context menu in diff changesets

    When comparing two changesets, there is a list of affected items. Why there is only a copy option in a context menu of each item? Options such as open a copy of that file in an external editor or diff with external tool would be very useful. The internal diff tool is not enough sometimes. Definitely you can make it better, but there would be always some file types, where external tool is needed. See also this: http://www.plasticsc...ndpost__p__6835
  14. Hi, I enabled the Excel diff tool in Plastic. My Client version is My Excel version is 14.0.6129.5000 from the Micorosoft Office Professional Plus 2010 suite. When I try to perform a diff on an excel file, it gives me the following dialog error :- Script: C:\Program Files\PlasticSCM4\client\diffscripts\diff-xls.js Line: 72 Char: 9 Error: Expected ';' Code: 800A03EC Source: Microsoft JScript runtime error I followed the instructions in here http://codicesoftware.blogspot.com/2012/08/diff-and-merge-for-microsoft-office_6.html to configure the excel diff tool. I'm sure this is a configuration issue. Any ideas ? Regards, Chun Wong
  15. JakubH

    Editable diff

    I often go through my changes to see what was changed, before checkin. It would be very useful if I can edit my changes within the diff tool directly. I could review changes one by one and undo anything I've changed mistakenly. I know I can use an external diff tool, but it is not so comfortable. I've added the idea to a uservoice system: http://plasticscm.uservoice.com/forums/15467-general/suggestions/3243069-editable-diff
  16. (The title is: Diff not working when differing from REMOTE changeset... sorry about that.) Hi! First annoyance using the new version from me! I was trying to perform a diff from a remote changeset using the DBrEx and when I selected the .cshtml file, the plastic tells me that "The filetype of "........../file.cshtml" is not supported to show differences. Using the Pending changes option, I can diff the .cshtml file normally. Can I do diff using remote changesets or is this a limitations ? Thanks in advance!
  17. This is going to be a really newbie question.. But i'm building a build script which generates database migration files by diffing which files have changed in a directory of .sql files between now and the last "DEPLOY#0123" label, And then concats all the stored procs etc together into an easily runnable script. Sorry for the pure dummyness of this question, but whats the command for this? Thanks!