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Found 3 results

  1. Hello There! I have a problem and need help to solve. So We have this branch where it is created by a Client and the other created by the Server, the Encryption password is match in all branches except for this branch which is created by Client. even thoght the server admin inserted the password into this Branch correctly, it's still denied to decrypt the data from this branch which is made by Client. How to solve this? Best Regard, Joen
  2. Hello, I've mistakenly entered the wrong encryption/decryption master password for our Cloud server. I couldn't find a way to change that password so I tried a clean install/uninstall with Revo UnInstaller. Even with that app, I wasn't able to get Plastic SCM to re-ask for a password prompt. Where do I enter the right password? PS: There was no relevant error message when the wrong password was used. There was a generic error message that I had to Google. I recommend there to be a more communicative error message for a wrong encr/decr password.
  3. Hi, I have read some of the documentations and watch some tutorials. After some days of test, I have 2 questions : First, I don't understand the use of the sync view for plastic SCM Cloud edition. Here is how I work with my dev team : 1) We create a repo on the cloud server 2) Then we create directly a workspace from the new repo on our pc (from the Cloud Tab) 3) During development, we only use checkin (in Pending Changes) to push changes and update workspace (in Workspace Explorer) Currently, we don't have an issue with this workflow. All the data are correctly shared across PCs (files, changesets) So I guess my data are on the cloud. Is it correct ? But what about the sync view, I have some changes (outgoing & incomming) to do. Why do I see these changes ? I thought one use of the sync view is to sync my local workspace with the repo on Cloud. But the checkin button seems already to do it. Have I done something wrong ? or is it normal ? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My second question is about the Cloud server encryption For the first checkin or update on a repo on the cloud. I need to create and confirm a password for the encryption. But I don't understand why the others devs need to create and confirm a password for the same repo at their first connection with the cloud. I though they are only able to enter a password and not create it because I have already done on my pc. Is the encryption password for the repo only local and isn't share on the cloud ? Thank you for the help !
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