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Found 25 results

  1. Unity Hub v 3.3.0 / Unity 2020.2.1f1 / PlasticSCM Warning: Error: Uninstall and reinstall didn't help. The stand-alone client works fine, as does the plugin for JetBrains Rider (my IDE). It's just Unity that it won't interface with and it's really dragging down my development time. Any ideas what could be causing it or what the fix might entail?
  2. Hello, unfortunately I am having troubles with Plastic SCM cloud since day one. When I open client GUI whatewer I do error appears: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it As far as I understand the problem, plastic cloud works with two servers. There is local server and there is cloud server. It looks like local server cannot start for some reason. I've tried to start it manually by going to ProcessManager->Services and starting "Plastic Server 5" service. It starts but then it stopps immediately. My OS is Windows 10 Pro. There are no logs under C:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\server that I can attach. cheers, Dawid
  3. I've been trying to merge two change sets but keep getting the following error: However I'm new to plastic and haven't been able to figure out what is causing the error. Ive attached the logs to https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LpcZS03OXXZ6IPPqI7tE9pI02nGCAOzM?usp=sharing, Any help is much appreciated
  4. First of all, I'd like to note that I come from git world and have managed git based projects. PlasticSCM has by far been the most frustrating VS software I've ever used. When it's working it seems okay, but now I'm having trouble getting a dev connected and pulling/pushing. When they try to pull/push it completes subsecond and says "finished with errors", but does not show the error nor was the operation successful. Who their right mind programmed this with no indication of how to even pull up that error? There is no logs window for the push/pull, there is no logs panel in the application, there is no configuration of where to save/put logs in preferences. Someone should be fired by this design choice... For the love of all that's holy and good, how can I retrieve the error message for the operation so I may better help my dev?
  5. Hello there! I'm new to Plastic and try my best to solve this problem to myself, but atlast - i'm stack. So, what's the proble: I'm trying Plastic in distributed mode to work with an existing project When the program was launched for the first time, the wizard for creating the first workplace opened - I selected the mode, indicated the name and address of the local repository, and selected the one in the cloud The workplace, repository and sync rule was created, but when i try to look at the branches of cloud to pull whem by the sync i get this error: Also when i try to look at my local profile setting i got this error: Cannot retrieve the profile from local. Details: *one from below* So,I looked at the log and there was an error (the second replaced the first after several reinstallations of the Plastic) : ERROR PlasticRestApi - There was an error while calling 'https://local:7179/api/v1/login/accesstoken': This host is unknown. (local:7179) or ERROR PlasticRestApi - There was an error while calling 'https://local:7179/api/v1/login/accesstoken': The remote name could not be resolved: 'local' And the server log (plastic.errors.log.**) have: (null) (null) ERROR Organizations - Organizations configuration file 'C:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\server\organizations.conf' does not exist! What I did trying to fix them: I test this port (local:7179) in cmd (netstat) and powershell (Test-NetConnection) - it did not find it I checked the services from Plastic - they work, even restarting Added this port and services to the exceptions in the firewall and my antivirus Created an empty 'organizations.conf' file - because of this, the rest of the functionality of the program stopped working and the server simply gave an error about this file Clear (with delete the the 'PlasticSCM5' folder) reinstalled the program But nothing could fix the problem, only the error text changed. What could be the reason - why the local server cannot start normally? Or is the problem something else? For now, I will work in centralized mode, like the rest of the team, but I still want to make distributed work as well. I have attached the server and client logs. plastic.relevant.log.20220623.txt plastic.debug.log.20220623.txt plastic.debug.log.20220623.txt plastic.errors.log.20220623.txt
  6. Hey, I am having several issues with uninstalling Plastic SCM from my Windows PC. 1# Every time I attempt to use the Add/Remove feature it presents the following error: "Windows cannot find 'C:\Program FIles\PlasticSCM5\uninstall.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again." (In fact, at the moment it is stuck on that error and the only way I can fix it is by restarting my computer) 2# Plastic is constantly running in the background in the form of three processes on my Task Manager: One is Plastic SCM (taking up 12.1 MB), the second is Plastic SCM (named the same as the other, and taking up 3.6 MB), and the third is plasticd (taking up 38.1 MB). It seems that these processes running in the background prevent me from deleting Plastic's main folder on my computer, and no matter how many times I "end task them", they keep coming back up. 3# Is that Plastic's own uninstall application is not appearing to me as an application at all but a .dat file which seemingly cannot be read or launched by anything on my computer. (and yes, I have supposedly installed the shell executable or whatever it is called that comes optional with Plastic). I have attempted to look up to see if others have had similar issues with the uninstall process, and I did come across one forum post in which an administrator by the name of Manu recommended installing Plastic again (presumably replacing the previous install) and then attempting to uninstall using the uninstall.exe, but as I stated, that's not working for me at all. How do I get this off my system? And for reference, this is where I installed my version of Plastic SCM: https://www.plasticscm.com/download Also, here was the previous forum post I mentioned earlier:
  7. Been having trouble today with Plastic SCM in general. One of our Unity Collab projects got upgraded to Plastic even though we had already created a Plastic repo for the project. This has caused us to reset up our workspaces, but now we are getting the following error any time we try Checkin a change: We've waited over an hour now and nothing has changed. Would love some help on this. Thanks!
  8. Hi all, checkin of some files freezes at the end of uploading and this error appears
  9. Hello, I have recently set up Plastic for my Unity project and it has worked fine for a few days, but suddenly Unity started hanging whenever I try to open it. When I open the PlasticSCM client it gives me the following error: Error converting value "invalid-invalid" to type 'PlasticGui.WebApi.Responses.SsoProvider+KnownType'. Path 'Providers[2].Type', line 1, position 147. followed by an 'auth token expired' error message. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Hello, I am trying to checkin some changes. When doing so, I get a "Selector can't locate a revision for the item", and the checkin fails. What is causing this issue? What can I do to solve it?
  11. Hello all, I am trying to merge my branch into my main branch, but this warning shows up. How can I fix this? Update: never mind. I went to the preference and change the merge tool. And fixed this issue.... Case closed.
  12. First things first, I'm trying to use Plastic for the first time and migrate my game project to it. I am currently subscribed to the free cloud version, and I downloaded the plastic cloud client. However, when I try to do anything it's saying I am unable to connect to the server: Can't connect to [euwest4-00-cloud.plasticscm.com:8088] after 3011 ms. To increase the timeout set SocketConnectTimeoutMillisec in client.conf. Configure server.conf if the timeout happens during push/pull I tried messing around with preferences in the gui and googled for any solutions but I cannot seem to figure it out. As it isn't my user@org not connecting, instead it's the Plastic Cloud server??? It appears in the plastic scm gui, in gluon and when setting up the workspace upon opening plastic scm for the first time! Anyhow, it's probably a beginners issue, hopefully I can resolve this and start migrating to Plastic SCM. Thank you!
  13. I have a rather frustrating error to do with the Unity plugin which is stopping me from being able to use the built in support. I have a 3 user Team licence set up on a remote server which I have an open connection with in the Plastic SCM client (everything is fully functional in the client) but every time I click connect in the editor I receive two errors which I have attached. Been up all night trying to fix this - would appreciate some help! https://gyazo.com/992e19f02cca3f27727766e475c6b7dd
  14. This is confusing. When I try to add a cloud repository's work space to my plastic SCM cloud application, this error occurs. See in the first uploaded image. Wonder if this is a sign of bad connection or something. Also tried to add a connection profile in the preferences, but failed with a message saying invalid credentials, I think that happen because the server actually use NameWorkingMode(or SSOWorkingMode in client.conf)? See in the second uploaded image. Anyways, this is frustrating. Hope someone can help me with this. Also, default ssl server created by Unity Hub is accessible.
  15. In 'Pending changes', under 'Added and private items' I have 50 files listed with the status 'Private', which whenever one is left-clicked on, prompts a error: The files cannot be checked in, as the same error is prompted. However, right clicking on one of the files and choosing Open > Open in Windows Explorer works as expected, and shows the location of the file. Additionally, I did not add the files locally, they were pulled (so shouldn't be showing up at all). Any idea what might be causing the error? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Info: OS: Windows 10 Plastic: Cloud Edition:
  16. Hi, I'm using cloud edition, long time was solo developing now added second dev to team. Every time when second dev is trying to pull or push he is getting error "Unable to cast object of type 'System.Exception' to type 'Codice.CM.Common.ComException'". When in centralized mode he just don't get updates and his changes are invisible for me. Any suggestions how to fix this? EDIT: After few hours of searching, I found this post. Looks same, except he was getting error in the middle of download, my colleague getting error after getting meta data downloaded.
  17. So I didn't have an issue pushing to our Plastic server until recently, but any time I try to Checkin I get that error. "There has been an unexpected error 'Incorrect hash length: 16.' For more information check the server log." I've scoured the net for any information on it and haven't been able to find anything. Was wondering if other more knowledgeable folks had seen this? I've tried: restarting the server and my machine uninstalling entirely and reinstalling the same version uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version deleting the workspace and pulling it down again Thanks in advance, I don't know enough about all this to be able to parse what is happening to know what steps to try next.
  18. When im trying to commit im getting an error that doesnt allow me to do so, its possibly due to the fact i had an ongoing pending cherry pick from a branch which i deleted, but i cant find the cherry pick window or anything to fix this. Thanks for your time in advance.
  19. Hi everyone! I have been using plastic for 2 weeks without any problem. But, the last time I tried to verify some changes in a project, an error message appeared and the operation was canceled. I have tried all kinds of things, but I have no results. Any help will be appreciated! Greetings, Juan.
  20. Hi, I wanted to recreate a repo using fast-import which I got as a handover from another company. Therefore I installed Plastic locally, run the server and created a repo so I can fast-import the repo we got (via fast-export). I use the command cm fast-import myrepo@localhost:8087 d:\myrepo-export.repo After executing it, it starts to process the changesets but while processing the 39th changeset I get the following error: Processing changeset 39. Processed 36 csets. Elapsed 00:00:01.2660000 Error processing changeset mark 143. Parent cset mark: 89. Parent cset: 20 The changeset '143' could not be imported. Error: There has been an unexpected error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object.". For more information check the server log. Please contact with the support team. author abc <abc> 1509614064 +0300 committer abc <abc> 1509614064 +0300 data 46 from :89 merge :135 And the matching server log: 2019-03-08 11:45:49,021 ERROR Checkin - Checkin changes cannot be processed. Error:Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Codice.CM.Server.Checkin.CheckinTreeWalker.a(TreeChangedNode A_0) at Codice.CM.Server.Checkin.CheckinTreeWalker.b(TreeChangedNode A_0) at Codice.CM.Server.Checkin.CheckinTreeWalker.a(TreeChangedNode A_0, Int64 A_1) at Codice.CM.Server.Checkin.CheckinTreeWalker.d(TreeNode A_0, TreeChangedNode A_1) at Codice.CM.Server.Checkin.CheckinTreeWalker.b(TreeChangedNode A_0, TreeNode A_1) at Codice.CM.Server.Checkin.CheckinTreeWalker.a(b A_0, py A_1, Queue`1 A_2) at Codice.CM.Server.Checkin.CheckinTreeWalker.b(TreeChangedNode A_0, TreeNode A_1, TreeNode A_2) at Codice.CM.Server.Checkin.CheckinTreeWalker.ProcessChanges(TreeChangedNode changedTree, TreeNode serverTree) at gh.a(TreeChangedNode A_0, TreeNode A_1) at gh.a(TreeChangedNode A_0, TreeNode A_1, Int64& A_2) 2019-03-08 11:45:49,035 ERROR Operations - OnError catching exception [Object reference not set to an instance of an object.] - Plastic server version: 2019-03-08 11:45:49,036 ERROR PlasticProto.ConnectionFromClient - conn 13. Error in ProcessMethodCall for method CheckInChangedTree. There has been an unexpected error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object.". For more information check the server log. I need the data stored in the repo and do not have access to the original one. It looks like, there is an issue with the Plastic software. Is there a chance you can provide a fix for this? Thanks, Lukas
  21. Hi, I recently installed a new secondary drive on my machine as my old one had died. When trying to install Plastic SCM to that drive (or any drive for that matter) I get the following errors. I only have one account on the machine and it is mine and has administrator rights. I've deleted everything related to Plastic SCM on my machine and still get this error.
  22. Hi Everybody I'm trying to Sync with a private Github repository (I can access it because it is shared with my Github account). The username and password I entered are correct but this gives me the following error : An Error occured while connection to git : impossible to create SSL/TLS secured channel I use plastic I can give the Github repo address because it's confidential. Any Idea ? Thanks by advance.
  23. I really like the design of PlasticSCM but there are a lot of sharp corners for new users like me! Here's a new one: I created a local repository I replicate/pulled the remote repository (as you can see from the screenshot the history is still very simple) I made a few checkins. I tried to switch the workspace to an earlier changeset. Got an error message along the lines of (failed: Owner is null) Now when I try to switch back to the latest changeset, I get this huge error message. The revInfo.Owner is null before the cache And it refuses to switch to the latest changeset. Worked around it by deleting local repository and redoing the whole setup process but that's a pain.
  24. I get this error when trying to view "Created by me" code reviews. I tried Updated client to "Update workspace" and "Compare file contents instead of timestamps when determining "Changed" status" Deleting all ignored files Switching to a different workspace How do I update the workspace to fix the error?
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