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Found 5 results

  1. Hi We are currently working on a project in UE4 using Plastic as our main (and only) source control solution. Since files from Unreal Engine cannot be merged, we are using exclusive checkouts most files. It happens quite often that we want to test some features or create a slightly divergent version of the project for a demo. The issue we experience is that doing version control for these branches gets quite annoying. Even though the exclusive checkouts work on a branch basis to check if you have the latest version, it's impossible to checkout or push a file that's already checked
  2. Hello, This post http://blog.plasticscm.com/2014/11/orchestrate-your-development-with.html explains how to set up exclusive checkout in a distributed server setup. Can we use this with the official plastic cloud? Can we tell our server to use the plastic cloud server as the file locking manager? Thank you for your answers
  3. We've started using exclusive checkouts in our Unity project, where we lock things such as materials, scenes, prefabs. However, we've noticed that there are instances where files are not saved to disc properly, and therefore not getting checked in properly. This seems to happen when you have a scene open, that is locked by someone else, edit your assets, and save. Since the scene you're currently in fails to check out and save, it appears as if it aborts the save process altogether, resulting in your other work not being saved as well. If you open another scene that you're allowed to edit
  4. Morning all, I've successfully tested the regular exclusive checkout rules on my server, and wanted to try out the requirehead (surely not spelled "requiehead"?) rules mentioned here : http://blog.plasticscm.com/2014/11/orchestrate-your-development-with.html However, updating a line in the lock.conf file to include the keyword makes it so the files matching the specified pattern are no longer exclusive, and I see no warnings to sync to latest -- in fact the files just checkout as if lock.conf didn't include the line. Is the requirehead keyword still active? Is the format still as follows:
  5. Hey, I'm trying out Plastic with one of my friend for a Unity project and we would like to use a DVCS configuration because we are used to git and mercurial and we like branching. We also need exclusive check out because of binary game assets. So far, I was able to install plastic client and server on my Windows machine pretty easily. I've created a repository, added some file, make a branch, etc. Everything is working well locally. Now, I want to configure a remote "lock server", but the documentation is pretty sparse on how to do this. So far, I've installed plastic server on my
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