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Found 13 results

  1. I'm exploring using Plastic for a monorepo I manage that is getting a little large for git. However, when I run fast-import, then open a workspace showing the paths that LFS was used on, I only have the LFS marker files, not the large binaries themselves. What's the best way to do this (one time) import?
  2. Hi, I tried to synchronize my plastic scm repository with a local git repository. To do so, I performed a fast-export from PlasticSCM and a fast-import with git, but I ran into an issue : Here is my configuration: Plastic SCM repository: rkwc@localhost:8087 git: git version 2.8.1.windows.1 (git 2.8.1-win64 from official website) plastic: Command line to export: cm fast-export rkwc rkwc.fe.03 Command line to import (from git bash in an empty git repository): cat rkwc.fe.03 | git fast-import I attached the fast export error crash log. I wo
  3. I am getting an error when executing cm fast-import. This is the output: Couldn't process command [??r e s e t r e f s / h e a d s / m a s t e r ] Error: Couldn't process command [??r e s e t r e f s / h e a d s / m a s t e r ] The spaces in between the command letters are really NUL characters. I have attached a file with the command output. git fast-export generates a file encoded with UCS-2 Little Endian. Maybe cm fast-import is not using that encoding?
  4. I'm using Plastic - Zagreb I've noticed that if I perform a fast-import from a file, that previously active users become "unlicensed" / deactivated. Fortunately, my account doesn't become deactivated, probably because I'm the repository owner for the imports, but every other account for all other repositories need to be deactivated and reactivated. Is this normal, or is it a bug? (identifying users from a new repository as being different than ones that are already present and active) I'm converting all of my CVS modules over to using plastic, and while that will only happ
  5. Hi, we're migrating a svn-repository to Plastic. We chose to first migrate the repository to git, then export using fastexport and import using cm fastimport. However, we ran into some problems: There are many paths containing spaces in our repository. What we got out of git fast-export were lines like R foo/1.008.002/foo bar.baz foo/1.008.002/foo baz.bar There's no way an importer can tell where the first path starts and where the second path ends, so both git fast-import and cm fast-import failed. What we did is patch git, so all paths containing spaces are surrounded with quotes, e.g.
  6. Hi. After I execute the command cm fi myrepo svn-git-no-data.dump "myrepo" is filled with changesets that are marked as created by "b.kot". The problem is that some changesets were made by "j.smith" and this information was lost during an import. Below is the snippet from the import file created by: git fast-export -M --all Here the same changeset (same comments "PrĂ³ba formatowania[...]" and timestamp "2010-11-19 11:32:01") with the wrong author(should be j.smith - not b.kot) I don't know if this is relevant, but the git repository was made from svn repository using svn-all
  7. Hi, I'm trying to test plastic SCM by importing a git repository, through fast-import, but I get this error: C:\Users\Cyber Sinh>cm fast-import Echosync "D:\Temporaire\Download\scm\git-repo\Luminescence.Xiph.fastimport" An item with the same key has already been added. reset refs/heads/master commit refs/heads/master mark :1 author xxxxxx <xxx@free.fr> 1217260939 +0000 committer xxxxxx <xxx@free.fr> 1217260939 +0000 data 1 commit refs/heads/master mark :2 author xxxxxx <xxx@free.fr> 1217261026 +0000 committer xxxxxx <xxx@free.fr> 1217261026 +0000 data 1
  8. I am trying to export a repository from git, and importing it in plastic. I am following the examples from the page http://codicesoftwar...-to-github.html. "git fast-export" seems to succeed. However, when I try to fast-import the file into plastic I get an "Illegal characters in path" error. What am I doing wrong? Can anyone please help me to import my git repository to plastic? Z:\PlasticSCM>cm fast-import msrit@localhost:8087 MsrIT49_from_git_20120814.fe Error processing changeset mark 11179. Parent cset mark: -1. Parent cset: -1 Illegal characters in path. M 100644 :11153 TestProgr
  9. I was following the migration guidelines (https://www.plastics...stic-scm-4.aspx) and everything up to the import seemed to work fine. I am now trying to import my repositories - I have 9 of them. Seven of them imported with no issues, and appear to be okay in branch explorer. My two largest repos are having an issue, though. When importing, the repository is created and the process begins - but then errors out with: 2012-07-02 15:47:15,695 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM at PFALT-7131 ERROR Operations - Plastic server version: 2012-07-02 15:47:15,69
  10. Still working through testing conversion from SourceSafe. I did a "cm fast-import" into Plastic v4.... (well, hang on a minute I have to go to the command line to see what version I'm using since there is no About box and no version display in the UI) v4.0.239.19. Looking at the files and changesets, they all show the user that did the fast-import (me) instead of the user that did the real changes. I reviewed the fast-export file. The correct users are in it. Is this expected behavior, am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? Greg
  11. Still in my evaluation process and am attempting to convert a smallish (~4300 files) SourceSafe database to PlasticSCM. I've set up a PlasticSCM v3.0.187.35 installation on a separate machine and ran the importer tool. It ran but there are many warnings in the log file, I think it might be 2 warnings per file. They look like this: 2012-03-28 17:13:55,786 WARN Importer - The line History of $/CXMonitor/APPLSDI.ICO ... doesn't match in any state 2012-03-28 17:13:55,786 WARN Importer - The line doesn't match in any state What do these mean? After running the import I attempted to follow th
  12. After some initial troubles getting our plastic 3...(32) repositories to plastic 4 (see other thread) my final fast-export + fast-import scripts are working fine. I get correctly processed messages on all repositories and everything seems fine when showing branch explorer, branches, changesets and items. However when I checkin a new changeset is created with changeset id 1, instead of (lastid+1). If I look in my rep database, in the table changeset I see iobjid ichangesetid fidbranch fidrootrevision iparentid scomplete 5 0 3 4 -1 T 111 1 3 63 0
  13. I'm continuing to try to get my new installation of Plastic up and running, but I'm running into some issues. I'm migrating from a CVSNT platform, that is a real mess. I started playing around with Plastic a week or two before Plastic 4 came out. I couldn't find an easy way to get CVS to export into a fast-export type file. The only way I could try to do it was to install Cygwin (I'm living in a Windows world) and try to get the cvs2git port of svn2git to work. That doesn't official support CVSNT so I was hesitant to do so. I already had imported all of my CVS stuff into Plastic 3, so I decide
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