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Found 1 result

  1. Hiho. Most of our team is working on Windows, but we also have a few Mac users. Now every(?) time somebody commits something on a Mac, there will usually be several files that are unmodified, but are commited/need to be committed anyway, as they are marked as "Only filesystem permissions changed". In the diff window the info given is "Filesystem permissions changed from NOT_DEFINED to [...]". As we really don't care about these (our main platform is Windows, and all our projects use Unity), we'd like to be able to prevent these changes from being committed/recognized, as they create a lot of clutter, making the Plastic client harder to use for our Designers and so on. We didn't find a setting to influence this behaviour - is there another workaround (or CLI trick?) to have the Mac client and/or the whole database ignore all filesystem permissions? Thanks a lot! :o)
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