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Found 6 results

  1. In order to filter out branches that have been merged and/or abandoned (like test branches), I was looking into attributes as they seemed like the easiest way to have a blanket identifier for this kind of flag. I am able to easily add a "find branches where attribute='Closed' " to find the closed branches, but how can I do the inverse of this? I would like to have a filter that shows everything with an attribute != 'Closed". I know I could add an attribute to everything, mark it as "1" and set "0" as the "hide" options, but that requires every branch to be updated and modified. Only
  2. By default, the Plastic SCM client does show you changsets older than a particular date 1st nov 2015 for me, and it does not show you changesets older than the 1st sept 2015 in the branch explorer (in release 5.4). This create problem at least with gitsync usage. When you create a repository to sync from an existing git repo, all the changesets are older than the root one. So you won't see them in the changsets list. For newcomer it is very painful because you do not understand why you don't see anything although the gitsync succeeded. Nothing on the UI tell you changesets are filter by da
  3. Per the release notes for the new --filter command should allow me to specify a specific repository for triggers to fire on See http://www.plasticscm.com/download/releasenotes.aspx (I couldn't paste it, and the link java thing froze the page) 1. Create a testing repository called TestRepo (TestRepo1.jpg) 2. Setup a trigger which will simply fail for use in exploratory testing (TestRepo2.jpg) @echo off echo %PLASTIC_USER% : %PLASTIC_REPOSITORY_NAME% exit 1 3. Attempt to create a label: Success (TestRepo3.jpg) 4. Remove trigger and recreate without the --filter option (Te
  4. It seems to me that the query system for reviews is broken somehow. find reviews where targettype='changeset' or find reviews where targettype='changeset' and target=32874 do not filter the results. Instead, all code reviews are returned. Am I doing something wrong? Btw. what is the comment in the reviews filtering option (http://plasticscm.com/guides/cmfind/main.shtml#FilteringandOutputoptions35)?
  5. Hi, Is there an option to filter out branches/objects from the Branch Explorer window using the Attributes? I manage to use attributes to mark colors on the branches, but was unable to fins a way to make some disappear. Is there such an option? Thanks, Ed.
  6. Hi, I have just begin to evaluate PlasticScm so excuse me if the answer to question may be obvious. I have a set up a Workspace directory and I have a lot of files I don't want to see like exe-files and other temp files and directories. How can I hide them in the Items View ? I have tried to delete them and then choose "Do not delete on disk", but the only thing that happened is that the files is marked as Private/Ignored. So how can I permanently hide those files without delete them from disk ? Regards Roland Bengtsson Team Attracs
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