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Found 9 results

  1. I need to search my repository for all changesets which changed the encoding of any file (to UTF-8 with BOM, but finding all changesets modifying encoding in any way would be fine for me too). I read through the docs on 'cm find' and related, but couldn't find what to write into the where clause for this. Is it possible to find all such changesets?
  2. In order to maintain state in Plastic I'm attempting to use multiple attributes; It's easy enough to apply multiple attributes to a single branch, but I can't seem to get a find command to work. Unless I'm missing something there is no obvious way to get a cm find where clause to feature more than one attribute/attrvalue combination. In my case I have a branch with the following two attributes and values: Status = 'Deprecated' TestFlag = 'TRUE' This is only thing that seems reasonable to try, but does not work (not surprised really because there is only a single, unqualified "attrval
  3. Hi, we are looking for a way to list all changesets of a certain branch that have not been integrated into another branch. Our szenario is a beta deployment branch. There are a lot of changes directly made on that branch that are meant to be integrated into /main again. Other changes should not be integrated (workarounds etc.). We created a branch from /main that is used for this integration. The changes that have to be integrated are cherry picked from the beta deployment branch. We want to have a list of all changesets that are not merged in any way (merge or cp) from the beta depl
  4. In order to filter out branches that have been merged and/or abandoned (like test branches), I was looking into attributes as they seemed like the easiest way to have a blanket identifier for this kind of flag. I am able to easily add a "find branches where attribute='Closed' " to find the closed branches, but how can I do the inverse of this? I would like to have a filter that shows everything with an attribute != 'Closed". I know I could add an attribute to everything, mark it as "1" and set "0" as the "hide" options, but that requires every branch to be updated and modified. Only
  5. I'm trying to find all revisions or changesets that affects files with names matching a specific pattern (in this case files that contain the word "crate" or "Crate"). This will list revisions of all files like expected: cm find revision 12 9/22/2016 4:53:09 PM txt aharris c:\Users\abyrd\wkspaces\<project>\ProjectSettings\AudioManager.asset#br:/main#1 ... And this will show the 'item' field cm find revision --format={item} c:\Users\abyrd\wkspaces\<project>\ProjectSettings\AudioManager.asset ... Yet this will not find any results
  6. I'm trying to locate the changeset when a particular file was deleted. I'm trying to use the query system of cm find or the Changesets view in the GUI. I see documentation saying that you can query on a variety of items, but nowhere do I see a list of things that can be searched for (cm find object [where conditions] [on repositories] [options] <-- but what are the valid where conditions?), and the few examples that are given are almost always dates, labels, or users. What I want to do is something like "find changeset where filename='DisplayNameAttribute'", however "filename" is not a v
  7. Is there a way how to find all changesets (branches, items, etc.) which has not set a specific attribute? In SQL I can do something like: SELECT * FROM changesets EXCEPT SELECT * FROM changesets WHERE attribute="xyz" How to do it using find in Plastic?
  8. It seems to me that the query system for reviews is broken somehow. find reviews where targettype='changeset' or find reviews where targettype='changeset' and target=32874 do not filter the results. Instead, all code reviews are returned. Am I doing something wrong? Btw. what is the comment in the reviews filtering option (http://plasticscm.com/guides/cmfind/main.shtml#FilteringandOutputoptions35)?
  9. Hello, I want to check default branch (e.g. /main , /master or, branch /master-2012) How to find the default branch with command liine inteface (cm) or how to change the default branch (/master *)? Thank you.
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