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Found 8 results

  1. This suddenly popped up when I alt-tabbed back to plastic. I'd changed a source file that I think was visible in the diff view. I could continue working after forcibly killing plastic. What exactly has been corrupted and should I be concerned?
  2. The previous version let you resize and see all the permission at once. Now you have to scroll up and down...
  3. Release Version: OS: Windows 10 Steps to reproduce: In the pending changes view, press the Check-In or Undo button and accept while there are pending changes. Real result: The buttons are flickering. Expected result: The buttons play their normal press animation.
  4. Release version : OS: Windows/MacOS/Linux : MacOS Steps to reproduce : - open Branches explorer - right click branch - run gitsync - enter credentials for private repository (Git Personal Access Token) - watch process run Real result : - Hard crash to desktop. Error in logs: Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 'NSWindow drag regions should only be invalidated on the Main Thread!' terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException Expected result : - GitSync runs successfully.
  5. Release version : OS: Windows/MacOS/Linux : Windows 10 Steps to reproduce : Open a Unity project, create a new material. Go to PlasticX's Pending Changes view and select the material (.mat) file. Real result : PlasticX tries to read the material file as a .MAT image, which breaks material diffing. PlasticX displays the error message shown in the attached screenshot ("improper image header (...) @ error/mat.c/ReadMATImage/ 1491") Expected result : PlasticX should correctly read and diff the material as a text file. This is the current behavior on legacy Plastic GUI.
  6. Release version : Cass Elliot OS: Windows Steps to reproduce : Select the "Only relevant" button in the Branch Explorer. Then select a changeset. Now toggle the only relevant button off. Real result : The view jumps to a point in the past and the selected changeset is no longer visible. Expected result: The Branch Explorer view should stay focused on the selected changeset or the "home-changeset" (current workspace location), if nothing else is selected.
  7. After updating to version, running winplasticx.exe doing nothing, application not starting, old interface works fine.
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