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  1. Hi, I have a PlasticSCM server which authenticate the users using LDAP. I'm using a Linux VM which is created automatically. Is there an option to connect, from the VM, to the Plastic's git sever without installing & configuring the PlasticSCM client? Tx, Ofir
  2. Hi. We are syncing a Plastic repo with a BitBucket repo. In BitBucket, user1 merged a changeset from branch A into the main branch, and then committed 4 more changesets into main. User2 then created a new changeset in BItBucket on branch A, using the latest changeset on main as the parent. At least, that is how it appears to have synced across, as you can see from the attached image (the topmost branch is branch A, and the bottom one is main). This has left multiple heads in branch A, and I can't figure out how to merge it in Plastic so that I can sync new changesets I have back to
  3. Hello, i want to change from github to plasticscm some projects. My first try was to use the gitsync option, the import works well i have the same workspace directory structure as the one with github, but it appears that i can't break the sync process after importing the project, and that some features cannot be used because of the sync with git that i don't want in fact (i never want to push things back to git, i just want to import the gihub repo and keep traces of all history). So i tried to use git fast-export then cm fast-import but in this case, when opening the imported p
  4. Hi, I've been having issues syncing a plastic repository with git since I added an XLink to the project. There is a similar post here where a user is encountering a similar issue although I wasn't able to resolve my issue through that post. The issue is this. I have 2 plastic repositories, 1 called "LevelEditor" and another called "Core". These two repositories are both synced with two git repositories hosted on bitbucket. This syncing has worked just fine, but recently I created an XLink in the LevelEditor project, which points to the Core repository. Since that point I have been unab
  5. Hi there, New user here, trying to figure out how to migrate an existing Git repo into Plastic Cloud. This is just a one-time operation, I don't need to sync anything with Git after the initial import. I have a local Git repo in bare format, exported with the git clone --mirror command. How do I use this package as the basis of a new Plastic Cloud repo? Thanks in advance!
  6. I'm exploring using Plastic for a monorepo I manage that is getting a little large for git. However, when I run fast-import, then open a workspace showing the paths that LFS was used on, I only have the LFS marker files, not the large binaries themselves. What's the best way to do this (one time) import?
  7. I have a Github repository that I'm trying to sync with my Plastic repository, but I only seem to be able to sync one way. My first sync works only if I don't put in a username/password, and I can successfully sync the Plastic repo with my Github repo. However, when I check-in a change and then try to sync with git again, I always get the error "The credentials introduced for this repository are not valid". This is true not matter what I put into the username/password boxes, even if they remain empty as before. Now, I assume that the username and password asked for are the u/p combo I use
  8. Hi there ! I would like to export a repository from Plastic SCM and import it to a git Repo. I did an export with $ cm fast-export repo@XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:XXXX repo.fe.01 The file repo.fe.01 was well created (see attachment), then I do this into my new git repository: $ cat repo.fe.01 | git fast-import --force --stats But here is the error output : fatal: Branch name doesn't conform to GIT standards: refs/heads/master-Mise en place notifs push fast-import: dumping crash report to .git/fast_import_crash_9708 So I tried to normailize all my branches names (see atta
  9. Hi! We are making games and would like to have Github repos in sync and inside our Plastic Cloud repo: Example: -our_repo // on Plastic Cloud --Assets ---Addons ----Postprocessing // that is synchronized with Unity Technologies repo on github Looking at the documentation and dozens of forums and blog posts, I'm still unable to get it working: Using Sync With Git on a branch throws an error; The changeset (...) could not be imported (...) An implicit transaction is not supported to write the metadata (...) Creating an xlink using a GitHub server doesn't wor
  10. Hi Everybody I'm trying to Sync with a private Github repository (I can access it because it is shared with my Github account). The username and password I entered are correct but this gives me the following error : An Error occured while connection to git : impossible to create SSL/TLS secured channel I use plastic I can give the Github repo address because it's confidential. Any Idea ? Thanks by advance.
  11. Hi there, how can I configure SemanticMerge with Git? thanks
  12. Our team uses TFS based on GIT. Client API: Git Extensions I've heard a lot about your software and decided to use it as a client the PlasticSCM. unfortunately I could not sync git with plastic: Authorisation Error. If use the Git server (without TFS) then the synchronization is successful. Do you have an instruction to connect the PlasticSCM to TFS based on git? PS: I'm use translate.google.ru
  13. Hello, Is there anyway in Plastic/GitServer to map a plastic user to the git commit username (git config user.name) and email (git config user.email)? Given a user called "Joe Coder", with a userid of jc1 and email of joe.coder@example.com, with GitServer turned on, what I'm seeing when I clone a repository/branch into a git repo and then run: git log --pretty=format:"%h - %an, %ae, %ar : %s" is this: a12345b - jc1, , 2 days ago : update widget I would expect to get something like this: a12345b - joe.coder, joe.coder@example.com, 2 days ago : update widget I'
  14. Hi, I have a couple of Plastic repos that I regularly "gitsync" with Atlassian Bitbucket - One of them failed to push this morning and displays the error "References without sha cannot be processed" when I try to sync it - The other repo on the same machine still syncs fine with Bitbucket (different repo on the same account). The error occurs both from the command line and the Plastic GUI. I'm running version Any idea what's going wrong here? Thanks, Steve.
  15. I've got Plastic nicely talking to Github as a back end repo. Once I figured out where the controls where it all went very smoothly. Kudos on that. One question: Git hub has an issue tracker for their projects. I didnt see it listed on the web page that talks about using issue trackers with the Plastic client. Is it integrated? If so, where might the setup instructions be hiding? Thanks ProfK
  16. Have you guys written anything comparing gitflow against the task-driven development process explained at the link below: https://www.plasticscm.com/branch-per-task-guide/intro/why-is-branch-per-task-better.html I know gitflow can be accomplished with Plastic as well but I'm arguing that maintaining a long-lived integration branch "develop" and a separate branch for "production"/master that triggers deployments is bad. I'd like the exact same check-in i created to be the codebase that feeds into continuous integration and deployment pipelines... i'll edit and add links for reference and
  17. When I'm synchronizing GIT (http://SERVER:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection/_git/Source) - I get the error The credentials introduced for the repository are not valid. Then I'm try next command cm sync /main@Test@localhost:8087 tfs http://SERVER:8080/tfs\\DefaultCollection $/Source --user=MyDomain\User --pwd=anypassword I get the error: Error: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. Please, help me! I really want to use your product, but it does not work
  18. Hello, I would like to use the plastic SCM client for Git Repos. The problem is I need a Plastic server to create a "Bridge Repository" to make it works and use "Replication > Sync with Git" to contribute to thos Git projects. So I downloaded the Plastic SCM installer, selecting Server and Client components during installation, but when I try to configure my local server, the application asks me to enter licence informations, but I don't have one ! Is it mandatory to buy a licence, just to use the server for only one person in local, just to create "Bridge Repositories" ?
  19. Hi, I am looking for a GIT integration with our in-house Powerbuilder applications and we use Stash server from Atlassian as GIT repository. I see that there is a plugin from Plastic SCM and it looks it can be integrated with PowerBuilder 12.5. But from its pricing model, it looks it can only support to connect to Cloud GIT repository. May I know if any professional here can advise me the Plastic SCM can offer solution on integration with our in-house GIT server ? Any advice will be highly appreciated. Thanks, Ray
  20. Hi, I'm hoping I can receive some fairly urgent help with this one. I'm having problems syncing to my git repository (where I have paying customers waiting for updates). When I tried to sync this afternoon I received the following error "An error occurred processing your request" but no other information as to what that error might be. I can sync up other plastic repositories to their git equivalents ok. I've taken a look at the plastic log and the only thing that look suspicious is the last line which reads: 2016-06-06 17:41:09,850 (null) NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM at (null) INFO
  21. Guest

    Unable to git push

    Hello! While attempting to use the git command line tool from windows to push my changes to Plastic I got the following error: Counting objects: 3, done. Delta compression using up to 8 threads. Compressing objects: 100% (3/3), done. Writing objects: 100% (3/3), 362 bytes | 0 bytes/s, done. Total 3 (delta 1), reused 0 (delta 0) error: unpack failed: An error was raised by libgit2. Category = Odb (Error). Invalid pack file - base entry delta is not in the same pack fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly The repository was cloned using git and I read that I could push/pull as usual.
  22. When I'm synchronizing plastic repo with git repo using command line: cm sync treecore@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8087 git https://github.com/jiandingzhe/treecore.git It claims: The branch(es) /main, /simd has more than one head. Please, merge it to be able to continue synchronizing It seems the "head" concept in git means where I am currently at. I'm not pretty sure on the large chunk of Git's concepts, so: If we have multiple computers developing at multiple branches, and they all push to the repo at github, does it natually causes multiple head? Is it a issue that must be solved? When I do sync u
  23. Hi, I tried to synchronize my plastic scm repository with a local git repository. To do so, I performed a fast-export from PlasticSCM and a fast-import with git, but I ran into an issue : Here is my configuration: Plastic SCM repository: rkwc@localhost:8087 git: git version 2.8.1.windows.1 (git 2.8.1-win64 from official website) plastic: Command line to export: cm fast-export rkwc rkwc.fe.03 Command line to import (from git bash in an empty git repository): cat rkwc.fe.03 | git fast-import I attached the fast export error crash log. I wo
  24. I'm trying to use Plastic / GitSync to grab the latest release version of UE4 so that I can track any potential source code changes locally. I'm getting an error when I try and replicate with the github repository, here's a screen capture: My process: Create new repository on my Plastic Server, called UE4 with that empty repo, go to branch explorer and choose 'Sync with Git' use this repository https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine.git and enter my github credentials. It looks like it's working for a couple minutes, but then I get the attached error. I'm not familiar with git, so
  25. I tried the "sync with git" function in Windows GUI client and it looks good. However, the Linux Gtk client don't have that menu entry, and I failed to find how to use "cm replicate" to sync with git repo. So what is the proper way to sync with git using command line? Or is there any way to sync with git using Linux Gtk client? Thanks!
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