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Found 33 results

  1. Hey all, Basically the title. I'm looking for a way to automatically sync with git any time a checkin is done with PlasticSCM. It's not a big deal for me to manually hit the sync button, but we have a few team members who I suspect will forget to do this regularly and I don't want to have to do big sync jobs every time I remember to do it. So, is there any way to do this? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi there, I'm trying to use gitsync to synchronize some local plastic repos distributed across my various workstations to one private github repository. My project has one submodule (some shared videogame systems I reuse across projects), which I have successfully pushed to github using gitsync.conf and an xlinked/gitsynced local repo. The problem I'm now encountering is that, when I do the following: 1) Make a fresh local repository and use gitsync to pull from my github repo (which works flawlessly), then... 2) Make some trivial change and attempt to push it back up to github... The push fails, giving me the following error message: "There was a problem unpacking: index-pack abnormal exit" Now, I have no idea why this might be happening. I've noticed, however, that there is a weird discrepancy between the place where I made the initial push and all the places I've attempted to pull it: these fresh repos include a .submodules file in the root of the workspace, while in the original repo no .submodules file exists. So I suppose I have two questions. Am I SUPPOSED to see the .submodules file in my local plastic repos after syncing with a git repo that contains a submodule (or is Plastic supposed to automagically hide that from me)? And of course, the bigger question: why isn't this shit working? I love Plastic and I hate git, but I am interested in open-sourcing some code of mine so this seemed like it'd be the best of both worlds. Really hoping I can get it running nicely.
  3. Hi, I've been having issues syncing a plastic repository with git since I added an XLink to the project. There is a similar post here where a user is encountering a similar issue although I wasn't able to resolve my issue through that post. The issue is this. I have 2 plastic repositories, 1 called "LevelEditor" and another called "Core". These two repositories are both synced with two git repositories hosted on bitbucket. This syncing has worked just fine, but recently I created an XLink in the LevelEditor project, which points to the Core repository. Since that point I have been unable to sync LevelEditor with its git equivalent, receiving the error: "The equivalent Git repository for 'CLIFTEK_CORE_REP@localhost:8087' has not been defined. The xlink cannot be pushed. Please, add the equivalence inside the submodules section in the configuration file 'C:\Users\Thomas\AppData\Local\plastic4\gitsync.conf'." My understanding having read the thread I mentioned earlier and the documentation here is that I need to have the submodule information defined in this gitsync file. I did not actually have a gitsync file but I created one at the given path. I then proceeded to add the submodules information. This is what the file looks like: [submodules] https://bitbucket.org/cliftek/core/ -> CLIFTEK_CORE_REP@localhost:8087 writeable:true relativeserver:true Unfortunately this has had no effect for me and I still receive the exact same error as before whenever I try to sync (I have restarted the plasticscm server and client a few times). I am sure that I have got the syntax wrong or something similar but can't get it to work. Could you provide me with some assistance to help rectify this issue please? Thanks, Tom
  4. I have a Github repository that I'm trying to sync with my Plastic repository, but I only seem to be able to sync one way. My first sync works only if I don't put in a username/password, and I can successfully sync the Plastic repo with my Github repo. However, when I check-in a change and then try to sync with git again, I always get the error "The credentials introduced for this repository are not valid". This is true not matter what I put into the username/password boxes, even if they remain empty as before. Now, I assume that the username and password asked for are the u/p combo I use to log on to Github. But it's not working. Why? How can I fix this? The repo I'm testing: https://github.com/aormsby/LittleTools-Unity.git
  5. Hi everybody, I'm afraid I did a big mistake on one of my repo. I have a repo called "My_repo_A" which has a XLinked sub repo called "My_repo_A_shares". This sub repo "My_repo_A_shares" is synced with a repo on github. But tonight, after a hard work week, I synced by mistake the parent repo "My_repo_A" with the same repo on github. That resulted in a warning like "the branches have to be merged before being able to push with gitsync again ...". Hopefully there are no problems on github, but in plastic a lot of commits are duplicated with different guid, and branches have two heads ... So ... the winner is me ! I know ... but is there a way to cancel a gitsync ? Thanks a lot for your help.
  6. Hi Everybody I'm trying to Sync with a private Github repository (I can access it because it is shared with my Github account). The username and password I entered are correct but this gives me the following error : An Error occured while connection to git : impossible to create SSL/TLS secured channel I use plastic I can give the Github repo address because it's confidential. Any Idea ? Thanks by advance.
  7. Our team uses TFS based on GIT. Client API: Git Extensions I've heard a lot about your software and decided to use it as a client the PlasticSCM. unfortunately I could not sync git with plastic: Authorisation Error. If use the Git server (without TFS) then the synchronization is successful. Do you have an instruction to connect the PlasticSCM to TFS based on git? PS: I'm use translate.google.ru
  8. I'm trying to sync my Plastic repo with a Github repository and I'm finding a strange behavior. If I try to sync from my laptop or workstation, I get this error (run from the command line): So it can connect to github but can't seem to pull the changes. The strange part is that when I logged into the machine my Plastic server is running on (Linux) and run the same command, it works great! So I'm halfway there, but it would be nice to be able to sync with the GUI and not have to log into that server. I think, but I'm not certain it's related, that the error on the server side when I tried to sync with the client is this: I'm guessing it's a configuration problem on my client side?
  9. I had syncing working perfectly from work. I came home and now whenever I try a replication->sync with git it says "Receiving references: ok" but then I get an error that says "The underlying connection was closed. A conenction that was expected to be kept alive was closed by server." Help?
  10. Hello. A perforce user here, recently switched to plastic. And loving it ! I have two questions. Question 1. I ran into a problem with Gitsync. I synced a repository to a git repo on bitbucket. Later I wanted to sync to another bitbucket repo, (disconnection sync with previous repo). Unfortunately when I put the new url it gives me this error: "The setting you have introduced does not match with the stored ones for the branch/repo 'reponame' . Stored are: 'previous git url' ". I am using - Budapest version. I searched for any config file that may contain this previous url so that i may change it. But failed to find any. Question 2. When using perforce we were able to take a specific directory from a repo and map it to our workspace. That allowed us to take only the files we need without downloading the whole repo. Is that possible in Plastic ? I am probably missing it. Would you please point me to a direction in which i'll be able to do it ? Thanks so much!!
  11. Hello everybody, I have an error while I'm trying to sinc with a git repo on github : cm sync Ext_Adafruit_NeoPixel git https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit_NeoPixel.git log4net:ERROR [FileAppender] Unable to acquire lock on file C:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\client\cm.log.txt. L'accès au chemin d'accès 'C:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\client\cm.log.txt' est refusé. Upgrading mappings from server... | both contributors. Upgrading mappings from server... OK Receiving references... OK Compressing objects... OK Downloading... OK Processing objects:... /The label 'v1.0.3' exists in Plastic & Git but it is applied to different changesets The label 'v1.0.2' exists in Plastic & Git but it is applied to different changesets The label 'v1.0.1' exists in Plastic & Git but it is applied to different changesets The label '1.0.0' exists in Plastic & Git but it is applied to different changesets - 139 changesets to pull - 114 changesets to push There are changes to push and pull. Will pull the remote changes then you'll have to merge them and push the changes back. Processing objects:... OK Importing... / 120/139Error: The changeset '357cf4154915663653724cf50867c4ee259d980d' could not be imported. Error: There has been an unexpected error "Too many connections". For more information check the server log. Please contact with the support team. Can someone help me to solve the problem ? Thank you very much
  12. Hello, I would like to use the plastic SCM client for Git Repos. The problem is I need a Plastic server to create a "Bridge Repository" to make it works and use "Replication > Sync with Git" to contribute to thos Git projects. So I downloaded the Plastic SCM installer, selecting Server and Client components during installation, but when I try to configure my local server, the application asks me to enter licence informations, but I don't have one ! Is it mandatory to buy a licence, just to use the server for only one person in local, just to create "Bridge Repositories" ? I know there are free licences but we have to send informations about our projects, etc... And those projects have to be non-profit. Unfortunatly the projects I work are for my Job, so I think I wo't be able to obtain a free license :/ It would be really disappointing being not able to use a server freely for only one developper, because the Plastic SCM client interface is just very nice and intuitive comparing to SourceTree or others client applications... Thanks for your replies !
  13. Hi, I tried to synchronize my plastic scm repository with a local git repository. To do so, I performed a fast-export from PlasticSCM and a fast-import with git, but I ran into an issue : Here is my configuration: Plastic SCM repository: rkwc@localhost:8087 git: git version 2.8.1.windows.1 (git 2.8.1-win64 from official website) plastic: Command line to export: cm fast-export rkwc rkwc.fe.03 Command line to import (from git bash in an empty git repository): cat rkwc.fe.03 | git fast-import I attached the fast export error crash log. I wonder whether it is a PlasticSCM issue, a git issue or if the issue lies in one of my command. I suspect an issue with the PlasticSCM fast-export (thus, I posted my issue here). Does any of you have an idea about this ? Best regards, fast_import_crash_17788.txt
  14. By default, the Plastic SCM client does show you changsets older than a particular date 1st nov 2015 for me, and it does not show you changesets older than the 1st sept 2015 in the branch explorer (in release 5.4). This create problem at least with gitsync usage. When you create a repository to sync from an existing git repo, all the changesets are older than the root one. So you won't see them in the changsets list. For newcomer it is very painful because you do not understand why you don't see anything although the gitsync succeeded. Nothing on the UI tell you changesets are filter by date, and you have just clicked on the changesets tab, so you do not expect no to see all the changesets. In addition, if all the changesets are older than the 1st of september 2015, they are filter in the branch explorer. For instance, I have synced a one year old repository and I did not understand why the branch explorer was empty. Again nothing in the UI tells you a filter is applied, and because it is the default setting you did not expect not to see your changeset on the branch explorer.
  15. I'm trying to use Plastic / GitSync to grab the latest release version of UE4 so that I can track any potential source code changes locally. I'm getting an error when I try and replicate with the github repository, here's a screen capture: My process: Create new repository on my Plastic Server, called UE4 with that empty repo, go to branch explorer and choose 'Sync with Git' use this repository https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine.git and enter my github credentials. It looks like it's working for a couple minutes, but then I get the attached error. I'm not familiar with git, so I don't know where to start with fixing this. Really all I want to do is get the latest source code for a particular release / branch (not the entire history or all branches) so I can build the engine. I may make changes to the source which I would eventually want to submit as a pull request back to the github repo, but for now it's pretty experimental so I want to keep my changes isolated to the office here. any ideas what I'm doing wrong here? thanks!
  16. Hi! I'm having a very strange problem. A co-worker performed a merge operation on the "git side of the force" and on his merge he's not doing any delete: After I performed my gitsync, Plastic is identifying a delete operation: These operations never happened. What do I do? I can't "undo" the delete operation on a merge. I don't want to "undo" all his work. Please, help! Thanks!
  17. Hi there! Long time no see! I was trying to import a repo from git and trying to get my way back to plastic as a git client while we don't have a Cloud host for plastic But I had an strange issue, never saw this message before... Here's the print. The author of the commit is working on Windows 8.1 as I'm, which makes the error message a little bit strange. Thanks in advance!
  18. Hi guys, I'm trying to sync with a GitHub private repository (which I have access to, but I'm not the owner), and I'm having this error saying that The Credentials introduced for the repository are not valid. I've tried using my GitHub credentials in the Username/Password fields. In the plastic.server.log file I see this line when the problem happens: 2015-02-27 19:54:13,070 (null) NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM at (null) INFO Channel - conn 2. Tcp transport error. Connection closed Any ideas on this? Thanks in advance
  19. Hi! In my workplace we are trying a new workflow using Git and, as always, I'm pretty happy using my Plastic SCM. But when syncing, the branch's name goes "wild". Are you planning supporting gitflow? Here is some text about the topic: http://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/ Thanks in advance!
  20. Hi! I'm really putting GitSync feature on stress lately! I'm having some problems after doing the GitSync. First, the branches comments are being ignored at the sync. Plastic's branches comments are not being sent to Git. (I don't even know if it's possible...) The comments at the checkins are being truncated. I have 2 prints to show the problem: This is the plastic's side: This is the git's side: I'm being asked why the heck this is happening (people here don't know I'm using Plastic, they use the SourceTree... argh...) and I don't know what to say... I guess this could be related to the fact that I'm using special chars. Please... Help me with this.. I don't want to go back to SourceTree
  21. We have just started using GitSync and quickly run into an issue where Plastic shows a git side merge as having deleted several files, but the files exist git side. The above shows the plastic view changeset 4 is where the issue lies. The above is the same view within Git. None of the change-sets affected the files that disappeared. Changeset 2 & 3 are shown swapped in chronological order in git. I'd be happy to do a remote desktop if anyone at Plastic want further information etc. Andrew
  22. Hi everybody! If you're like me and using Plastic SCM as Git client, what do you think about this feature request?! https://plasticscm.uservoice.com/forums/181648-git-bisync/suggestions/5954742-allow-us-to-only-do-pull-or-push-when-syncing-my-r It would really be nice! @Manu, would it be hard to implement such feature?! (Ok.. I guess I want the Plastic's Sync View to Git... but it would be awesome!! ) Thanks in advance!
  23. Hi! I've created a label in a wrong changeset and synced with Git. After noticing my mistake, I tried to remove the label in Plastic and do the sync again but the change was not sent to Git. No changes were made. In fact, Plastic download the Git tag again and reapplied to the wrong changeset. I had to use SourceTree (argh...) remove the tag there and apply the tag to the correct changeset. After doing that, Plastic sync process updated my local repository correctly. Is this "use case" supported or do you plan to support this situation? Thanks in advance!
  24. Hi! I'm successfully using the GitSync feature and I'm loving it!! I was looking to Branch Explorer and I found this image and one question was raised. As you can see in the attached image, it seems that I have 2 parent changeset in the same branch. Isn't it a branch with two heads?! Currently I'm using this repo as "read only" code and I'm not doing any changes on it. Can you explain me what does this mean? Thanks in advance!
  25. Hi!! Is it possible to add the author's email in the checkin when syncing the repository via GitSync? Right now, my checkins display "placido.bisneto@.(none)". Thanks in advance!
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