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Found 10 results

  1. Donald Newlands

    How do I change Repo name and/or server address?

    Hi, Is there a way to change the repo connection string in Gluon so that if a server moves to a different machine or if we need to rename a repo we can do that without rebuilding the workspace? We need to use different URLs to reach our Plastic server depending on if we're connecting on the local network or over the Internet. This makes it difficult to use Plastic for mobile users. I'm looking for a way to configure the name and address of a repo in Gluon. Thanks! -Donald Newlands
  2. Hiho. We're trying to use a workflow where users should start off with a workspace containing only parts of the repository, but can update to a full copy if they wish. I'm guessing Gluon is exactly the tool for such a scenario? However, we have some usability concerns for our scenario, which is as follows: In our scenario we have a Unity project with many (>=100) 3D models, which usually consist of the model itself (an .fbx file), and several/many texture files for each one. The problem with the textures is, it can take VERY long for Unity to import them after an Update. So the idea is to have a workspace that only shows/contains the .fbx files, to be able to get a quick overview, but if the user wants to he can download the associated textures from the repository into his workspace. However, in Gluon it seems I can "only" load/unload specific directories, not wildcards and/or filetypes or similar. As in our scenario we usually store each model in a separate directory, which has its own subdirectory "tex", containing the associated textures, the user would have to first DESELECT >=100 directories named "tex", located in each model directory. And once he decides he now needs the whole repository, he would again go through the whole hierarchy and SELECT >=100 directories named "tex" (although it seems this step could be simplified by selecting the parent, which hopefully will recursively select all files/directories which are currently unloaded?). This is of course not feasible - and would probably take even longer than just letting Plastic download all textures in the first place, and letting Unity import them... Are we missing something, is there another way/workaround/trick? For example, to use wildcards or relative paths or something like that? EDIT: Hm, we don't really use the Unity-Plastic plugin (although we always connect our projects via the plugin), as the client is so much more powerful than the plugin. But maybe when using Gluon one can use the filter/search field in Unity's "Project" tab to quickly select all "tex" directories for example, and maybe then can Gluon-load/unload these all at once? EDIT2: I just realized, this thread probably belongs in the "Gluon" section... Thanks a lot! Cheers, Wolfram
  3. bcrickcwru

    Can't unlock files on Cloud

    Hi! I'm new to PlasticSCM and am setting up a new repository on the cloud service. I'm a developer using the PlasticSCM client proper, which is working fine... but when I set up Gluon for our artist, I'm getting weird errors. Several hundred files appear to be locked and checked out to the artist. The Check In option isn't available. And when we try Check Out, there's an error message saying "These items are exclusively checked out by [artist name]." Is there anyway to reset the checkouts on these files? Thanks, Brian
  4. ThatGuy

    Gluon and Plastic Workspaces Formats

    I was hoping to run plastic and gluon in a mixed environment. Where users would use gluon for day to day needs and then use plastic when extra functionality was needed. But the two applications use different workspace formats. This makes it less seamless to switch between one and the other. Is using a common workspace format something that is in the roadmap?
  5. limbicnation

    Finding changes in the Workspace

    Hi, I'm tying to checkin changes. Also I do want to “exclude” private items from the list. The search is really slow. After that I want to switch to the regular GUI. How can I do that? Thank you.
  6. Hi, His there any fast and easy way to integrate Plastic SCM / Gluon with a [Qnap NAS TS 470] as the server ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. When I attempt to check in, the icon just spins and spins. The only remedy my team has found to fix this is to 1) Uninstall Gluon 2) Wipe all reference to Gluon files in the App Data, Program Files and Workspace 3) Reinstall. As soon as Gluon is closed and reopened it gets stuck here forever. We have a purchased team license. Windows 10 64 bit Not installed on the C drive Please help, we've reinstalled 6 times now! Shows the files are in "Control" but at 0 bytes.
  8. Kolgrima

    Workspace Checkin Errors

    One of our remote artists is getting this error all of a sudden on a previously working workspace "A deleted directory cannot contain changes after the ci operation." does anyone have any ideas? Cheers!
  9. Hi, Everything was configured and worked fine until last evening. I've a network at office with 3 Gluon user and one regular user of one plasticSCM server, with our unity project. Last evening one of the gluon user had crashed during lightmapping, and when he rebooted, the unity GUI started to tell that the workspace CAN'T use gluon. PlasticSCM literraly crfash each time we try to connect ( nice windows 8.1 message box : PlasticSCM stopped working !) What I tried : -several reboot -switching gluon off and on -switching plasticSCM to visible meta data and back to plastic -Reinstalling plasticSCM Each time, hitting connect button result in PlasticSCM stopped working. All other user keep working fine.
  10. We have an after-checkin trigger that announces changes to our internal messaging app so everyone can stay informed. This works fine for most developers, but artists that are using Gluon do not have their check-ins announced. It seems the after-checkin trigger is not being fired when Gluon is done committing.