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Found 1 result

  1. So, essentially I'm the "team lead" and one of my responsibilities is that I have to review code written by other programmers. The deal with that in Plastic is that I can't (at least I don't know how to) prevent regular programmers from changing the Code Review status. As far as I understood from the documentation, I, as a reviewer, have to manually create code reviews for task branches of other programmers. That is quite different from what I am used to in GitHub, where authors of the branch create pull requests which team leads then review. But that's another story. When it comes to GitHub, usually there's no way for authors to somehow influence the result of the pull request (their branch cannot be merged until the reviewer does that). Whereas in Plastic when either I or the author creates a Code Review on a branch, the author has an ability to change the status to "Reviewed", and therefore merge to main. To be clear, I've already set merge rule to "only allow merges when reviewed". The question is said in the title and is quite straightforward. How can I restrict changing Review status to a group of people? P.S. We use Cloud Edition.
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