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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, We are working on a project where some files are being automatically updated when users are working. This leads to have dozen of files appearing in our pending changes list and conflicts warning when merging. Because those files are serialized in a very simple way (to ease the merge) most of the time it just requires to let the merge tool do its job. The problem is that people don't want to deal with those files every time but we still need them to be updated. To sum things up, what we would like is to hide files in the change list bu still check them in when users changed them automatically (like if the "check in" button was bound to a "cm ci . --all" command) . Is there any solution for this ?
  2. Dear support, what is the best way use the status of files on different locations. We have a config file that is in a repository but who has to be different on 3 locations On our local machine the config file has to point to a local service, but on our test-server it has to point to the services there and at last on our published server it has to point to another location. How can we configure the status of that file that it doesn't get overwritten when we change branch, update workspace, or other action? Best regards
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