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Found 4 results

  1. Hey I'm very newbie to plastic scm and I'm scared to mess with cloud saves. (had bad experience with git before) I'm trying to add "Easy Save3" folder which i downloaded from Unity's package manager into ignore list, but it won't let me do that like I did with "Pixel Crushers" and old hidden ".git" files. How can I do this ? -Best wishes, Pepe
  2. I've followed the directions in creating the global repository configuration section and created the /allrepos/ignore.conf in the plastic-global-config repo. But I'm unable to get Plastic to use the rules declared in this file. I used the ignore.conf that I had been using on my local repo and I'm pretty sure the rules in there are valid. 1. I've confirmed that the ignore.conf added to plastic-global-config has been downloaded by Plastic as seen below: file ~/.plastic4/globalconfig/<org-name>@cloud/allrepos/ignore.conf ~/.plastic4/globalconfig/<org-name>@cloud/allrepos/ignore.conf: ASCII text 2. I tested adding a new ignore.conf locally on my workspace and tested that, which worked as expected. 3. I've restarted the PlasticSCM client multiple times and checked on Activity Monitor if there weren't any plasticd daemons hanging around. 4. I also checked the pending changes via the cli to make sure it wasn't an issue on PlasticX. As you can see below, the global ignore.conf isn't taking effect. ➜ <repo-name> rm ignore.conf ➜ <repo-name> cm status | wc -l 51190 ➜ <repo-name> cp ~/.plastic4/globalconfig/<org-name>@cloud/allrepos/ignore.conf . ➜ <repo-name> cm status | wc -l 7 ➜ <repo-name> The contents of my plastic-global-config repo look like this: ➜ plastic-global-config find . . ./allrepos ./allrepos/ignore.conf I'm using Plastic SCM on macOS Monterey 12.5 ➜ Dev cm version ➜ Dev sw_vers ProductName: macOS ProductVersion: 12.5 BuildVersion: 21G72 I've ran out of things to try and investigate. Any ideas?
  3. I'm trying to ignore files by using regular expressions, but it seems like none of the expression work. I looked at the documentation and also tried some simple cases and examples from the docs, but nothing seems to work. For example: I have two files: abc_0.txt abc_1.txt In my ignore.conf the rule: ^abc_[0-9].txt$ But the files still show in the pending changes list. If I put abc_0.txt in the ignore file, it is correctly hidden from the GUI and ignored. Is there something I'm missing or are regular expression currently broken?
  4. I'm looking for detailed rules on how ignore.conf works. I can't find documentation anywhere. I'm currently getting bits and pieces of information from posts in the forums. Is there official documentation anywhere and if not, why not? Specifically, I want to know what happens when there's rules in ignore.conf that conflict (eg one rule ignores everything in a folder but another rule uses ! to exclude a specific file in that folder). But what I really want to know is where the documentation is.
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