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Found 5 results

  1. Is there a way to ignore a ignore specific line in specific file? Otherwise is a way to say whichever version of the file is fine for merging? In our Unity project we set the project version to match what cs we are working on, which gives a lot of merge conflicts... If there is no built in feature to deal with a known recurring conflict, is there any good workaround? We are thinking of setting up a pre-merge trigger that sets the value to 1 or something like that, but would much rather use a existing feature instead.
  2. Recently installed on OS X w/ PostgreSQL backend. I'm new to PlasticSCM but have been using git for some time. I started a new Unity project, but mistakenly didn't configure the 'Library' directory to be ignored. So it, and all its contents, got checked in to the repo. Now, knowing that you're not supposed to do that, I'm trying to exclude it. In git, I would simply update the .gitignore file and it would all go away. I've tried making an ignore.conf in the project's root but nothing seems to happen. I'm assuming that you can ignore/exclude files once they've been added
  3. Hey everyone, I would like to knbow if this is possible to ignore some file when merging from another branch. Let me explain. I have two branch A and B. I have a folder named X in both branches and a folder named Y in the branch B. I am on the branch B and I make some modification inside both folders, X and Y, and I commit, always on branch B. Now I go back on branch A and I want to merge from branch B but I only want to retrieve the modifications made inside folders X not Y. How can I do that ? Is it possible ? Tell me if this is not clear enough. Thanks a lot !
  4. I am trying to setup a configuration like I have with git where: - The global configuration file specifies to ignore all .dll files - A specific ignore configuration file, in a specific directory reverses the rule to track .dll files in that directory. In Git I do that by adding a .gitignore in the specific directory with the line: -*.dll Is it possible in any way with Plastic SCM?
  5. Hello, I'm attempting to tell plastic to ignore all my resharper directories. THis are in the form of _Resharper.PROJECT_NAME. How can I add that to the ignore list? I created an ignore.conf and dropped it into the server folder. It had one line: */_Resharper* This doesn't seem to do anything. If I right click in the gui, it only allows me 3 options, none of which are the correct expression. Is there a way to add free-form expressions via the gui or command line? Thanks. -Nick
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