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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I'm evaluating Plastic SCM for a new project with 20+ people; I haven't used it before - I've been on Git for several years. I have a small local repository I wanted to test it with, so I did the following: Used "git daemon" to run a local git server Created a new blank Plastic workspace/repo Selected "Sync With Git..." and pointed it at git://localhost/MyGitRepo Switched my workspace to my main branch, so all the Git-tracked files appeared in my new Plastic directory However, my Git repo is an Unreal game project, and uses Git-LFS. The files in my original repo are all correctly the large versions, but the files in my new Plastic directory are just the tiny Git-LFS files that refer to a file hash. Any help appreciated, and also if you can correct my use of terminology that would be appreciated! I'm very familiar with Git but not at all with Plastic. Thanks, Mat
  2. Hello everyone, I'm new to plasticSCM and I'm trying to sync my github repo to be able to fully work on plasticSCM in the future. There is one problem with Git LFS while following the sync guide in the last part of the export I got the following message : "An error occurred while contacting GitHub LFS: This repository is over its data quota. Account responsible for LFS bandwith should purchase more data packs to restore access.. You can disable the Git LFS support from the command line (cm syunc) unsing the '--skipgitlfs' option." I went on Github to buy more bandwith on LFS while noticing that my current usage was 0Gb on 1Gb. You can buy LFS for stacks of 50Gb for 5$ and that's what I did. I restarted the whole process on an empty new project and I had the exact same result. Just in case I also redid the whole process with command lines to have the exact same result and same error message. Finally, I disabled LFS using the command in the error message to download the whole project while loosing my LFS files... This worked but I lost my LFS versioned files which is not the result intended. Is there a way for me to restore those LFS files in plastic for every versions of the files? Is there a way to simply sync the Github repo with the LFS files? PS. : 4 files are concerned by LFS totaling about 3.5 to 4.5 Gb of data on every different versions (80mb to 125mb files on about 20 different versions).
  3. I'm exploring using Plastic for a monorepo I manage that is getting a little large for git. However, when I run fast-import, then open a workspace showing the paths that LFS was used on, I only have the LFS marker files, not the large binaries themselves. What's the best way to do this (one time) import?
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