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Found 8 results

  1. So incoming changes worked when I installed the non cloud edition (same as download link provided in page below actually) http://blog.plasticscm.com/2019/10/incoming-changes.html But I ran up with that issue (last message : So I downloaded cloud edition, from my licenses page (, but then the incoming changes doesn't appear (even when changing client.conf file). There's a note on your page regarding the need to 'upgrading the server' but at that point I'm not sure if I had done it or not, I'm not a command line guy so I didn't do anything on that side if it's what's implied. Thanks for your help
  2. Hi, I'm trying out PlasticSCM Team/Enterprise and got a 30day 5 user license on the server. When I imported a repo from github, all my seats were taken up by users from the github repo. Running "cm licenseinfo" yields something like this: Plastic SCM license information: * User-license information: aaa ACTIVE bbb ACTIVE ccc ACTIVE ddd ACTIVE eee ACTIVE fff ACTIVE ddd ACTIVE eee INACTIVE (Not licensed) ggg INACTIVE (Not licensed) hhh INACTIVE (Not licensed) iii INACTIVE (Not licensed) .... ... .. I've had to manually go into deactivate the users I don't care about, and activate those I do. But now I have a bunch of users in licenseinfo that I just want to get rid of wholesale to make user license management a little easier. So, how do I do that? In a more explicit example, after activating the users I care about, and deactivating those I do not, I end up with something like this: Plastic SCM license information: * User-license information: aaa ACTIVE bbb ACTIVE ccc ACTIVE ddd INACTIVE (Not licensed) eee INACTIVE (Not licensed) fff INACTIVE (Not licensed) ddd INACTIVE (Not licensed) eee INACTIVE (Not licensed) ggg INACTIVE (Not licensed) hhh INACTIVE (Not licensed) iii INACTIVE (Not licensed) .... ... .. I wish to keep users "aaa", "bbb", and "ccc", obliterate the rest, so that when I run "cm licenseinfo" I am left with: Plastic SCM license information: * User-license information: aaa ACTIVE bbb ACTIVE ccc ACTIVE --------------------------------------- Licensed to: Plastic SCM extended trial license - My Name Expiration date: 2/19/2017 4:57:15 PM Edition: enterprise Total licensed users: 5 Total activated users: 3 Total available users: 2 --------------------------------------- How do I do that? Thanks!
  3. This error started showing up this morning and no idea why. We have a yearly license and I can't seem to get this thing to auto-renew even though I go through the steps every month. Anyways, this month I can't seem to get the error to go away with the usual methods.. I have tried regenerating the token and running the configure server command, I have tried re-downloading the .lic file and replacing it and still seeing this error. I am upgrading the server to the latest version now and will update this thread if that fixed the issue
  4. Hi, I have manually installed plastic 5.4 on a Debian 9.3 machine recently and I am in doubt of how to manage which user has license access. I found this comment "Just install plasticscm-client-core" here http://blog.plasticscm.com/2016/01/how-to-manage-plastic-scm-licenses.html, however, that does not make sense that I need the client version of plastic in order to manage user licenses and I am afraid that I will get version mismatch if I use apt-get to install the client? I have found that each repository in the database has a table for user access and I think that is it, however, I would like to know whether there is another way than manually writing some queries to alter the tables, if that is even what I need to do :D? Side question is whether there is an option to install older versions of plastic using apt-get or similar if I have to do another time?
  5. I generally user the usermanagement tool to create/delete and rename users . We now have a problem where we getting message like, exceeding licences. When i check the LicenseInfo through the cm command i realised that some users in this list dont exist in user management tool. The users in LicenseInfo list did exist in the GUI version but they have be Renamed/deleted. Shouldnt the GUI version and the command line version have the same list of users?
  6. Hello all, I hope I at the right forum for my issue. Some times ago I started to use the Personal Editon of Plastic scm. I had to give up for some times on my project. Now I cannot renew the license. I mean I follow the procedure 2 times already but still nothing no reply. Did something change? Also I would like to make a quick demo at work as we have to migrate to another SCM. We use Clearcase since years and it seems that they will discontinue. If somebody can help. Thanks
  7. Yesterday I restarted my computer for the first time after downloading Plastic. Now when I try and go on to Plastic I am getting an error that says "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it" and "Cannot retrieve license information from the Plastic SCM server". In my services the Plastic Server 5 service says it is stopped and when I try and run it it says starting and then goes back to stopped. I am using Plastic to work on a project with others and I need this working to submit my work so far.
  8. Hi, my license expired and I applied for new license at https://www.plasticscm.com/download/request/personal I wait for 1 week. but i still don't have license. Last year I waited 3 weeks. Please push it faster. Regards Greg
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