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Found 4 results

  1. We have recently set up a project where a directory within that project is an xlink to another project. The files within this xlink are meant to never be edited, so we have the xlink on read-only. Whilst this is fine to prevent any changes to the files on source control, we need to enforce that our users cannot modify the files locally at all. Ideally this would be with a windows file lock applied recursively to the directory. Is there a convention for doing this within plastic? The closest idea I have is to use client-side triggers to file lock the directory, but I cant see a way of applying the trigger to a single repository? It feels like I am probably missing an element of Plastic SCM to solve this problem? Any help much appreciated! Thanks
  2. bcrickcwru

    Can't unlock files on Cloud

    Hi! I'm new to PlasticSCM and am setting up a new repository on the cloud service. I'm a developer using the PlasticSCM client proper, which is working fine... but when I set up Gluon for our artist, I'm getting weird errors. Several hundred files appear to be locked and checked out to the artist. The Check In option isn't available. And when we try Check Out, there's an error message saying "These items are exclusively checked out by [artist name]." Is there anyway to reset the checkouts on these files? Thanks, Brian
  3. wori123

    Check out nor lock?

    We develop VR project using Unity3D.And recently we are trying to use Plastic SCM for version control and work collaboratively.Beacuse we are trying, so we use [Team Edition license - 5 users( with Unity3D)]. But, when I check out a file, other people can check out it after I had checked it out.Document says If I check it out, it should be locked,and in Unity3D, it will show "Locked Remote".But, it does not work like this. Thank you~
  4. fehaar

    File locking trouble after crash

    Hi, I had Plastic crash on me while doing a merge. When I tried doing the merge again now, it cannot process the merge as one of the binary files in the merge have been locked by me. I cannot find any way of manually unlocking the file. Checking it out and in does not release the lock. What is the proposed way forward?