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Found 4 results

  1. Hi We are currently working on a project in UE4 using Plastic as our main (and only) source control solution. Since files from Unreal Engine cannot be merged, we are using exclusive checkouts most files. It happens quite often that we want to test some features or create a slightly divergent version of the project for a demo. The issue we experience is that doing version control for these branches gets quite annoying. Even though the exclusive checkouts work on a branch basis to check if you have the latest version, it's impossible to checkout or push a file that's already checked
  2. We are using PlasticSCM as our VCS, where all of our interactions are done programmatically using cm commands (or, in some cases, the REST API). We are enforcing the exclusive checkout (locks) feature with the checkout-edit-checkin workflow. However, users are not directly interacting with the console, so we are running code that does this in the background as they interact with a GUI we have developed. When a user needs to see information about a branch, we want to list for them which of its files are locked and by whom. Thus, we need a programmatic way to determine what files are locked
  3. I am using Plastic Cloud and have recently moved from connecting directly to the cloud to a local replication. There are times when I am working when I don't have internet (I commute a good portion some days and usually catch up on work) or when my internet connection is spotty. It's something I have wanted to do for a while but help off on due to reliance on exclusive locks. However, I decided to investigate if there was a solution to this and came across this blog post and how the lock.conf file can be placed beside the server executable to redirect lock requests and checks to another
  4. Hey, I'm trying out Plastic with one of my friend for a Unity project and we would like to use a DVCS configuration because we are used to git and mercurial and we like branching. We also need exclusive check out because of binary game assets. So far, I was able to install plastic client and server on my Windows machine pretty easily. I've created a repository, added some file, make a branch, etc. Everything is working well locally. Now, I want to configure a remote "lock server", but the documentation is pretty sparse on how to do this. So far, I've installed plastic server on my
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