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Found 22 results

  1. Hi there, So I downloaded Plastic to work with Unity and i really like it, but we're having some problems with cloud sync. 1. There's no way to check on the cloud what's actually up there. Example: I've pushed 4 change sets, but he only sees 3. There's no way to go to the cloud and verify that my push was successful, i have to use the plastic software, which simply says "up to date" 2. Very often the upload simply gets stuck. The progress bar will be stuck at any range of numbers from 0%-99% and never move again, regardless of how much time goes by. There's no other way to s
  2. Hiho. Most of our team is working on Windows, but we also have a few Mac users. Now every(?) time somebody commits something on a Mac, there will usually be several files that are unmodified, but are commited/need to be committed anyway, as they are marked as "Only filesystem permissions changed". In the diff window the info given is "Filesystem permissions changed from NOT_DEFINED to [...]". As we really don't care about these (our main platform is Windows, and all our projects use Unity), we'd like to be able to prevent these changes from being committed/recognized, as they create
  3. Hi, I'm trying to install older version of plastic 5.0.44.X (freshly downloaded from https://www.plasticscm.com/download/ -> Mac OSX -> Server installer) on macOs Sierra 10.12.3. I got a few errors about creating dynamic links during installation but it was only dynamic links. However when I'm trying to run the client I'm getting error: Error running /Applications/PlasticSCM/client/plastic --configure /Applications/PlasticSCM/config/mono_setup: line 12: xmodmap command not found same with line 14 16 18 and later on some unhandled expceptions How can I instal
  4. I'm trying to configure a new cloud client on OSX. I've downloaded and installed the cloud package. When I try to sync the project, it sits at 0 bytes as the encryption is not working. I have a plasticd.lic file. I copied it into: /Applications/PlasticSCMServer.app/Contents/MonoBundle I tried to follow this guide: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/administration/plastic-scm-version-control-administrator-guide.shtml#Serverconfiguration But the first step points to a path/file that does not exist: /Applications/PlasticSCMServer.app/Contents/Applications/clconf
  5. Hey there, I've been using plastic scm client from a windows pc for the longest time and the experience has been quite nice. I've recently migrated to mac, and the UI aren't quite identical. Specially, in the Changesets tab, is there any way to see on which changeset am I currently active? On a windows pc, active changeset used be in in bolded text.
  6. I've just installed Plastic SCM Cloud Edition on Mac (Version and when I open the app and go to Plastic SCM > Preferences, nothing happens. The preferences window does not open. Is this a bug, or am I missing something? Thanks!
  7. Hi I have changed some of my preferences in macPlastic and I would like to reset them to the defaults. Does anyone know how to do this. I have tried reinstalling macplastic, but the preferences don't change. Many thanks James
  8. Hi, I shelve some changes and I want to apply them now, but I can't view or show shelves on Mac
  9. I'm trying to get Plastic set up to work between my Mac, PC and Plastic Cloud and have an initial question - Should I be running local servers on both computers, and then using the sync replication to push/pull changes each make, or just have both comps connect directly to the plastic cloud server?
  10. Hello, my apologies as I'm not always that tech savvy, and this may be a bit of a newbie question I'm posting because a team member gave me a username, password, and server address info to access for our work, but when I used the log-in at the initial start-up screen it came out as invalid when i checked it, so out of curiosity I clicked log-in and it did allow me into the general ui where I can create repository's/workspaces, except whenever I go to connect to the server now it claims my username is invalid. I've been pouring through many of the guides that are available to see if I could fi
  11. Our Mac user is experiencing following behavior with checkin in a new changeset. If there are no new changeset of other users he has no problem checkin in his changes, if there are new changeset then the pending changes view starts checkin in, it refreshes but nothing was checked in all the files remain in the pending changes view. We have a working solution but it's a bit hard in comparison with our windows users: Shelve the changes and move your workspace to the latest changeset and then apply your shelve and then the checkin will be a succes. Is this a know bug?
  12. Hi, Today I tried to install the latest version of Plastic ( on my macbook pro running the last beta of OS X El Capitan. However the installation fails at the end. I looked through the installation log file: tail -n 200 /var/log/install.log And found the following: Sep 27 11:06:07 mac installd[308]: PackageKit: Executing script "./postinstall" in /private/tmp/PKInstallSandbox.VmSjLM/Scripts/com.codicesoftware.plasticscm.macplastic.rFNjcO Sep 27 11:06:07 mac installd[308]: ./postinstall: /tmp/PKInstallSandbox.VmSjLM/Scripts/com.codicesoftware.plasticscm.macplastic.r
  13. I am looking for a download of the x11 version of the OSX 5.4 plastic client but I cannot find a download link anywhere, can someone point me to where this might be?
  14. How do you properly set up the launch command for the diff and merge tools in PlasticSCM on OSX? I've looked through the manual and searched the forums with no solution. I can't get PlasticSCM to launch SemanticMerge. It's probably because I don't have the diff/merge tool configured properly in PlasticSCM. I've added it as an "External diff tool" with the command: "/Applications/semanticmerge.app" -s="@sourcefile" -sn="@sourcesymbolic" -d="@destinationfile" -dn="@destinationsymbolic" -i="@comparationmethod" -e="@fileencoding" -edt=default I've also tried supplying semanticmerge.ex
  15. If I just start the SemanticMerge application, then hit "cancel" on the launch screen, it puts the app into a nonresponsive state. This is on Mac OS X 10.8.5. (Sorry, I tried to attach the hang log, but the forum doesn't allow it.)
  16. Any time I try to use the branch explorer from the Unity3D plugin on a Mac, the window opens but then freezes. Usually I cannot do anything with it at all (including closing it or dragging it on the screen by the title bar). Sometimes I will be able to start moving the scroll bar up or down, but then all input will stop. My only option when this happens seems to be killing XQuartz. Any ideas on why this might be happening? Or where I should be looking for any errors that might be thrown?
  17. I have a new install of PlasticSCM on OS X 10.9 via PlasticSCM- I had to install XQuartz 2.7.5 (xorg-server 1.14.4) When I run 'Server configuration' from /Applications, I can go through all the screens just fine. When I get to the end, there is a hypelink in the text that is supposed to allow me to change my database targets and perform a migration. In my case, I want to go from SQLite to PostgreSQL. However, when I click that link, nothing happens. I have re-started the 'plasticsd' process many times. I have run Server configuration many times. I
  18. I've seen in many places, including on Plastic SCM's site that GitSync is for Windows. Does this imply that it is not supported on Mac? And is it even out yet? Is it included in normal Plastic SCM installations?
  19. Hi, I have been happily using Plastic on Windows in standalone mode (through localhost) and now have to test some stuff on MacOS. So I installed the MacOS client (same version as server) over Mountain Lion and was then able to browse the existing repositories and their changesets for instance. But I can't update any newly created workspace. I get the following error: Dialog box titled: Update Results / This report shows possible problems found during the update operation > "No channel found trying to connect" I can't read the end of the message so, positioned in a workspace
  20. Hello, A couple of issues Issue 1: I am trying to start the server on a Mountain Lion OS (X). When running 'plasticd' in Applications -> Plastic SCM -> server -> plastics, graphically, I get the following: Applications/PlasticSCM/server/plasticd ; exit; /Applications/PlasticSCM/config/mono_setup: line 12: xmodmap: command not found /Applications/PlasticSCM/config/mono_setup: line 14: xmodmap: command not found /Applications/PlasticSCM/config/mono_setup: line 16: xmodmap: command not found /Applications/PlasticSCM/config/mono_setup: line 18: xmodmap: command not found when, un
  21. I just updated to the latest Mac Client, and when i restarted after install, the client is completely locked up. I tried to find any config files that had local client config in them and reset them, but the client always comes up in the same non-functional state. I've also uninstalled & reinstalled a number of times, but the client always comes up in the same bad state. I really can't work until I can apply some shelved changes to my workspace. Any suggestions? Paul
  22. sray

    PlasticSCM on Mac

    I've been using version 4 on the PC platform and like the new UI very much. I just installed on a Mac and see it uses a very dark color scheme. Is there any way to change this to the lighter colors used on the PC version? Thanks, Steve
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