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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, is it possible to run the plastic server on one machine and merge bots on another? I've found no mentions of it so far, but i believe it should be possible... We wish to switch to using bots for merges but are a bit hesitant about having extra services share the memory and process power on the server machine.
  2. Hi there, I'm busy experimenting with custom mergebots and I'm using the trunk mergebot as a base and editing it from there. What I want to do: I want to be able to listen for a changeset's attribute being changed, and not for a BranchAttributeChanged event. What I've tried: I've looked at this documentation, and there are apparently only two different events that can be received through the WebSocket. I've made the mergebot log any messages received from the WebSocket, and it appears to only receive BranchAttributeChanged events. Am I missing something obvious? Is there some setting I'm supposed to enable to make the server announce more events? Running version Edit: I'm fairly new to this kind of programming. I come from a 3D/Unity/simulation programming background, so forgive me if this is a silly question.
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