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Found 4 results

  1. Dear Plastic SCM Community Member, Are you interested in helping Unity improve its merging and collaboration tools? We are recruiting participants for a 1-hour usability study between September 9 - 15. We are looking for participants who have experience working in Unity as a part of a team. If you are interested in participating, please take this quick survey to see how you meet our target audience. We are excited to hear your valuable feedback. Thanks! https://unitysoftware.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_6uvDDpWU8F1o6Md Thank you, Alyssa from the Unity UX Team
  2. Hi I am admittedly struggling with my merging with Unity files. Every time I merge there are always many conflicts in my project. I currently have 86 files with following extensions requiring manual merge, .txt , .meta, .asset When I right click on the files in the list I get 3 diff options, I select "Diff Destination Contributor with Sources" This then triggers KDiff to open as my defined Diff tool in preferences for the $text file type. Now my issue from this point is I don't seem to get the option to save changes I make after resolving conflicts in KDiff to the correct output file, it seems to be a random path created by KDiff. "/var/folders/r_/64rhvwqj7zxb6440jrdg8gtr0000gn/T/75280c02-6480-4c38-912d-f10b966362d1.txt" I'm a little confused as before I would get a 3 way merge when selecting files with Merge Conflicts for my previous Merge on another change set. The Output would be automatically specified and saved ok. Once I process all merges the files would disappear from the conflict list, this is not happening in this scenario. I'm also aware that it's the Diff preferences that control which tool to open in preferences for this scenario. I would have expected the Merge preferences to be responsible for opening the tool on Merge conflicts. What am I doing wrong? I just want to get past this list of conflicts? Resolve them in KDiff and save, then click "Process all merges" in Mac Plastic and see them disappear. Here are my KDiff CLI strings: Diff Pref (the one that Macplastic Triggers): $text "/Applications/kdiff3.app/Contents/MacOS/kdiff3" "@sourcefile" "@destinationfile" --L1 "@sourcesymbolic" --L2 "@destinationsymbolic" Merge Pref: "/Applications/kdiff3.app/Contents/MacOS/kdiff3" -b "@basefile" "@sourcefile" "@destinationfile" --L1 "@basesymbolic" --L2 "@sourcesymbolic" --L3 "@destinationsymbolic" -o "@output" --auto Thanks, it's likely user error here. Also Semantic merge wont open these $text files, is it possible to make it do so...
  3. I need a little assistance setting up permissions. Basically I would like to setup a repository with a main branch that can not be commited to or merged to by anyone but a single user. We work distributed, but have a main repo on our company server which we sync to. I'm trying to have it so that developers pull from the main repo, yet don't have rights on their local machine to commit or merge to the main branch. However, users should be able to start branches off of main, and merge within those branches. I've already created an integrator user on my domain, and assigned him to the repo, But I want to make sure I'm doing this right. Does this look correct? Everytime a user syncs to get the main repo, they have full access locally? Is there any way to prevent that?
  4. I have a changeset with two small changes in it. I want to undo one of these changes. I went to do a subtractive merge, and I have to do a full subtractive merge in order to complete it. I can easily just complete the subtractive merge, and then re-make the second small change, but I'm wondering is there a better way to do it, or is this just a lesson to really make even tinier commits?
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