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Found 4 results

  1. Hi , I have migrated my organizations from Unity Collaborate to Plastic SCM already. But one of my project saying that 'Project archived' while trying to do commit to cloud. could not do any commit cause of that warning. But one of my other project working fine with Plastic SCM. Even I could not found any option to unarchive the project in Unity Dashboard. (Please check screenshot) Thanks.
  2. Hello, I am attempting to sync a Perforce stream with our PlasticSCM installation. I spun up a Windows 2019 Base install on AWS and installed PlasticSCM, then I setup the command per the documentation. I had downloaded the 2018.3 p4api.net.dll from Perforce's website and placed it in the same directory as the `cm` command. When I execute `cm synchronize`, I get the following: I have tried looking for an earlier version of the DLL, both on Perforce's website and elsewhere, but I have not been able to locate a copy. Are there any plans to use an updated DLL for the porting of Perforce code to PlasticSCM? Is there any workaround that can mitigate the issue? It's not the end of the world if we can't migrate this stream, but I would prefer to do so if possible. Thanks!
  3. Hi Everyone, In my company, we are on a process to slowly migrate from ClearCase to Plastic SCM. They have devised a lot of methods to work with ClearCase over the years, and I am currently trying to "migrate" a specific procedure from CC to Plastic. What we do in CC: 1- We have a common view, let's call it common_view. It has its config spec set to retrieve the correct version of some files using a specific label. 2- Every user has a bat file on their startup configuration (we are using windows) 3- This batch file: Starts common_view from CC server using cleartool (and maps it to X:\common_view\ ) Copies (overwrites certain files (mostly perl scripts and batch files) from the CC view to a specific location (in AppData folder of the user) I would like to do this with plastic. We have already created a repo & workspace with the necessary files and applied the required label to the correct versions of the files. What I need is to download those files to a specific local path (that can be accessed via a script, on all of the users' computers) using a command line interface (I believe cm is the cleartool of Plastic, so to speak). How can I achieve this? Thank you very much for your help in advance.
  4. Amal

    Migration fail

    When we tried to migrate existing repositories, we get stuck on this error. It breakes migration process on REP_120.PLASTIC.FDB, and we dont even know how to figure out which repository is it.
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