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Found 4 results

  1. During the past few days, we have been having too many situations where we experiment random bugs caused by missing references in Unity, It happens a lot with prefabs, the reason looks to be plastic randomly missing metadata whenever we pull from a different branch. Metadata randomly appears when switching branches/changeset. Is there any way to avoid these problems?
  2. Hi, I already did several check-in, but suddenly when i open the branch explorer, it shows "No data found. The Server did not return any data for the specified date filter", in the Change-sets tab also empty. when i opened the pending changes tab, and clicked the refresh button, there is no pending changes item displayed... How could this happened?, and what is the solution ?? FYI, I use Gotham Version. my backend is mysql. Thanks..
  3. Hi, So I had the following issue just pop up. I believe that this might have been triggered by a lack of disk space when doing a push or adding something maybe? All I know is that plastic was working for me this morning. I could push/pull and do everything. Now every time I start plastic I get that error. The actual image is attached but it's similar to the title. I have no clue where to move from here. I tried fully uninstalling Plastic and re-downloading it and I still have that issue so I'm a bit lost. Do you all know what could be up with this? Thanks in advance, Adrian
  4. Hi, So I used to be able to do this but our project has gotten a lot bigger since. Currently in Unity if I have two scenes active in editor and I pull one asset from one and place it in another (ie. Take Tree1 from Scene1 and place it in scene two) then discard changes to scene1 and save changes to scene2 so they both have a copy of that asset. I used to be able to do this from user1, push changes, then pull down from user2 and all the material links would be fine. Now whenever I try that the material links always seem to be broken for user two. We can reassign them on user2 and they will be fine for then on but then it'll still be broken for user3,4, and so on. Has anyone experienced this at all? Or do you think this is more of a Unity issue that I should take to those forums? Thanks, Adrian
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