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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I'm trying to run a simple .bat file (see code below) to move a file to a subfolder. Everything has already been previously checked in. When I use the CLI to do the move, everything seems to work out fine, but when I select the file in Gluon, you can see that the latest changeset is not bold (indicating that my checkin failed, I think) and that the comment I tried to add is not present. (See attached image.) Any idea what's going on? Thanks! Dave cd c:\project cm partial configure -/ +/ set dst=c:\project\destination cm partial checkout %dst% cm partial checkout %d
  2. How do you change the location of the temporary cache used by Plastic? I tried fully uninstalling the app. But during my 2nd install the program didn't even prompt me for a location. So it must have remembered the setting from my previous install. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, in certain cases, a local file move operation done in Visual Studio is interpreted as a delete + move in Plastic SCM. This happes usually when I use ReSharper to refactor something which in turn cause a file rename. Such as: rename class, move class to a different folder. It's very annoying that Plastic SCM can't handle such situations gracefully and detect the file has been moved / renamed. Is there a way out this, such as upgrading to a newer version of Plastic? (Avoiding certain refactorings is not a viable option…) Note that I do have Plastic SCM installed into Visual Studio, a
  4. I had the following scenario: from /main create child branch /main/child now I missed the "switch to this branch" that I intended to do, and fixed a bug while still on /main and checked it in. So my problem was how to "migrate" this changeset into the /main/child branch. so at first I though - "o.k., I will merge from /main to /main/child and then remove the change set from /main and thats it" but it turns out that I could not remove the changeset from /main because of the merge link. I tried some other thing which all failed for similar reasons. eventually I just listed the changed fi
  5. If I move or rename a file, Plastic adds a row in a History view of the file. It contains a correct changeset number, an owner and a creation date. However a Branch and Comment columns are strange. The Comment field is blank (it contains only a dot or maybe a comma) and the Branch field contains this: Moved from ... fo "..." (there are source and destination paths instead of ellipses). I am not able to see the branch and the checkin comment. Why is that? The second issue I face to is that I cannot export view data from History view. Every time I select an output file, I get this error message
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