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Found 1 result

  1. Hi All, it's been a while since the last release announced in the forum, let me introduce you the latest one: http://codicesoftware.blogspot.com/2013/03/plastic-scm-4110414-external-release-is.html Release notes (BL414, BL411, BL407, BL404 and BL400): External Release (Mar 14th 2013) ==================================================== New Added context menu actions for items in the Diff view. When you compare branches, changesets, branches, etc ... now the items in the list can execute the following actions: * Open * OpenWith * Save revision as * Annotate * View History * ViewHistoryAs2DRevisionTree These diff actions are now also available in the diff viewer. Bug The checkin operation could throw a 'duplicated itemId' exception because the specific method for generating item ids could build duplicates. Fixed. Bug The replica process could throw an 'object out of date' exception because a wrong parent id could be used when checking the permission for creating a child branch. Fixed. External Release (Mar 11th 2013) ==================================================== New Mantis extension: Added encoding support to the mantis extension. Thus, tasks that contain special characters are properly handled in Plastic SCM. New Sync view: The sync dialog now tells you the repository of the branch that is being replicated. New Sync view: During replication, the "close dialog" button is now disabled to avoid undesired effects. Bug Sync view: Pushing a branch and clicking on the Retry button after failing was showing an incorrect progress. Bug Merge: When a full check in was performed from the CLI and there were not xlinks involved and there was a moved item (or more) and there was a checked out item without changes, the check in command failed with a null message. Nevertheless the checkin operation finished properly. This is now fixed. Bug Merge: When a delete operation was undone during a conflict resolution an unneeded File System protection to apply operation could take place when we were working with File System permissions. Fixed. External Release (Mar 04th 2013) ==================================================== Bug Cloaked items: When you cloaked a directory, the local changes made under it were shown in the Pending Changes view. Fixed: now they are not shown. Bug Cloaked items: The merge operation was not performed fine when there were cloaked items involved in it. Fixed. Bug Diff Tool: When diffing a file that contains tabs, the scroll did not reach the maximum right margin of the left file. Fixed. External Release (Feb 22th 2013) ==================================================== New Now the Diff Tool and the Merge Tool support files with different encodings. A different encoding can be set for each contributor and the result as well. The encoding set on the preferences is used as the result encoding. Furthermore, it is used as the default encoding when the specific contributor encoding cannot be detected. But the contributor encoding is not changed, in order to avoid issues with wrong configured encodings. When the configured encoding is set to "NONE", the resulting encoding will depend on the contributors encoding. * It will use the same as the source and the contributor, if both contributors have the same encoding. * If only one contributor change the encoding, the new encoding will be used for the result encoding. * If both change the encoding the result encoding will be the less restrictive. * If no encoding can be found, the content will be processed on raw mode. Finally, the UTF-8 by default will not write the BOM unless the encoding has been changed to UTF-8 with BOM. In that case, the BOM will be written to the result. No UTF-8 BOM is added by default for UTF-8 encoding anymore. Bug Annotate of a checked out item said that the item was private, which was not true. Fixed. External Release (Feb 13th 2013) ==================================================== New Frontend server functionality has been added. The frontend server is a process that listens on a port capturing all network requests and then sending them to a plasticd process running on the same machine. Connections are negotiated through the frontend. If a backend dies, the frontend launches a new one. It can also kill the backends if they grow larger than a certain amount of memory. The following example launches a backend in console mode: plasticfrontend --console --publicport=7070 --frontendport=7071 --remotingfile=remoting.backend.conf New The branch explorer now shows a panel with the branch/label/changeset properties, when you hover on an object with the mouse. Bug Branch Explorer: A null reference exception was thrown sometimes when deleting changesets. Fixed some concurrency problems. Bug Server: Now, the "plasticsd" script in Debian does not show the annoying "too many arguments" warning.